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11:31 AM on 09/25/2008
DUH! It is their country.
11:23 AM on 09/25/2008

They're ((((REWARDING)))) the responsible 4 the mess

What a bail out being planned for "US"!
(Please forward)

Bush administration said, they're "comfortable" with plan.

Wish I'd been hearing things but replayed & replayed news anchor on CNN.

It was reported, Bush said, "No longer an issue"

The plan is "executive compensation with no dollar limits."

It was added, "taxpayers will get potentially, some stock."

Wonder what crumbs might be thrown the peasants way?

Ron Paul on President Bush bailout & is he ever right!

Congress link

Please call your representatives on this & all important issues & matters.

Stop McCain from canceling the debates

Commission on Presidential Debates (202) 872-1020

Register to vote now

Media list next
Wordsmith, liberal, skeptical idealist, 99%er.
11:44 AM on 09/25/2008
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11:22 AM on 09/25/2008
We're in serious trouble from everywhere.

(SOS) It's on "US"

Contact representatives & congress on important issues

Don't allow McCain 2 postpone debates

Call Commission on Presidential Debates (202) 872-1020

Recruit everyone you can

Pass information in envelopes out (talking points enclosed)

Pay attention & watch all networks 2 get whole picture

Recommend MSNBC's, Countdown with Keith Olbermann & Rachel Maddow beginning 8 pm ET

Current & breaking news, CNN

Hold media accountable

Encourage & thank when reporting truth (media list enclosed)

Forward this material & donate 2 Obama's camp, we can't afford not 2

Votes 4 3rd party increase chance of McSame winning

Talking Points

McCain Secretly Plans Middle Class Tax

Fact: McCain says Obama will raise taxes on small business & payroll, he's lying

Fact: Obama will lower taxes for 95% of American's & tax those making over 250K

Fact: When McCain says he won't raise taxes but Obama will, he's speaking 2 the rich

Fact: McCain voted against minimum wage & equal pay 4 woman in favor of big business

Fact: He'll give tax breaks 2 big oil

Fact: McCain will continue Bush policies & continue 2 spend 10 billion a month in Iraq

Fact: Obama will end war & end the spending

Fact: Palin's done 2 interviews vs. Biden who's done 96. They don't want you 2 hear what she has 2 say

Media list next
Wordsmith, liberal, skeptical idealist, 99%er.
11:45 AM on 09/25/2008
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Happy Birthday, Steve Jobs - Feb. 24th
11:17 AM on 09/25/2008
October surprise? Suspended elections? Americans riot? Patriot Act trotted out to be used against American citizens?

10:55 AM on 09/25/2008
Pakistan is not our ally. Pakistan has the terrorists. Pakistan has nukes. Pakistan is the home of Osama Bin Laden. Pakistan allows the Taliban to live there in safety and kill American and Nato troops across the border. Pakistan is the enemy. Time to fight back.
11:25 AM on 09/25/2008
You and what army?
eva belle
Kolob a-calling
11:40 AM on 09/25/2008
So much for your Bush and his foreign policy staked on Musharraf...look where it got you now! Musharraf is out of power and well...where is Bin Laden? Maybe McCain knows.
10:46 AM on 09/25/2008
methinks our enemies are starting to smell blood
11:19 AM on 09/25/2008
I'm confused. I thought they were our allies?

What a mess we are helping this world to come to.

Everyone hates "US"

It's not the decent & average people who are common sensed thinkers of other countries who hate "US"

It's like with our country in that the pResident does not speak in our name and we are the majority.

It's the rich & greedy and their minions along with many of our supposed to be, leaders in some differing countries. That's who is hated.

And they should be the ones duking it out. Not putting "US" in harms way of nuking it out, either.

Except maybe the leaders are all in cahoots together in the name of "PERPETUAL WAR" to sustain the rich, greedy, poor excuses for human beings?
02:39 PM on 09/26/2008
you don't shoot at your allies, regardless if they cross into your airspace or not. And especially not. The Pakistani govt has no control over the military and the military is available to the highest bidder. They will continue to cowtow to the extremist elements in their country to show that they can fight off the 'infidel' regardless of what deals Bush made with Musharaf.
10:45 AM on 09/25/2008
As any nation who has recently been abused and attacked by a nation should shoot back next time they are attacked. It's normal.