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03:00 PM on 09/23/2008
O press conference - brilliant!!

I wish this guy was president already.
03:14 PM on 09/23/2008
So what? Briliant is not enough, for people that are really hurting. I read the articles too. ( His social programs were pretty weak to begin with.

Kerry was smart. So was Gore.

67% of Ohioans back single payer health care, even if it means raising taxes. 85% say that neither race nor age is am important factor. ( so some might lie). It wouldnt take all that much, Dems.

You ignore the middle classes at your own peril. Unfortunately , ours, also.
03:25 PM on 09/23/2008
If you saw the press conference he committed to moving on health care, the environment, education and other issues. He said it would be irresponsible to say that I will not take the state of the economy into account at that time.

This is my point - you see a story and start screaming, has the candidate not shown you by now that he is committed to his ideals? Are you listening?
Raven enjoys the Halloween candy!
04:42 PM on 09/23/2008
Obama could literally walk on water, and people would criticize him for having wet feet! Give him a break already. Obama has the integrity and character as well as the plan and policies to move our Nation toward peace and prosperity. He just needs to get elected in order to do anything to bring about the change we so seriously need. There is something that we can all do -- vote for Obama!!! Early voting is already occurring in several states. Do your part and Obama will do his part in the White House!!! Our future is riding on the outcome of this election.
03:00 PM on 09/23/2008
Obama JUST GAVE a PRESS CONFERENCE. In this conference, he outlined a SEPARATE stimulus package. He also stated that he was NOT abandoning his ECONOMIC PLANS. However, he very correctly stated that "No one KNOWS exactly what this economy will be like in January. Therefore, there MIGHT BE some REASSESSMENT of his timetable. By the way, I seem to get the feeling from reading these posts that y'all actually BELIEVED that ALL of these CHANGES could be accomplished in JUST A WEEK? That's not EVER been part of Obama's plan--NEVER! Also in this press conference, he JUST STATED that he WANTS THE TAXPAYERS TO BE ASSURED of some kind of ACCOUNTABILITY from Paulson, that HE BELIEVES TO HIS CORE that one man being responsible for $7 BILLION DOLLARS is just too much to even consider and that well--you KNOW!--'this administration has been in charge of the economy for eight years and THAT IS WHY WE'RE IN THIS MESS!" He also stated that 'the President can't just come out and say 'My way or the highway'! On this or anything ELSE! So far as I'm concerned, Obama did the right thing and said the right things. He calmly addressed the crisis, calmly addressed the administration's solution and made some suggestions of his own. In NO PART of his statement or his answers to the PRESS, did he EVER say that he was abandoning ANY PART of his ECONOMIC PLAN! CHILL OUT!
03:07 PM on 09/23/2008
I saw it too (as I just posted).

I cosign every thing you just said.

Folks get all hysterical without paying attention.

Trust the candidate - the man is brilliant!
03:15 PM on 09/23/2008
and... for a change.... the truth. Tell it to me straight. I'm a grown-up. I can handle it.

After all of these scams and lies and Brittany-politics .... it's really nice hearing a President who knows what's happening. Is it January yet?
03:18 PM on 09/23/2008
Yes, but his brilliancy did not prevent him from abandoning his pledge to not support a FISA Bill that included immunity. A mans past behavior is often indicative of his future behavior. I like Sen. Obama but there are no passes and he has not shown his Stuff as yet.
02:42 PM on 09/23/2008
Let Washington know your opinion...
Quit crying and do something..! I provide the links below for the house of representatives, the speaker of the house and the White House. Please take a few mins and vent! Stop sitting on your butts and get involved !!

03:21 PM on 09/23/2008
Just sent my 16th protest. Thanks for the site.
Dignity is not negotiable
02:28 PM on 09/23/2008
This is crap! We are expected to carry Wall Street's bad debt at the expense of desperately needed social programs. I thought government was supposed to protect the people not exploit them. If we are going to nationalize Wall Street's debt, then we need to nationalize the profits. People in this country are in desperate need of a responsive government.
03:11 PM on 09/23/2008
If this happens, it may NOT delay my only reason left for voting the Denocratic Party.

