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11:27 PM on 05/27/2012
Journalism means checking your facts, Huff. I really thought I could trust you all, but from here on I will take whatever you say with a big old chunk of salt. I live near the Ranch, and as a cat lover I have been following this pretty closely. No. 700 cats were not sick although close to 700 were seized, and everything else I have seen from every other source except the opponents of CR and here sets the number of sick cats at about 30. Of course, 30 is 30. But 30 is most certainly not 700. Because of all I have seen and heard and because of the unbelievably ugly conduct of the people who have associated themselves with PETA and the ASPCA, I have, sadly, withdrawn my moral and financial support from both organizations. As far as Craig Grant is concerned, I am waiting to see what happens in court. But I have seen quite enough of PETA and the ASPCA to be done with them. It makes me sad, though. I think that William Wilberforce would be appalled at what the organization he gave birth to (RSPCA-->ASPCA) has become. :(
07:49 PM on 05/25/2012
There has been a great deal of new evidence revealed during the custody hearing against Craig Grant.

Exhibit 8 details the squalid conditions and filth at the Ranch, including numerous dead cats around the property, two of which were found decomposing in a vanity in one of the buildings.

Exhibit 13 documents the condition of several of the cats found indoors (not in the "sick ward"). Some of these cats had to be humanely euthanized because of the severity of their condition.

Exhibits 8 and 13 were entered into evidence without objection from Caboodle Ranch's attorney.

Photographs and testimony are available at
12:52 PM on 06/06/2012
I guarantee that you will not find at a balanced impression. You will see only the evidence that seems to support the view that CR is a terrible place, not all the evidence and eye witness testimony. If you are interested in pursuing a more fair and balanced approach to this issue, I would urge you also to check out the original site and the FB caboodleranch,inc and the "fan" page. Just in the interests of fairness, something I think is kind of important. Thanks.
07:52 PM on 02/16/2013
Wrong. The documents on the website include factual evidence from a variety of sources, including CR's own veterinary and bank records, tax returns, statements taken from interviews and the CR blog, sworn testimony in the court hearings (including damning testimony from CR's own veterinarian), and indisputable photographic and video evidence which was *not* challenged in court by CR once they were under oath.

If you want the facts, you need the factual documentation. That's why we've gathered it on the website.

Unsurprisingly, Caboodle Ranch has refused to share any of this information with their supporters.
Snarky Humanist
01:58 PM on 04/02/2012
I have been skeptical about this operation for quite some time. The man is a hoarder and the cats suffered for it. I think he started off with noble intent but clearly he went off the deep end. You have to have an adoption program to keep numbers down. You also have to have a limit that is reasonable and affordable. These cats were also being preyed upon by larger predators in the area.
The man clearly has mental issues as well.
I hope the kitties find loving homes. I am all full or I would adopt one myself.
04:08 PM on 05/29/2012
You don't adopt feral cats..that's why the cats were brought to the Ranch, and why local cat shelters (I observed this personally) dropped cats off there. Some pet cats were dumped out there..and it really upset Craig that people would do this..but it's not what the Ranch was meant to be. I do remember a complaint (about 2 yrs ago!!!) of "squalid" conditions, at one time, when animal control did their regular checks. The cats were using the sand paths as kitty boxes. Many volunteers showed up..raked and cleaned all the paths and made sand boxes with rakes just for the cats. Caboodle Ranch was passed by the local animal control just weeks before the seizure. This was on the record..
12:05 AM on 04/01/2012
No longer respect PETA or HuffPost.
12:06 AM on 03/26/2012
I worried about those cats being stacked in crates in the back of a truck with most of the crate holes blocked and not having much air or food or water probably for a long while. Wonder if they even survived that. Seems like worse treatment then they got at the ranch. They could have 'treated' the sick cats at the ranch and saved all that happened afterwards from happening. Better way to deal with it all then what was done. They make the guy out to be this horrible bad guy and that is FAR from the truth. They claim to have rescued the cats from him, but they don't even care about them and you can tell by their actions. How come nobody is even aware of what became of those poor cats being taking away so abruptly and all. Seems very strange. They probably don't want anyone knowing what they really did with those cats, is what I think, because they know folks will be really upset about it. Why else hide it? It doesn't look good to me. I pray those cats finally find a heaven haven where nothing or any cruel 'humans' can hurt them anymore, and they can live in peace. God Bless them all.
04:10 PM on 05/29/2012
All the cats WERE treated. Ask the local vet. and all the volunteer vets who were actually there. PETA was not actually there. They had a woman pretend to be a volunteer and had her take pics. With no back story or context.
01:27 PM on 03/23/2012
I find this article very disturbing because it doesn't contain the level of investigation and impartiality that I expect of Huffpost.
Video of sick cats are shown that could have been taken anywhere. The article states that many cats were dumped on the ranch without permission, We have no way of knowing if these were abandoned cats that were just found.
It seems awfully convenient that the raid happened while PETA and the ASPCA were fighting the Animal Rescue Act.The ASPCA's recent change in policy to a pro-kill stance scares the heck out of me (see comments on this blog):.
Under this law my service dog, who managed to scale our fence a few times, could have been euthanized by animal control. Can you imagine what this law would mean to those of us who depend on our dogs for hearing, balance, travel, etc?
Fortunately the NY bill was withdrawn (after the ranch raid) but it made me very suspicious about the reasons why the Caboodle Ranch, after all this time, became such a problem to PETA and the ASPCA. The raid happened at such a convenient time and managed to kill the Animal Rescue Act in Florida.
I am very disappointed that the Huffpost ran this article. I will now have to be more careful about believing what I read here.
07:01 PM on 04/11/2012
I feel the same way saying almost a thousand sick cats was a lie to print to begin with, very few were sick, the others healthy and happy till now. They used to run in the yard, fresh air, had food, water and shelter, to a 3' x 2' caged in animal. You euthanize an animal if it is suffering and no chance of a life. To me it's murder to euthanize a perfect healthy cat or dog. PETA has an average in the 90% range of murdering healthy animals.
PETA and the ASPCA should have stepped in and help build Caboodle Ranch bigger and better and helped this man. For them to say they offered help, in my opinion, was a lie to cover their own a_ _. They even kicked over the cat houses and tore off roofs of the cute cat homes.
I wonder how people involved with PETA and ASPCA can live with themselves. Trust me, I do know what I am talking about. I have been involved with cat rescue and left the SPCA out of it. Just stuck with the animal shelters I trusted and they were licensed organizations.
05:24 AM on 04/25/2012
Betty, you must be joking.

