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Fine Art Technology
09:35 PM on 09/22/2008
Why does Stone want to glamorize Bush? Does he really want the short-sighted electorate to forget all about the chaos caused by the Cheney-Bush-Rove cabal, now the Cheney-Rove-Pain cabal? Does he want us to choose a police state, run by corporations to which we are forever enslaved, with no more social security, medicare or other safety net, much less consumer protections?
People won't pay attention to the substance or issues in the movies--they will react from the gut that Bush has been glamorized by Hollywood, so maybe he is not so bad after all! I think this movie release is irresponsible, unfair advertising for the GOP!l
09:16 PM on 09/22/2008
Now I understand the rumblings about American troops being deployed DOMESTICALLY ...possible martial law... in October....

Hell, if Poppy invaded Panama to keep films of W's embarassing behavior from surfacing, (read Perkins' "American Empire") NOTHING is beyond these people
09:27 PM on 09/22/2008

You see how many people have commented on this story?
That's just about how many people are going to go see this movie.
08:53 PM on 09/22/2008
No one is dumb enough to play Bush except Bush himself
08:23 PM on 09/22/2008
The real horror movie here is about the millions and millions who went along with W, enabled him, voted for him twice, fantasized about having a beer with him.
09:29 PM on 09/22/2008
Fair enough. So as one of those people that wasn't just going along.... what did you do about it?
12:14 AM on 09/23/2008
I voted/will vote against him and all his cronies and any other idiot politician who did not/does not do right by ALL AMERICANS regardless of creed, sexual orientation etc.

so what is your excuse for voting in these criminals or are you just one of them...sheep...baa baaa
02:25 AM on 09/23/2008
Over half the people voted for Kerry.....the exit polls showed Kerry with a large lead....The CEO of Diebold maker of the voting machines "guaranteed" a Bush win....the servers went down after the news agencies announced Kerry the winner and when the servers came back up again....lo and if by magic....Bush was the winner.

Not to mention all the caging done by the Repubs....the worst was sending "non forwardable" mail to servicemen in Iraq so when it came back "return to sender" they took the person actually fighting in the unlawful war off the voting rolls. Nothing could be more despicable.

How about the long lines of up to 3-6 hours to vote in Democratic precincts in Ohio because there was only 1 machine...where they had a Repub as the elections official....coincidence...I think not.

And now the Repubs are doing it again in Michigan....going through records, finding foreclosed homes and making sure those people don't get to vote.....It's the only way a Repub can win I guess......
08:22 PM on 09/22/2008
I can't afford entertainment any more.
08:29 PM on 09/22/2008
this is entertainment???
08:21 PM on 09/22/2008
i'm sorry, but this film looks horrible. i hate bush as much as anyone, but you can't make a film about an event that is still unfolding.
08:26 PM on 09/22/2008
That was my point as well, and it is not a mere event but it is horror that is unfolding.
FDR must be rolling in his grave
08:18 PM on 09/22/2008
I wonder if the movie will show "W" when he was choking on that pretzel. hehe
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11:50 PM on 09/22/2008
Yep, it's even in the trailer...(the very last scene)
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11:51 PM on 09/22/2008
Yep, it's even in the trail_er...(the very last scene)
08:08 PM on 09/22/2008
I"m pretty sure that link on the first line is incorrect.

should be
08:05 PM on 09/22/2008
Oliver Stone has created fine and lasting art using the medium of film. He is to be applauded. A film about George Bush as president should be a horror film or a dark comedy. I have a problem with a society that needs a movie to give the high sign that Bush is not right. I say to Mr. Stone et al, it is my hope that the public consumes this product but that they are not consuming it to change their minds but to confirm what they already know through entertainment. After consuming “Fahrenheit 11” some still did not get it.

There has been much talk about packaging and framing the message and I get that discussion, but I again I reference what Michelle Obama said when she talked about the world not as it is but as it should be. The implication in those few words is that now is the time for changed behavior not tomorrow for tomorrow is not promised. We cannot afford nor do we have time to entertain the idea of a John McCain presidency. By this point we should know our ABC’s and our times tables and should now be on to the heavy calculus of accelerated change in a complex world of peril and reward. Barack Obama should be seen as the only choice based on what is known yet some will not embrace due to long-held ignorance based on fear.
08:04 PM on 09/22/2008
I'll wait to see it on cable.
No bio needed. My cuteness speaks for itself.
07:59 PM on 09/22/2008
I can't wait to see it! Looks great.
07:38 PM on 09/22/2008
Trying to be objective-the first thing that popped into my head was how much like McCain he is. Their youth and malfunctioning service to our country identical; full of maurading and general mischief. I will not be watching it until after November 5th and ONLY when Obama wins.
Give a stray cat or dog a chance .
07:34 PM on 09/22/2008
OK EVERYBODY VOTE , WE CAN CHANGE THA T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Give a stray cat or dog a chance .
07:33 PM on 09/22/2008
TO NCF2,,, I PROUDLY VOTED NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Give a stray cat or dog a chance .
07:30 PM on 09/22/2008