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SocialistDistortion 01:07 PM on 03/01/2012
gsx99limited wrote: "Trillions upon Trillions spent on the great society and this is what we got. We didn't even get a free t-shirt. Thanks Libs." ---------------------------------- Your brilliant mathematical analysis aside, I'd like to once again ask the question that no right-winger has had the courage to step up and answer - Where was your concern when the public debt went from $900 billion in 1980 and  Read More...
05:46 AM on 03/02/2012
What has Obama done to help the ones in poverty ?? More food stamps?? Jobs??
He help all the big banks,
Be the change you want to see in the world
06:23 AM on 03/02/2012
So poverty all rests on one person's shoulders? Since you have all the answers, let's here them.
07:06 AM on 03/02/2012
I had the questions remember. I was looking for answers. Obama has the answers for everything else.Last I looked he was still the president.
06:26 AM on 03/02/2012
Maybe it is time to stop asking "what is our government doing to solve this problem", and time to say "what can I do to help solve this problem"
Volunteer your extra time to mentor a person in this situation. Help them get the education they need. Help them find a job and help them get transportation to that job.
You will see the answer isn't as easy as just throwing money at it.
07:07 AM on 03/02/2012
Thank you for an honest reply.
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07:43 AM on 03/02/2012
Mentoring is easy to do.
Resources have to come from somewhere.
YOu can advise,but that doesnt solve the persons problem.
SOrry to say,I am not going to spend my $ to solve his problems.
If in a bad situation thepoor person has to take action/
Joining the military is a solution for poverty.
Lots of rural kids do it.
05:44 AM on 03/02/2012
I admire he is trying to do the right thing. but right off in the beginning of the story it says he is late in child support. You know if you are poor. why are you having babies? Oh I forgot. I will pay for it
06:33 AM on 03/02/2012
More than ever the world after the AIDS age seen gone, and people are having sex without protection. Instead people having aborts and anti contraception people should be educated to protect themselves with condom, its the only way will avoid a pregnancy. I guess.
07:50 AM on 03/02/2012
Babies = more entitlements. 3/4 of new born black babies have no father listed on birth cert.
If it doesn't make sense, it doesn't make sense
09:03 AM on 03/02/2012
Prove your statement. Of course, I know that you can't.
Joanna McGinn
05:36 AM on 03/02/2012
Probably one of the best articles written on the subject in recent times. The government saw back in the "Great Society' of LBJ that the poor would make a stable voting block on his party. As a congressional paige, I had the 'opportunity' to interact with LBJ and to listen to his off the record comments and believe me he was one of the biggest racists, and elitist (although he himself had come from humble backgrounds) I could hope to meet. JFK, on the other hand, from the somewhat criminal wealth of his father, was actually more concerned on BUILDING steps out of poverty while LBJ just wanted to make a net to keep them poor and dependent on the government dole as a voting block for the Democrats.
05:17 AM on 03/02/2012
I feel for this young man but he has a great attitude and I don't doubt for a moment that he will make a better life for himself.
06:47 AM on 03/02/2012
You should doubt it. A great attitude doesn't always help you get the education you need or the job you need after you get that education.
I can only HOPE that this man has someone to mentor him
09:03 AM on 03/02/2012
What he needs is a condom. Behind in child support. Nothing to admire there.
05:12 AM on 03/02/2012
I do feel for this man, our economy in every aspect stinks! I have a job, haven't had a raise in almost 3 years now and we all know what has happened in the past 3 years, EVERYTHING, i need, gas, food, clothes, etc has doubled in price, its getting harder and harder to make ends meet - oh, and just found out my car insurance went up 400./year for no reason, i'm in my mid-50's NEVER had an accident or ticket - just an fyi for anyone out there - don't move to Florida and expect reasonable car insurance cause its not available - its all the illegals and people that sue - thus falls on the shoulders of the poor working man - this is a sad story - however, there are more and more people like this man everyday unless changes happen and happen quick!
06:28 AM on 03/02/2012
Every day I go to supermarket and stores I see they are playing with the numbers, because one day this item cost X, next day is on promotion, next day come back to the normal price, next day the price is high. Its so fast. I ask to myself what's wrong with that? I cant buy the things I need. I just try to get whatever the money cans pay.
08:41 AM on 03/02/2012
i hear ya - its really tough out there, i worry about the people that have children they have to provide for, its just me and i'm having a difficult time - the gas prices are driving these items out the roof - costs more to get them to the stores, which of course, they pass the prices to us - aren't we lucky......
05:10 AM on 03/02/2012
A lot of people are talking about how they broke the cycle of povwerty. All well and good. I am more educated than my parents, and my children have advanced degrees. However, for those just starting out, I am observing that it is very difficult for them. My kids are in their 30's, and doing well. My cousin's son is in his 20's - college educated and a hard worker. Even so, no benefits at his part time JOBS. I think he has broken the cycle in our family - of upward mobility. I just fear he will not be able to do better than his parents. Ditto for his generation. I think the middle class is in danger of breaking a lot of things - and our economic futures are first on the list.
