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08:11 PM on 02/28/2012
With all the conversation and comments about Whitney and her problems with alcohol and drugs, I'm disapppointed no one mentioned the FACT that artists and creative people (singers, musicians, and actors) tend to be more emotionally fragile than the rest of us, and often the most highly gifted are the most fragile. This is why so many "take something" to calm their nerves and anxiety before performing on stage in front of thousands of fans. That "something" gets them through the show, then later on that night, they need to take "something" to help them sleep. Then the next day they need to take "something" to help them wake up to get through the day. Then the next night it starts all over again when they need to "take something" to get them through the performance. How many of us have ever experienced standing on a stage and singing before thousands of screaming fans who have paid hundreds of dollars to hear us sing for 2-3 hours? What if we can't hit the high notes, or the low notes? What if our voice cracks in the middle of a song? What if our voice was fine during rehearsal, but we can't find our voice once we're on stage? Why didn't Dr Drew or Dr Phil ever discuss this? As psychiatrists, they must have had patients who suffered like this. How unkind to refer to her as an "addict". Why can't we just give this highly gifted artist a break?
Vote Repubs OUT!!!
09:03 PM on 02/28/2012
Well said!
09:42 PM on 02/28/2012