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10:47 AM on 03/03/2012
Jillian should have finished high school and not had a child that she can not provide for without my money.. She should be worried about her sons failed life, dragging him past drug dealers on the streets, and she try reading to him at the library so that he does not end up in the same failed place that she is at..... But no, little meldonado has about a 90% chance of repeating this same story in about 10 years... then Grandma Jillina will be in charge of caring for the third generation of welfare resipients repeating this story to garner public outcry for free stuff... if the drug dealers don't get them first
02:46 PM on 03/03/2012
This article is really bending you out of shape! GO hug somebody, dang.
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10:55 AM on 03/04/2012
It is not even a true story... and I laugh because you people bought it hook, line and sinker... not one question on its authenticity.. not one
The Matrix is an artificial construct...
04:28 PM on 03/05/2012
"resipients"??? Sounds like YOU need to go get an education ! ! !
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07:25 PM on 03/05/2012
you got the message.. and I hope you know that it was completely made up... I actually called Avon and they informed me they have no representatives with that name in New York...Why would they make this story up? Ever wonder about that?
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10:32 AM on 03/03/2012
What Jillian Maldonado ought to be mad about is that they did a "news" story on her inability to surf the interent at from home and they used some random black guys photo for the news story, why? Is Jillian a made up person, a single mom struggling, a a member of the latino community (barack needs the hispanic vote) or was Jillian just a pawn in the freebie fight, who was simply to ugly to photograph? Where is Jillian... the guy was right there doing the "supposed" intereview and neither her or her child was camera ready? I know when I am being fed bunk...
A fact is ....well factual!
05:28 AM on 03/10/2012
Where in the article did Jillian Maldonado ask for a freebie? You're a digital stalker. There is a real world outside blogging. Not much going on in your life, huh? Sorry about that:)
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02:15 PM on 03/12/2012
SHe is in a situation that she put herself in. I had nothing to do with it... When Jillian pts herself out to the world with her story then she is ripe for the critiqueing
12:21 AM on 03/03/2012
A distant relative of mine with a very menial existence decided to go back to school and try to make a better life for himself. He was able to secure some federal aid and student loans. With that money and a part time job he was able to buy a computer for himself. The aid/loan money did not buy him clothes that he really needed and he bought his own food. Lots of beans, noodles, and chicken. And guess what? He made it.. he's now an engineer. No help from family or strangers. You know how he accomplished all of this? He didn't think anyone owed him anything and well because he had the WILL to do it.
11:30 AM on 03/03/2012
From your post:

"He was able to secure some federal aid and student loans."


" No help from family or strangers."

Which one is it?
08:28 PM on 03/03/2012
My tax dollars helpedhim. You right wing tr011s aredumb.
11:37 AM on 03/04/2012
Truth hurts.
Amy Lindelof
03:21 PM on 03/02/2012
This title seems to be an excellent Conservative dog whistle.
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10:58 AM on 03/03/2012
Avon has no representatives in New York named Jillian Maldonado... NOT ONE... you have been tricked
01:03 PM on 03/19/2012
Unless of course, she didn't opt for the additional charge of being published in the online directory. She may have her own group of customers that she does not need or want the additional coverage in the directory and choose not to be published.

Just because someone isn't in the Avon directory, does not mean they are not a representative. It just means they declined to be in the directory, just like if someone chooses to have a private phone number and doesn't want to be in the White Pages, doesn't mean their phone number doesn't exist.
02:16 PM on 03/03/2012
As I pointed out to "demonmom", there ARE 35 Avon reps in New York with that last name, one of whom could be Jillian if she uses a nickname or her middle name, or she might be either using her maiden name or, like my daughter, going by her first and middle names instead. If you read her other post, it's obvious that demonmom is not only a cynic but a hater. Ignore her.
Amy Lindelof
04:06 PM on 03/03/2012
I agree. Though haven't we all been tempted to create an alter-ego that sells Avon?!?!
12:37 PM on 03/02/2012
Does the Mid-Manhattan Adult Learning Center not have computers for their students to use.

I would think Gore's ERATE program would have wired this place years ago and we're all still paying for the program even though all of the schools already have computers networks in place.
Craig Doing The Douggie
12:24 PM on 03/02/2012
"So almost every day she borrows one of the library's laptops and sits down at a desk, rushing to submit customers’ orders online..."

Most libraries ususally have a statement similar to this in their Acceptable Use Policy:

"Users may not systematically employ system resources for the purpose of personal gain."

I hope she doesn't get caught...
Amy Lindelof
11:13 AM on 03/02/2012
I am amazed at the judgements in the posts! If she were living a "proper life" and she shouldn't have "spread her legs." Not having the benefit of the whole story, I would assume that a working mother and student is making the best of out whatever her situation may be.
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i love to tumble , ask me why .
12:27 PM on 03/02/2012
i can never get over that kind of attitude on this site ? is that what usasians think generally?
Amy Lindelof
03:18 PM on 03/02/2012
Must be all that Christianity.
02:10 PM on 03/02/2012
I'm sure she is a wonderful person but we're seeing this situation too often in this community and the fix isn't just providing more and more free stuff
Amy Lindelof
03:12 PM on 03/02/2012
This article, or the person they profiled, were not suggesting they be given something for free.Providing grants to increase internet accessability is not a handout. I would much rather see this kind of stimulus that another tax break for some bank or corporation.
08:31 PM on 03/03/2012
I see this situation alot in the whitecommunity, among other disturbing behaviors involving children.
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Made in the USA
09:36 AM on 03/02/2012
How will google track these people?
08:17 AM on 03/02/2012
Being disconnected IS a funtion of being poor. Had the woman in the story not made a baby with a man until she could afford it, she would have more money. Are the rest of us supposed to kick money in we earned through living a more proper life because she was irresponsible. Sorry - take care of your own kids and stay out of my wallet.

