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03:20 PM on 09/24/2008
They didn'tt want her to be asked whether she had met a world leader and have to answer 'No' again - especially not in the upcoming debate.

And since all Sarah Palin needs to do in order to have foreign policy experience is be able to 'see Russia' from parts of Alaska, all she needs to do to have met with world leaders is spend a few minutes chatting with some in a NY hotel in front of the cameras.

It must be wonderful to be Sarah Palin. It will not be so wonderful if she is ever our VP or, God forbid, our President.
02:59 PM on 09/24/2008
Yeah, but her meeting with Bono was cancelled today. Probably finally figured out that "Barracuda" wasn't a U2 song so what's the use?
02:50 PM on 09/24/2008
That's a creepy picture of her with her hand on Kissinger's upper chest....she doesn't seem to like what he's saying or doing. Take a good look at that body language.
07:52 PM on 09/24/2008
she went lower and he got happier
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02:45 PM on 09/24/2008
I was very surprised to see these photos posted on HuffPO because I thought I read that the press had unanimously decided NOT to publish any photos of Palin's meetings yesterday as a unified protest against being shut out of the actual meetings.

Did I miss something?
02:45 PM on 09/24/2008
This is like cramming for exams tomorrow and you haven't opened the books all semester...
03:00 PM on 09/24/2008
It's like having her memorize the periodic table for a test and then asking her to diffuse a chemical bomb.
We're in this together
02:35 PM on 09/24/2008
Let's see. What can I talk about with these guys?

Pakistan - He must have kids. I'll ask him.

Ukraine - They play hockey!

Georgia - Basketball!

Afghanistan - Hmm another stan. Guess I'll trot out the talk about kids.

Kissinger - Looks like an old letch. I'll just lean over a lot and maybe hug him.

We're in this together
02:41 PM on 09/24/2008
I wish I could edit these things. I should have mentioned...

Iraq - My kid's there!

Colombia - Gem of the ocean!
02:27 PM on 09/24/2008
Seems it's fine if she talks to world leaders but talking to Americans is not allowed. Another instance of country last.
02:03 PM on 09/24/2008
Wow! Thanks for the indepth reporting on this. Very detailed, I really enjoyed the talking points between Palin and the World leaders. Thank you again, now I know all I need to know to make my decision come election day. (SIKE) In reality I wonder why does the media even bother to cover such nonsense. You all are so hungry for McCains scraps, and he knows exactly what he is doing. He is going to re-introduce Palin to America and as usual the mindless will lap it all up!
01:57 PM on 09/24/2008
I guess that helps her with foreign policy creds... The amount of world leaders you meet=amount of minutes you have in true foreign policy. Boy, this country is headed downhill fast.
The arc of human history is to the left.
12:53 PM on 09/24/2008
Among the people Palin met were the leader of the world's largest cocaine producer, and the leader of the world's largest opium producer.

Was she setting up a buy for her future son-in-law?
12:46 PM on 09/24/2008
This is a very painful miniaturization of American Presidential elections on the alter of Republican political expediency. When will this nightmare end? OH LORD!
01:23 PM on 09/24/2008
This is nothing. The actual left-wing nightmare will begin on Nov. 5.
Get ready.
11:10 AM on 09/24/2008
This must be a right wing joke...
Now they can say she has International Affairs Experience.
and not even Presiden Uribe showed signs of knowing who this wench was...
Amazing, They are really desperate and think that we are all fools.
They need to go back a put lipstick on their pigs....
03:01 PM on 09/24/2008
Uribe's expression is like, "You got the shot? Ok, now get me OUTTA HERE!"
10:54 AM on 09/24/2008
Palin was allowed to ask one question of each leader. She chose: "Have you ever tried Alaaaaskan moose stew?
10:09 AM on 09/24/2008
Colombia? Oh...I can't see that from Alaska...
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Drawing lions in the sand
09:37 AM on 09/24/2008
The parallells are too profound. Eliza Doolittle, Sarah Donelittle. Pygmalion, Lipstick on Pig- The old professor and the young blank slate. Hushed away for lessons in ladylike behavior, can't meet the press, nothing to impress. She is "MY FAIRBANKS LADY". Don't get accustomed to her face.
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Drawing lions in the sand
09:55 AM on 09/24/2008
The Reign of Pain Falls Mainly on McCain or Palin.
09:56 AM on 09/24/2008
Heard so many comments on SP irritating voice. It is only so far 3 weeks we heard of her and there are already so many of us that cant stand her nasal-chalk on the board voice. If mccain is elected, we got to bear her voice for maybe another 8 years, imagine what would happen to our ear-drums and sanity
01:18 PM on 09/24/2008
Get used to her voice.