If he wants to win in swing states, he had best not drop his skimpy social programs, and had best reverse the tax cuts.

BTW--the middle class doesnt need another $1000 (talk about your gimmicks). They/we need a living wage, single payer health care, justice and out of Iraq and Afghaniastan.

But, I suppose, after all, it's just that the "working class" os "so racist". I think..that people who are not caucasian probabhy need this stuff too, dont they?? The Democratic Party always has an excuse. "Too smart", "too rich" , "too black", "too educated".

Is it, just possible, that us Neanderthals are actually focusing on the issues?

I have some problems with Obama (see above). But I'd really hate to see McCain win. But, at the rate it is going, I dont see how the DNC can expect to win.
03:20 PM on 09/23/2008
Please call your reps and tell them just that. IT COUNTS**********

There are loads of petitions. Google and SIGN THEY COUNT!!!!!!!
02:25 PM on 09/23/2008
Don't do it Obama!!!!!!!!
02:23 PM on 09/23/2008
NO BAILOUT! The failure of AIG and Lehman are business failures. Millions of business have failed in our nations history. Mine is failing at this very moment. I'm a licensed real estate inspector in a market (South Texas) that has not been hit hard at all, but it is certainly declining and I've been having to augment my income with savings for the past sixteen months. I'm sixty and there are no job opportunities for me in my only field of expertise (real estate and construction). I could easily loose my home in the coming months. Who is going to bail me out? Nobody! The only reason the Bush administration is wanting to bail out AIG is because lots of both very wealthy, modestly wealthy or simply financially secure people have a large chunk of their retirement savings or investments in AIG. Most, but not all, of these folks are sympathetic to the Republicans and the Bush administration. I don't think the CEOs need to have their heads bashed in, but they certainly deserve to walk away with nothing. The investors deserve no better. An investment is a risk. Period. NO BAILOUT! Let the chips fall where they may.
02:20 PM on 09/23/2008
Obama shouldn't go for this kind of bullying from the Republican party! This is a strategy to prove that he doesn't care about Americans and we'll see McCain/Palin launch ads. The Democrats need to hold steady and not give in to the GOP. If they do, so much for the upcoming election....... Beware of crying wolves.
01:55 PM on 09/23/2008
Obama says the bailout will delay health care reform, but just watch. He'll support the bailout like the good little republican-lite that he is. It's pathetic. The people have no representation. Both parties are owned by the plutocracy.
Raven enjoys the Halloween candy!
04:45 PM on 09/23/2008
Obama said the bailout "may" delay and "might" impact the pace of implementing his programs. We seriously need to work on improving our education system in this Country....... starting with reading and listening comprehension.
08:27 PM on 09/29/2008
Another groupie parsing words to make excuses for her hero... Eventually you'll realize that you have been sold out. Unfortunately, the rest of us will also be victimized by the cultish thinking of the blind followers of both candidates.
Liberal Professor
01:42 PM on 09/23/2008
Of course, Obama is correct here and honest with Americans.

This war and this Wall Street mess have just made it so much more difficult for us to reform health care. Sickens me.


Why do we let these bastards screw us like this?

45 million Americans do not have health care.
01:41 PM on 09/23/2008
I am not convinced that this bailout is necessary or even a good idea. But, the fact is, it does look like it will be passed in some form. If that happens then neither candidate will be able to make good on all their campaign promises. Obama is the only one who has the honesty and strength of character to tell the truth. He is treating the American people like adults. McCain is busy hiding from the press and from his record.

I also respect that there is no pushback from the Obama campaign when Biden "misspeaks" or doesn't stay on message. Biden's foibles are well known, but Obama did not want or need a yes man. He surrounds himself with individuals who are strong and capable and know their own minds. Again, unlike McCain, who chose an inexperienced nobody for VP so he could mold her in his own image and recently threw Carly Fiorina under the bus.

