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01:31 AM on 09/28/2008
It has entered my mind as to where Palin has the money to either have ran for Governor or VP as her husband is always said to be a part time fisherman. It takes money to be involved in politics.
01:30 AM on 09/28/2008
McCain didn't comdemn obama for holding his position on attacking within pakistan; he just condemned obama for publicly saying it.
01:35 AM on 09/28/2008
And his poor greenhorn running mate came right out, publicly, and said it.
02:02 AM on 09/28/2008
Right: McSame was for lying by omission about backstabbing an ally.
01:27 AM on 09/28/2008
As so often is true with the McCain campaign, something here smells funny.

The "random" graduate student involved in this exchange with Palin in Philly used to write for the local newspaper in Wasilla, Alaska. WTF is going on?

Michael Rovito's last article was published at the Frontiersman just a couple weeks ago:
01:39 AM on 09/28/2008
Interesting, but in this case, I think the fishy part for once was not the McCain campaign. I think a cagey Wasillan reporter was a wolf in grad student's clothing. He should be careful; we know what Palin does to wolves.
01:52 AM on 09/28/2008
Update: After googling (dogpiling, actually) Rovito, it turns out a Michael Rovito is a genuine Temple grad student. Or was recently. Perhaps he went from Temple to Alaska, or perhaps this is wildly coincidental. I wager that he was working in Wasilla, and couldn't resist going back to Philly when McCain decided to store her there. But he comes by his Temple shirt honestly.
01:24 AM on 09/28/2008
I get it. She thinks it's a beauty pageant and she'll get a cute parting gift for coming in 4th.
01:02 AM on 09/28/2008
Maybe she thinks that She'll be VP regardless, wheather McCain or Obama is President. All this stuff they are trying to stuff into her head is just for when she is expected to greet foreigners at the Whitehouse ball and other parties.
12:49 AM on 09/28/2008
As the lawmakers of Washington are getting ready to bail out wallstreet I call upon all American women to bail out Sarah from destruction. Sarah Palin, a mother of five is being sacrificed in the name of getting women votes to elect Mccain to the white house, currently needs rescuing. It is up to women of America to rescue her. The poor woman is confused and out of place. how long it is gone to take for her to realize that she was being used and abused? Will it take a nervous break down?
Her sheltering and hiding by the Mccain's campaign is yet the worst insult to her, her family and American women. As if she has some kind of contagious disease. I am sure she misses her kids and wants at some point to stop embarrassing her family, her Alaska and her Wasilla. Time is running out and it is running fast. Women of America, mothers of the land let us get together and save Sarah from the cynical Mcainic machine. We need to do it and do it quick. For our children, especially our little girls to not undermine the importance of education. For our young girls to not consider living in clueless land, to recognize when they are being used and know when to pull out of a situation and get the education necessary for a given position. American women please let’s have mercy on Sarah. Check my blog:
01:35 AM on 09/28/2008

You have one of the best liberal blogs on the web.
02:02 AM on 09/28/2008
She needs to stay on the ticket. After Thursday's debate, the intensity should be increased on McCain's medical status. He is not going to survive the 4 years most likely because of malignant recurrent melanoma, one of the most deadly cancers.
There is no way rational, sane Americans would "gamble" on this potential medical trainwreck of McCain/Palin.
12:47 AM on 09/28/2008
Palin is a completely unqualified but she has an excuse.....what the hell is McCain's excuse? He is the most reckless and arrogant leader since.......well......our present leader.
01:03 AM on 09/28/2008
A maverick gambler?
12:41 AM on 09/28/2008
From drip..drip..drip to trickle
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01:27 AM on 09/28/2008
...the rushing waters of truth wear mountains down.
12:38 AM on 09/28/2008
As the article notes, McCain criticized Obama:

“You don’t say that out loud,” McCain said. “If you have to do things, you have to do things, and you work with the Pakistani government.”

Besides Palin's remark on Pakistan, it was totally hypocrisy when Palin has also said it might be necessary to go to war with Russia in her interview with Gibson.

