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03:34 PM on 09/27/2008
If it weren't so sad it would be great entertainment to watch the McCain everyone used to respect become totally erratic and rudderless. And this from a Navy hero who should know the value of a rudder. Maybe that was one of those classes he skipped at the Naval Academy. And I have no sympathy for Palin in her stumbling, frankly terrifying, attempts to answer very simple questions. Just as McCain recklessly picked her to pander to the base, the base he has always disliked and who has always disliked him, she recklessly agreed to do it. She has such a small worldview-not a criticism, just a fact- that she either didn't realize she is out of her league or is simply arrogant enough to think it doesn't matter. She has no apparent capacity for understanding the complexity and diversity of our country, let alone the world. This has got to be the most stunt-driven campaign I have ever witnessed. The presidency should not be won through a game of craps. This comes from a fiscal conservative/social moderate-middle-aged female- who was a Republican until this summer. That party and their candidate have lost their way and lost my respect. I was open to the idea, but I don't want McCain anywhere near the White House. I have never been more disappointed in a public official in my life, especially one that I used to believe had integrity and courage.
02:53 PM on 09/27/2008
This is the only possible conclusion: John McCain has put his country--make that OUR country--in jeopardy with his cynical and self-serving selection of a running mate.

While Sarah Palin may well prove to be merely a short-running joke on late night television, Sen. McCain is a figure of historic significance, whether or not he becomes president.

It is puzzling and disturbing that he would squander a 50-year legacy of government service through his transparently unpatriotic choice. And, in the final analysis, it is more than that.

It is inexcusable.
09:37 PM on 09/27/2008
McSame is a "figure of historic significance" only to McSame and dupes for self-aggrandizement dishonestly presented as being "experience," "herosim," "maverickism," and other such irrelevances.

Can you say "Keating Five"?
01:15 PM on 09/27/2008
Where was Palin last night after the debate? We got a good look at the kind of judgment Obama exercised in choosing Biden - he is very obviously a highly qualified candidate.

The fact that McCain keeps his VP candidate hidden from public is a clear statement about his own poor judgment.
03:00 PM on 09/27/2008
Indeed it does. Given the Cheney legacy of secrecy, this is stunning. If you are running for vice-president, you should make yourself available to the electorate. The reluctance and secrecy speak volumes.
I am still amazed at the fact that Brooks asserts of Palin that "if you want to destroy a corrupt establishment, she'd be your woman' and Bernstein, citing that, lets it go without comment. Destroy corruption? Like appointing your high school buddy to run the state Division of Agriculture on the force of her experience as a realtor--and, oh yes, liking cows as a kid? From what we know of the Palins, they have surrounded themselves with cronies and gone on political vendettas against people for whom they have personal grudges. The NY Times covered this last Sunday extensively.
Some destroyer of corruption.
11:27 PM on 09/27/2008
I enjoy Joe Biden. He is a funny, funny man!
06:50 AM on 09/28/2008
The question was-where was Sarah last night? The comedy show is coming soon
12:40 PM on 09/27/2008
There is no question as to why he chose Palin. But now, at least for the time being, he has to live with the hand he has dealt himself (see Rumsfeld on this comment). It shows a complete lack of sound judgement (I will not say it is his age). Dumping her, which he most probably will have to do,will destroy any chance he had, keeping her (see the VP debate) will only be worse. The poor man has himself in a hole which he keeps digging deeper.
02:14 PM on 09/27/2008
He does (not) have my sympathy...he is too volatile, too rash to be president. I will say that it's his age-he is trying to overcompensate for it.
12:39 PM on 09/27/2008
There is a quote that applies to the current situation in the country and the world. It was made, as far as I can determine, by Mark Twain.

"Sometimes I wonder whether the world is being run by smart people who are putting us on.....or by imbeciles who really mean it."

Seems to make the point rather simply.................................
11:34 AM on 09/27/2008
You're all missing the point. Even if Sarah Palin becomes president, she will be a convenient puppet for the wingnut Right to continue their dismanteling of this country. That's why the crazies on the Right aren't concerned if Sarah becomes president. Look at how they handled W. They let him have his way. Bluster and blather but in the end Cheney and that whole crowd ran this country in the ditch while enriching themselves. Sarah they can control. They couldn't control Ridge or Lieberman.
02:16 PM on 09/27/2008
Yes, that's the whole reason why we cannot have yet another Repug in the WH. She would be little more than Oval Office Coffee Girl, and when she did do something on her own, it would probably be something disastrous to women. Do all you can to get out the vote for Obama-this one's serious!
wish I didn't know mine enemy
04:54 PM on 09/27/2008
I would quibble that Ridge and Lieberman are already puppets of the neocon/big oil machine, what they lack is the charismatic appeal to the crackpot culture-war right. Other than that you're on target. Isn't it tragic, that a substantial component of our citizenry literally doesn't care about total ruin of this country if they just get some lip service against abortion?
10:19 AM on 09/27/2008
If anything proves to me that McCain has neither the judgment, nor the temperament, to be president, it is his "process" in selecting Sarah Palin as his running mate. It completely contradicts his assertions that he is a maverick, and that he has the country's interests ahead of his own political interests.
11:30 AM on 09/27/2008
McC in lurching to his decision on Palin, made a pathetic choice for his running mate. I agree with Bernstein, a misguided attempt to boost his faltering campaign to get himself elected... the h ell with the country.
10:13 AM on 09/27/2008
McCain seems to believe in his immortality -- that if he is elected Palin will never be more than Vice President come hell or high water -- or death itself. "So don't you worry," he tells us." I needed her to help me win, but once I do, you'll have me as Pres'dnt for at least 4 years, maybe 8. And forget ''til death do us part.'"
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09:58 AM on 09/27/2008
Is John McCain a complete sell out or is it possible that he is trying to lose the election?