Ask the father of your children for more help. He owes more to you than I do.
10:39 AM on 03/02/2012
Once again, passing judgement upon a woman you know nothing about! This woman has one child! You don't know if she was married to the father or not! You have no knowledge of her marital status so how do you go about making a judgement about it? She is not asking for anything from you. Many dead beat dads were once married you know and they choose not to support the children that they create! The child is here and she is doing the best she knows how to do, which is a lot to me. She perservers and is trying to do what she can to imrove her living conditions. Chastising her now is useless. I work in the Bronx, and I know the urban plight of the poor. I encourage many of my clients to utilize the services of the local library which offers computer services all day long and on Saturdays. The hours are somewhat limited due to budget cuts, but they are available.

Your self righteous attitude is trypical of the GOP party who don't care about anyone else but yourself. Do you volunteer in your community? It must be nice to reside on Planet Perfect where eveyone works and is rick!
02:12 PM on 03/02/2012
the more we as society condone the behavior that perpetuates poverty- like having many children and not being able to afford them- it will never end.
07:17 PM on 03/02/2012
Do you know everything her? Can you confirm she was married when they conceived the child, but the daddy was killed saving a batallion in Iraq? Try looking at the real world, not the sugar coated one of "Yes we can - with other peoples' money"

Chastising her now will show people her behavior is not noble and will not be tolerated by the public with a lifetime of handouts.
11:50 AM on 03/02/2012
Way to pass judgment...perhaps the child's father is dead? Who are you to know?
12:14 PM on 03/02/2012
If he were dead, the 9 year old could be drawing social security and the mom would also get a check to provide for the child.
07:18 PM on 03/02/2012
How do you know he is dead? Try a little skepticism in your life. You won't be suckered so often.
I am a Main Street Person!
07:52 AM on 03/02/2012
Reading this article made me appreciate our library system even more. There is a specific block of time set up daily for people to conduct a job search without time limits on computer usage. There are also support services provided for job seekers that are offered daily. We also have free WiFi while at the library system wide. I know people who do not have internet access at home so they spend a lot of time in the library using their laptops.

We also have an organization in my hometown that recycle computers to people who volunteer time to help clean parts and learn how to put units back together. The only problem I know that occurs is the systems use Linux once they are reconstructed. I am not tech savvy enough to know if this aspect of the units can be changed. But the computers are given to the volunteers for free once they are completed.
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07:43 AM on 03/02/2012
If you're poor, your last concern is probably having access to the internet. I would think that housing and food along with heat.
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10:39 AM on 03/03/2012
Aww yes but that is if you are really poor and not just feigninig it!
11:27 AM on 03/03/2012
Did you read the article?

"But being disconnected isn’t just a function of being poor. These days, it is also a reason some people stay poor. As the Internet has become an essential platform for job-hunting and furthering education, those without access are finding the basic tools for escaping poverty increasingly out of reach."
Black Democrat
07:10 AM on 03/02/2012
"A few months ago she heard gunshots outside her window." I live in Las Vegas, across from Nellis AFB. I often hear gun shots too but more often hear police helicopters searching for someone.

I have a different problem, my internet speed is so slow. While Korea and Japan are running at about 100mbps, i'am at 3 mbps, in America! Looks like we all have our crosses to bear. She having a kid didn't help either.

I look at Korea, the most wired up country in the world and dream maybe one day America will come close. Talk about a divide. Korea's broadband speed will be 1gbps by the end of 2013. Plus:

 South Korea to digitize all textbooks by 2015, provide tablets for school kids.

"South Korea’s Education Ministry has announced plans to trash the textbook tomes that weigh down the bags of students and replace them with digitized versions. Primary schools will be first, with their educational materials digitized by 2014, followed by secondary and high schools in 2015."
Progressives Push Forward!
06:23 AM on 03/02/2012
Being poor is one thing but taking advantage of modern technology to leverage your standing in the world is another. You simply have to know how to use computers and tablets and smartphones.

It's how business is done and how jobs are gotten.
What ever happened to common sense?
06:20 AM on 03/02/2012
Seems to me if WiFi was expanded and more accessible, people wouldn't be forced to pay the rising monthly costs of Internet access. Computers can be rented now for relatively low costs, and new pc tablets can be purchased for under $100 bucks, or slightly more. Just bought one and it does everything the most popular cell phones and iPads do. I can actually use it without connecting to the Internet in areas that have WiF. There's the answer...Wifi for everybody, and to heck with Comcast and their ever-increasing fees.
06:15 AM on 03/02/2012
Sad, but the poor is already left behind cause they are poor.
08:18 AM on 03/02/2012
There wouldn't be as many poor if they didn't make children irresponsibly.

Discuss with them why they didn't act properly, and why they now want others to bail them out.
06:33 AM on 03/08/2012
Take em out huh