First off, Caboodle Ranch has admitted that the cats shown in the video were at the Ranch. Specifically, they claimed the cats were all in the sick ward, as if that excuses the cruelty and neglect and filth.

Secondly, these were not cats that were "dumped" at the Ranch; in many cases, they were cats that were brought to the Ranch by Craig and Nanette themselves. And many of the cats with serious ailments developed those ailments while at the Ranch, thanks to the nonexistent hygiene and rampant epidemics.

The complaints and documented problems at Caboodle Ranch predate PETA's involvement by years, and it's unfortunate that the controversy surrounding PETA and their stance on no-kill should complicate what is a black and white case of hoarding neglect.

Please get the background on the Ranch before you dismiss this as politically motivated. The website contains veterinary records, bank statements, inspection reports, photographs, court orders, tax filings, lab tests, and more so that anyone can review the facts for themselves.
03:46 PM on 04/27/2012
How many of the people who criticize CR were there? I visited once to see what it was like. Came back a second time for 5 days. And was going back again on March 1. Paying my own way from NJ, my own lodging, food, etc. The reality is the cats had vet care, plenty of food, water, shelter. The ranch was a second chance for unwanted cats. You must really dislike cats, if you'd rather see them in little boxes in a warehouse. Please, you want us to dismiss the politics of the raid? Can't be done, as it was political. The state attorney on two previous occasions refused to prosecute the ranch on flimsy evidence, and that's a quote from the sheriff. It's amazing to me that a handful of people can agitate for the complete destruction of a facility that hundreds have visited and admired, film crews from all over the world have videoed and never voiced any objections, and cats have loved. I took personal pictures and videos anywhere I wanted at the ranch, as did John Ovenden of Madison Voice and they show a dedicated man working with cats that loved him. If the ASPCA had ever visited the ranch, if PeTA were a real animal loving organization, the raid would not have happened. But a few people with questionable ethics have chosen to denounce the goodness of the ranch, and favor its destruction. Such a shame.
04:17 PM on 05/29/2012
While your complaints were predated by years, I was physically out at the ranch. I do not know what you're talking can say there's filth..when there are cat feces in the sand dunes..but it wasn't everywhere..there are 30 acres. There were a couple of old trailers that cats used early on as shelter from extreme conditons..that were in bad condition..but he had replaced them with other shelters. It was not home. It wasn't like a house cat has. But it was fresh (spring fed water troughs all over the property), feeders, rudimentary shelters, veterinary care on a regular basis. And Craig would not have the worst of the sick "euthanized" until the cat couldn't purr or be comfortable at all, any longer. It wasn't a colony of ferals digging thru dumpsters in the city under attack by packs of dogs and other wild animals! This was an option for relocated ferals..the other cats that WERE dumped (because I witnessed it) and were house cats should not have been taken there..but in spite of that..I saw many happy healthy cats there..
02:45 PM on 03/22/2012
I am disappointed to see such an obviously biased article on HuffPost. I thought you were the type of source that checked their facts before releasing such a grossly biased story. Did you even try to get both sides of the story or are you happy with the most dramatic version so you will get more readers?
Most of the cats stolen from Caboodle Ranch were not sick and those that were lived in the sick ward. This place had been inspected by local animal control on a regular basis and they had a staff vet. Instead of targeting animal lovers with secret undercover ops, maybe animal rescue groups like PETA & ASPCA should try a more proactive approach. They could help the shelters instead of demonizing them, ruining lives, traumatizing animals and killing healthy cats. Instead of spending 5 months pretending to help (while taking secret video), this person could have actually been helping the animals. Seems like more of a quest for drama than true good intentions. Learn more about the truth at
Microbiologist & Historian
05:15 PM on 03/22/2012
Sounds like you're not exactly unbiased yourself. Why should we go to to get both sides of the story? Is it likely that he's going to implicate himself? That's like telling us to go to Goldman Sachs website to see what a fine upstanding corporate citizen it is.
07:41 PM on 03/22/2012
You are correct. I am biased against killing animals. I suggest that people get their info from more than one source. This article is written based on the biased reports of PETA, a group not especially known for their integrity or objective behavior. They employed someone (& paid them who knows how much money) to be duplicitous and gather evidence against Caboodle Ranch. All the reports against the Ranch have dramatic leanings and have obviously been regurgitated from the one PETA article. You can go to the Caboodle Ranch website and see their history and learn their side of the story. Do this only if you are interested in justice, fairness and discerning the truth, "innocent until proven guilty," right?