Obama's campaign is now the REAL Straight Talk Express!
02:16 PM on 09/23/2008
Yep, Barry's a real hero now! Come on get real, He's in the Senate, they've all known this was commin' down for years. He knew he was making campagin promises he couldn't keep, now he has a way to get out of it. Even if he was able to do what he promised this bail out would look like movie money compared to his Tax and spend programs.
03:03 PM on 09/23/2008
And where was 'Fighting John McCain' for 26 years? I THOUGHT HE WAS IN THE SENATE TOO! And in those 26 years, he really hasn't done all that much to EARN a 'Maverick' image, particularly when you look very closely at the LAST EIGHT! He is blaming Obama for this mess. He would probably blame Obama for the Chicago Fire if he thought he might get away with it!
01:30 PM on 09/23/2008
Since the upper income groups are going to be the chief beneficiaries of the bail out, their taxes should be increased by more than Obama had originally intended, so that the money to finance his programs, or at least part of it, will be there.

Ideally the middle class tax cuts should also be dropped to pay for the badly needed investments in infrastructure, education, and health care, but unfortunately this is politically unfeasible.
01:26 PM on 09/23/2008
First of all, this should not be treated as a bailout. This should be treated and structured as a rescue package. The way to get the money back is that all firms who are rescued should have to share their profits with the Federal Government for the next 10 years. That would help to pay for the various government programs that are being imperiled by this.
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01:23 PM on 09/23/2008
It's the Shock Doctrine!
Oh let's all get shocked and panic again America
so the BS powers can stop the change we've been needing for so long!

YouTube - Real Time w/ Bill Maher | Naomi Klein and the Shock Doctrine

YouTube - Bill Maher and Paul Krugman "We Need Better Government"

YouTube - Most IMPORTANT Point EVER Made by Bill Maher!!!

YouTube - Naomi Klein on Bill Maher , 10-12-07
03:24 PM on 09/23/2008
Not only are they gonna STOP the winds of change from blowin. They are going to further demolish our US Constitution and strengthen the grip of facisism.

Total Corporate Control
01:22 PM on 09/23/2008
Obama: the Corporate Candidate. We can't be having health care and education when we've got all of these needy billionaire bankers and oil barons who need bailing out of their gambling debts! And forget about that cushy retirement we had planned - we'll be competing for courtesy clerk jobs down at Wal-Mart until they throw our carcasses in the dumpster.

We, the 99% of the People, must once again sacrifice everything for the uninterrupted comfort of the 1% who stole the wealth of the nation under Reagan and the Bush Crime Family. And Obama is here to help us make that "compromise".
01:52 PM on 09/23/2008
And just which candidate--other than Obama-- would do a better job?

Are you just pissing and moaning, or do you actually have a point to make?
03:06 PM on 09/23/2008
What are the alternatives?
04:33 PM on 09/23/2008
Seize the ill-gotten wealth of the Iraq profiteers, the oil barons, the bankers with their golden parachutes, all of their stolen mansions and swindled secret offshore bank accounts. Seize Cheney and Bush, Halliburton, KBR, the Carlyle Group, Karl Rove, Nancy Reagan, Bill Kristol, Sandra Day O'Connor, all of the rotten stinking capitalist thieves who have been lining their pockets with our labors, Rumsfeld, Gonzales, Blackwater, Bechtel, DynCorp, George Tenet, every last Bush, Newt Gingrich, Rush Limbaugh, all of the useless crooked Republican thugs. The money didn't disappear, it went into their hands, pockets, and bank accounts.

Time to take it back.
01:19 PM on 09/23/2008
The 700 billion (plus) is borrowed money. Can't you just say no to it? To think that supporting the wall street bailout will allow you ANY money to do ANYTHING that you have talked about, is madness.

This bailout, if it goes through, will be the end before the beginning of Obama.
A final f-u from Bush's rich cronies ... the urgency is that they are running out of time for the final stealth.