It is almost a Hollywood scenario but give me a second:

Principled politician running for president somehow blinks and when he opens his eyes he finds that he has been totally co-opted by the very forces he used to fight. The only hope for the country he loves is to choose a poison pill running mate that can charm the base while alienating the thinking public. Then he continues to make choices that subtly undermine his own campaign because he knows he has to keep his evil handlers from gaining control.

I would almost rather believe that than the self-interested sell-out described here
I'm nicer than I appear in print. :-)
10:49 AM on 09/27/2008
What a nicer person you are spartanmom. I wish that his motivations were that high minded.

But I think it more likely that he's a 72 year old man who has one last shot at the brass ring and he doesn't care who he has to hug or what he has to swallow if it will just give him the prize he wants. The sad thing? Even if he gets the White House, it won't be "John McCain" moving in to it. In effect, John McCain will never get to win after all, even if he wins.
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02:08 PM on 09/27/2008
Freesia2, I might be nicer but it seems you are smarter.

From a letter in today's NYT:

In Mr. McCain’s 2002 autobiography, “Worth the Fighting For,” he wrote candidly about his run for the presidency in 2000:

“I didn’t decide to run for president to start a national crusade for the political reforms I believed in or to run a campaign as if it were some grand act of patriotism. In truth, I wanted to be president because it had become my ambition to become president. ... In truth, I’d had the ambition for a long time.”
11:33 AM on 09/27/2008
I think you give too much credit to McCain having such subtlety in his thought process. His main characteristic is rash decisions when faced with adversity.
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09:33 AM on 09/27/2008
John McCain has shown a total lack of "Country First" by his hasty selection of Sarah Palin. She is totally unprepared to step into the top spot should McCain become ill. McCain has become a "sellout politician" like all others before him. Victory at all costs is his new motto. Bad way to run a country Johnny Boy. Hopefully, Obama will be voted into office and then this Sarah Palin mess and total embarrassment will not matter. But he is finished for anything beyond this election. When he loses, he will probably retire from politics, as well he should. He is a very tired vindictive old man with no good ideas for cleaning up the horrible mess created by the corrupt Bush regime, and who is dangerous to the world.
01:20 AM on 09/27/2008
McCain picked a person whom he had met once for 15 minutes and then spoke with on the phone for 5 minutes.

Obama picked a colleague whom he has known and worked with in the course of for four years.

That selection process says everything about judgment?
11:51 PM on 09/26/2008
McCain is obviously not right in the head. Sarah Palin for whatever good qualities she might have is not VP material. She is a whacko religionist who is living in the middle ages by fighting witches for god's sake. In a way I like her, she is good looking, has a nice butt, and most of all I like her courage for standing up to the Alaska elite. This woman however does not have the skills necessary to compete on the national and international stage. I wish she did even though I disagree with her philosophy of life, religion etc.. She should bow out now before she makes a total mess of things. It is important for someone to know their place and she is one person who should search for her real calling and get out now while she has a chance to save her reputation.
12:16 PM on 09/27/2008
No, she should not bow out. I would love to see her at the debate being mangled by Biden. So much for vetting and accepting without a BLINK.
03:23 PM on 09/27/2008
Cylindar-I agree with what you said. I think that she should put family first in this instance. When you have a newborn with down syndrome. the most important time of the child's life is the first 3 years of life. This is when the child get the educational building blocks to build on future success. All children need these blocks, but kids with ds need it even more.
There are many other qualified canidates (both male and female) that are up to the job. I'm an independant. So I try to look pro and con at each person running. If McCain really wanted a female vp, there is a woman from Texas named Sen Kaye Baily Hutchson. I don't agree with everything she says, but she is smart, articulate, and experienced. She has served in the senate for several years. She has paid her dues. Sen. Hutchison is the republican version of Sen. Clinton.
11:12 PM on 09/26/2008
The more reckless choice in this election was the Democrat primary voters choosing Obama. The fact is he has very little experience, and very few, if any, accomplishments. These are objective facts, not opinion. Palin is inexperienced, yes. She is not running for President. Why does she scare the same people who are so over the moon for Obama? The answer is, you are scared of her for a different reason...because she will put McCain over the top.
everything I say could be wrong.
12:06 AM on 09/27/2008
ummm no, I am afraid that IF she remains and somehow McCain wins, and if then somehow his health declines that we would be stuck with a nitwit ( another ) for president. And then we would all have to take up moose killing and drop rocks on wolves from airplanes.
10:13 AM on 09/27/2008
I am getting slowly fed up with the argument that Obama is inexperienced. Was GWB more experienced in 2000 when he was "elected". Come on now , try to be more honest in your arguments next time, for example, he is not white enough or American enough,.etc.....
07:47 PM on 09/26/2008
Not to nitpick, but FDR died on, I believe, April 12th, and the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima on August 6th. It wasn't even tested until early July.
07:10 PM on 09/26/2008
Very good article. It is refreshing to see the Huffington Post have an article that is critical of McCain and Palin (or any other Republican for that matter) yet still be articulate, accurate, well-reasoned, and professional. Bravo to you.
If the Huffington Post wants to try to convince Independents or moderate Republicans to vote for Obama, it should have more articles like this. Most of the articles on these pages are nothing more than angry rants full of logical holes that do nothing more than preach to the choir.