If you were to visit the Caboodle Ranch page & read the updates from February, you would learn about the illness of Craig's special cat friend, Tommy. The Ranch's page has blog posts dating before the raid detailing Tommy's illness and treatment. Then when you see the ASPCA article, it's easy to recognize Tommy in their picture claiming he is the victim of a hoarder ( His legs are shaved where he had IVs and he looks like a sick cat because he is a sick cat who was receiving treatment and improving. I pray that he is still healing and has not been euthanized by his "rescuers."

(continues in the next comment)
07:43 PM on 03/22/2012
If you were well informed, you would know this raid happened as PETA was trying to suppress an animal rights bill in Florida & they succeeded. This was a bill that would have forced high kill shelters (like the ones PETA runs) to exhaust every option before euthanizing animals. There are many complaints in FL that the big shelters euthanize animals instead of working with smaller rescue groups. This is a problem that needs to be addressed. The raid on Caboodle Ranch was timely and seems to have played a big part in getting that bill off the table until some vague future date.
Why would PETA need 5 months (or some say a whole year) to gather evidence if the place was so bad? A year watching animals get abused without taking action, does that sound right to you? The timing of the Caboodle Ranch raid is suspicious as is all the destruction of personal property & the seizure of cats not under control of Caboodle Ranch but those belonging to it's staff. Yes, they had staff and volunteers. It was not a one man operation. Also, after the raid, one of the neighbors (with a history of complaining about the cats) was seen by multiple people driving around in a golf cart shooting cats who had not been trapped by the authorities. He was reported to the police but apparently his actions are acceptable and he goes unpunished by the Sheriff, PETA & ASPCA. How do you explain
Never baptize a cat.
12:39 PM on 03/23/2012
You've clearly never worked with cats. Feline diseases are complex, difficult to treat, and highly transmissible. It would take a highly qualified zoo staff with a massive facility and several full time vets to care for and keep this many cats healthy. One person can't provide adequate care for 30 cats, much less 700. You're not going to get the truth from the source of these awful conditions.
01:17 AM on 03/24/2012
I like how you think you know me & all of my life experiences. You must be omnipotent. It would be a pleasure to meet you, if only you were less judgmental. You don't really know about the conditions of Caboodle if all you have seen is the very well orchestrated & heartbreaking PETA video. In the pictures of the raid there appear to be more than a few healthy cats just hanging out. Taking them off 30 acres and putting them into one warehouse can't be good for disease prevention & most animal professionals agree that extreme stress doesn't promote good health.
I actually have worked as a volunteer or staff for a number of different vets and rescue organizations. I don't know your methods/procedures for running your short lived rescue but I know that not every rescue experiences your ordeals & then chooses to give up. Before Katrina, I worked & volunteered for years at a no-kill cat rescue in New Orleans which had 300+ cats on less than one acre in an indoor/outdoor enclosed facility. There was a ward for sick cats, an area for FIV cats & plenty of healthy cats in the rest of the place. This shelter was inspected and even raided occasionally but authorities never found reason to shut it down. The officials were quick to collect fines for noise complaints/whatever but all shared the consensus that the rescue operation was good and should continue. Unfortunately, I don't know what became of them
01:24 AM on 03/24/2012
Zoo staff are trained differently than domestic animal rescue staff so that's not really a valid suggestion. In any species, most diseases are complex, hard to treat and highly transmissible but that doesn't mean FIV cats should all be euthanized or that cats can't thrive together on a large piece of property. Feral cats do usually live in colonies ( He also was not running the place by himself, that is simply NOT TRUE. He had two people who lived on site helping him as well as various volunteers. During the raid, the cat houses were destroyed as well as articles he had collected about the ranch. Why did that happen? There are a numbers of pieces to this puzzle which just don't fit.
02:04 PM on 03/21/2012
I am sure this man worked day and night for these cats, but it sounds like too many.. not enough resources nor programs to help the cats.
Do not fear the whitespace
01:24 AM on 03/21/2012
I remember seeing a documentary on this place on I think it was animal planet. I remember the Clorox wipes.