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Vanderbil Covington
Humans are a bridge, not an end
05:09 AM on 03/02/2012
It's no secret poor African Americans are among the lowest of economic strata. There are several reasons for this, the main one being poverty is cyclic for most. Black Americans are unigue because their history is seeped in poverty as a tradition. Except for brief periods in the early 20s and 60s, Blacks have known very few opportunities for advancement. There has been a concerted effort to keep Blacks down. Even with a good educations, they are offered jobs with little or no potential for advancemet. When you destroy the hopes of a people, they resort to the only ways to survive they know. Those who blame Blacks for their poverty because they chose it are the very ones that refuse to to give them opportunities for betterment. Blacks must also assume responsibility for the traditions they accept rather than showing their children the benefits of hard work and adopting ethics which make them acceptable to the job market. Blacks must no longer accept a culture of cyclic poverty by convensing children to rise above emmulating negative stereotypes in both speech and dress
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07:54 AM on 03/02/2012
You just blamed them for accepting their plight.
ONLy a small percent of whites will rise above their birth level in society.
BLACKs even fewer percent.
MOSt mobility in the US is a result of better education.
Where will they get this education?
Not in a crummy inner city school.
Surrounded by poverty blight.
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Vanderbil Covington
Humans are a bridge, not an end
02:53 AM on 03/03/2012
As I said: Blacks are in a cyclic, self perpetuating tradition of poverty, a traditon only they can break out of by making themselves desirable in the work place. Whats wrong with young Blacks taking pride in learning rather than making fun of those that do learn. To be in a contstant rebellion of bitterness only supports the negative stereotype that Blacks cannot acheive. Our President is a living example of what you can do if you are determinded to rise above opposition
05:05 AM on 03/02/2012
But isn't it really a good thing to have so many really poor people? Think how many will find that serving the rich -- er, I mean the country in the military, and maybe dying is the best living they can find! The empire needs people like that.
Freedom and equality.
04:58 AM on 03/02/2012
We were poor when we came to this country. But then I got free college education at CUNY, I was lucky. When I graduated, CUNY decided they can't provide free education any more, they started charging tuition. So that makes it harder for the poor to get a college education.
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04:40 AM on 03/02/2012
There's something we all forget and always take for granted. Life itself is such a gift of luck. Chances of you being you in being born are beyond comprehension. There's a better chance of winning lotto twice a week for the rest of your life. Now let’s give you life in a third world country. This young man’s problems are issues we all need to correct with people oriented choices for leaders. We need leaders who will generate a truly functional secure, equal living environment. Health care without monetary concern, education, usefulness in society and a real value to family are serious goals. Unfortunately, in my opinion we're not going to see this happen fast enough for everyone. However, the current administration appears to have the right idea. It’s certainly no time for special interest politics. So in the interest of this boy and so many others we should stop immigration and come to grips with amicable numbers to make our country a secure, comfortable place to be born.
Ashiedu Nwadiei
06:04 PM on 03/02/2012
I don't know your religious affiliation, but I actually blame religion for the fact people don't fully understand the miracle of birth. They think they would have been born anyway, in reality, they wouldn't exist. They HAD to be born when they did, otherwise they simply wouldn't be.
04:01 AM on 03/02/2012
Mr.Davis, Don't give up. I'm 48, raised two girls, and worked my way through Barber and Beauty school. It was hard, and there were times I lived in my car. But it made me a stronger person, and I still live paycheck to paycheck. I don't go on vactions every year, or have very nice things, but I have a loving husband, food in my belly, and a roof over my head. My only toy is my 10yr old Harley, and I'll have her too til I die, but its paid for and its mine. So keep your chin up kid, and stay out of trouble.
03:42 AM on 03/02/2012
After reading this article I am left wondering, "What should poverty in America look like? There seems to be debate regarding the issue. If a person living under the "poverty level" of $22,800 for a family of four that includes two dependent children has a car, a microwave, and a tv... do they no longer qualify as poor? Sometimes I get the impression that some in our society think that unless our poor live in conditions similar to a third world, they don't really qualify as poor.
Freedom and equality.
05:01 AM on 03/02/2012
When I lived in NYC, I used to think having a car is a luxury. But then I was forced to move to Charleston, and I saw how bad the mass transit was here, so I realized that having a car can be a necessity.
Ignorance is curable, but stupidity is forever!
03:36 AM on 03/02/2012
"Pull Oneself Up By One's Bootstraps" is a well known adage and sounds great on paper. I remember my sociology professor showing an article that detailed that it took an average of 3 generations for a family to move their economic status up a level. An example given was a family in poverty where the parents went to school through the 7th grade, their kids attended through the 12th grade, with some grandchildren earning a college degree. It is very difficult for poor children to break the cycle of poverty if they have no one to motivate them to a higher level of learning.
03:53 AM on 03/02/2012
This is too true and something that our current Administration has been rooting towards which is causing an uproar with republicans. We need our social systems in place. Vote. We are America. Vote.
04:15 AM on 03/02/2012
The republicans have been causing an uproar over everything for years and do NOTHING about it! They do not care about our country or the millions of citizens that are not rich. It's oh so clear to all us sain people out here that they need to be voted out of office.
03:31 AM on 03/02/2012
i live in bulgaria and my annual income is less than $11 000 - i don't think this is extreme poverty, am I missing something?
03:52 AM on 03/02/2012
Yes, cost of living. Rent, food, everything is far cheaper in Bulgaria than in the US.
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03:17 AM on 03/02/2012
This problem is a very simple one - When you begin a society with the intent of making it unequal - and racist, then of course the end result is exactly what it is - America - systematic & institutionalized unfairness and racism is only going to make the problem worse - and if the candidates for president of the United States are anything to go by - then expect more of the same in America - for as long as the world turns..
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08:05 AM on 03/02/2012
In our system some are winners,some are losers.
MOre losers than winners of late.
THE winners feast like predators on the weak.
It has always been that way and always will.
Its built into the system
Education can be the breakout ingredient.
If you can afford it.