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12:06 AM on 03/04/2012
If a terrorist want to kill a lot of people, they don't need to get on a plane. They just need to walk up to a security check point. There are more people there than on a plane.
01:06 AM on 03/04/2012
aasberry: the TSA is always 1 day behind the terrorists anyway. we didnt take our shoes off until the shoe bomber failed, if he had succeeded we may never have known how it happened and it could have been done again. we wouldnt have know about "underwear" bombs if the underwear bomber hadnt failed. we were lucky on those two, no thanks to the tsa.
08:51 PM on 03/05/2012
Both individuals were coming from outside the United States jurisdiction.
As a matter of fact, I AM a wise-ass...
11:53 PM on 03/03/2012
Of course we need the TSA, but we ALSO need them not to over do it. The stories are endless, but I personally saw TSA agents detain a frightened 4 year old girl who was afraid of the puffer machine, while I myself was forced with threat of arrest to produce a boarding pass when I simply asked where the bathroom was. THEY ARE OVER DOING IT.
11:43 PM on 03/03/2012
Thank God they caught the terrorist trying to smuggle the box wine aboard! No telling what kind of party might have taken place.
11:33 PM on 03/03/2012
I'm not sure how we would be with out them, but I do know if they hired people with common sense.and inteligence we would be better off
12:33 AM on 03/04/2012
Add to your list some common courtesy!
02:06 AM on 03/04/2012
There you go, trying to move even more jobs out of the U.S.
ronald regan
still a soldier
11:30 PM on 03/03/2012
dont give up your freedom for security i think jefferson said that
Charles Malone
11:28 PM on 03/03/2012
i want to say yes we are but i am not sure what or who would replace them.
12:35 AM on 03/04/2012
Our military who are being brought home, trained by Israeli security forces to profile, though I think our guys could do it very well. They are also branching out to stop cars -- unlawfully -- and search cars (Tennesse). Their actions demonstrate their incompetence and lack of common sense.
01:08 AM on 03/04/2012
jrwiley11: there are many social ills worse than profiling
11:24 PM on 03/03/2012
What kind of question is that? Heck yeah we are better off without the TSA!
Ron Paul 2012 !
11:17 PM on 03/03/2012
They are out of control, they work for us, if any TSA agent crosses the line they should be fired. Its a huge Arrogant Beuracracy that will only get bigger and cost the people who pay taxes more money.
11:13 PM on 03/03/2012
Chances are that if a terrorist wanted to take down another plane they would have someone working on the inside smuggling some weapons onto the plane either in the hanger or at the gate and they would not be bringing them with them through the screening area. They aren't dumb people.
11:12 PM on 03/03/2012
That blog of theirs used to justify their worthless existence is the ultimate cherry of waste on their cake of corruption. Shut up, do your job and stop stealing money out of people's suitcases in the process, okay?
(I) Common sense for the common man
11:02 PM on 03/03/2012
three-liter box of white wine?

Damn those terrorists!
11:01 PM on 03/03/2012
Local, State, and Federal employees forget who gives them their "assumed" power. The people give them the authority that they have. They are here to serve us not abuse us. On the other hand they do not have to kiss our butt.

So educate these fools so we can get on with our life and get on the damn plane.
11:00 PM on 03/03/2012
No....thats some of the best sex I've had in months.
Harold Saxon
Here come the drums.
10:53 PM on 03/03/2012
Is that a rhetorical question ? Of course we'd be better off without theft, abuse, and government-sanctioned sexual assault.
10:45 PM on 03/03/2012
I know that TSA is gonna do somthing stupid,almost daily,who knows why?don't under stand the job? are they just drunk with power? If I worked there, no one would know it.