There is a point, though, which gave me great pause during the debate and it was when Obama said that being tied down in Iraq meant that the United States government could not project military power abroad in other areas. This was not meant exclusively to Afghanistan, given the context of his comment. Those are the words of expansionism and imperialism and he needs to be called on it. Opposition to McCain does mean that as a candidate he ought be given a blank cheque by us.
12:41 AM on 09/28/2008
errata: totally hypocritical
12:43 AM on 09/28/2008
(how difficult it is to be articulate at almost 1:00am (two espressi or not). Yes, another mistake: "does not mean..."
01:05 AM on 09/28/2008
not late here yet....I'm on the Pacific side.
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12:36 AM on 09/28/2008
Maureen Dowd's finest comment this year. in the Times today:

"And who cares what Henry Kissinger thinks?
He was wrong 35 years ago, and it’s only gotten worse since then."
01:51 AM on 09/28/2008
I can't believe that the folks in Chile haven't tried to extradite him or worse for his role in the installation of Pinochet in power there. They must be an incredibly forgiving people.
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12:20 AM on 09/28/2008
Hmmmm ... Ooops?
The moral arc is long but bends toward justice.
12:17 AM on 09/28/2008
Wow. Wait everybody! Really watch this whole 06 Alaskan gubernatorial debate - or skip through and just watch Palin:

She mops the floor with Tony Knowles.

The media is getting totally played by the GOP in spreading the "she's not ready" myth. I'd agree she's dangerous and a fundi/conservative wet dream, but she is absolutely not stupid. Not even a little bit Like a friend of mine said, it's like the GOP created her in a lab. She'll go down in US history as the "great relater". She can connect with everyone and make anyone who comes at her look like a ass.

She'll hold her own and then some on Thursday. She knows the short form answer like nothing else - can kick ass with it - it plays to her strengths as a sports newscaster. She knows how to get across alot of statistics, analysis and strategic background on a subject while being compelling and keeping her audience interested in the narrative. She can tell a good joke and relate a good yarn. She can improv, use gentle self depreciating humor and can throw a good natured sounding body shot at her opponent (while at the same time truly psyche them out of their game). It's eerie to watch.
Power Concedes Nothing Without a Demand..FD
12:42 AM on 09/28/2008
She does well in a debate on local issues because she's comfortable with the topics. A national economy and international matters are going to be a whole 'nother story. I just don't believe that the Couric interview was staged to make her look like a fool. I saw a video of her as a sports newscaster and it stunk.
01:21 AM on 09/28/2008
That is precisely it, Lotus. When listening to the debate carefully it becomes clear that the issues of which she was passionate were rural ones (hunting and fishing; moose and caribou 'growth' and "preditor control.") That does not a VP or VP contender make.
12:44 AM on 09/28/2008
What is interesting in this video is that she shows that she has a command of her subject matter she appears confident and does not show her feelings towards the other candidates. Palin may be a red herring in this mix. She sure came across better than McCain. Thanks for the video
12:04 AM on 09/28/2008
I thought the impromptu "interviewer" here was pretty funny. Made me want to see Colbert or Stewart posing really surreal questions to her, in the spirit of humor so that they wouldn't be seen to be humiliating her (overtly).
01:55 AM on 09/28/2008
If she's so interested in predator control, she ought to call for the immediate jailing of Rick Davis and that whole gaggle of lobbyists around her running mate.

I'm not holding my breath.
12:02 AM on 09/28/2008
Gov Palin should be careful she will feel the wrath of John McCain. He did not bring her into his campaign to think, speak, or response to questions. That is evident by how he has treated her. Joe Biden is out campaigning and talking to voters. She is in a cocoon waiting to become a butterfly.
12:06 AM on 09/28/2008
12:19 AM on 09/28/2008
Where is Godzilla when you need him.
01:56 AM on 09/28/2008
Yeah, they brought her in so that they could have somewhere to hang the White House Christmas ornaments.
12:00 AM on 09/28/2008
jusr saw tina fey on SNL doing the couric/palin interview. too funny. they also have a debate skit which was so-so.