I appreciate what the guy was trying to do, but he sounds like an animal hoarder. Someone with a "sanctuary" knows that infected cats need to be separated from healthy ones. And that you can't clear up a respiratory infection with a Clorox wipe.
04:34 PM on 05/29/2012
I have been on the property several times. I saw Craig administer eye drops to "allergic" kitties in the Spring. I never saw Clorox wipes. Infected cats..with diseases..were kept separate. Cats with what I call allergies..because cats do get eye and respiratory infections in the Spring..were treated when the vets came and Craig carried around a bottle and dropper for when he saw them showing up after the vets visit..those that were in other parts of the property. How did he know? The vets would collar the cats they treated. I saw this. You did not.
Do not fear the whitespace
04:41 PM on 05/29/2012
Please quoter where I say I did "this" whatever the "this" is you're alluding to?
little wing
practical radical
01:15 PM on 03/13/2012
A SWAT team to round up cats? What a great use of tax dollars.
limit the litters, neuter your critters
01:51 PM on 03/21/2012
SWAT Team is just an expression this man used. No actual SWAT team goes in on animal rescues, only humane socities or PETA.
02:55 PM on 03/22/2012
Actually, you are mistaken, they do. I used to work at a much smaller animal rescue in NOLA. We would frequently get raided by men in combat gear who looked exactly like a tv swat team. Guns, helmets, surly attitude, the whole nine yards. It happens & it was really scary for the humans and the animals. They would act like bullies, make rude comments, confiscate some cats and collect some fines- then declare everything was ok & in a few months they would raid again. Easy income for the city. Big high kill shelters often don't like small rescues showing positive alternatives and accepting donations from their community.
Never baptize a cat.
12:50 PM on 03/23/2012
His words. The SWAT team didn't show up.
12:45 AM on 03/11/2012
Are there any Constitutional Rights in Madison County? The eyes of the work are watching!!
• Sheriff: Benjamin J Stewart
  · Email:
  · Office: 850-973-4151
  · FAX: 850-973-8508
11:18 PM on 03/10/2012
Please seenew update on Caboodle Ranch here:
Janice Harper
02:54 PM on 03/10/2012
The story and the PETA video are very troubling indeed, though I was struck by the lack of context in the images (not until the end does the camera ever pan out to show the cats' environment; most cats are shown in close-ups that make it difficult to assess the video or their treatment, though clearly they are very sick). While the video makes it clear that an investigation is in order, the SWAT team and quarter million dollar bail is absurd and shows far more concern than the neglect of children often receives. For a thoughtful analysis of the issue, an excellent piece by Alysa Salzberg explores the complexity of this disturbing story:
04:42 PM on 05/29/2012
Nice Janice..also see The blog started out concerned about the accusation. Then lots of hate comments by people who assumed all of this was true. Then actual volunteers, even from many states away, and people involved locally with the ranch, and people who actually helped relocate feral communities out there (like me) had their say..many of the hate comments changed drastically when the facts were posted!
04:10 PM on 03/09/2012
Hypocritical Animal Rights Group Brings Pet Death Toll To 27,751

Today the nonprofit Center for Consumer Freedom (CCF) published documents online, obtained by a Freedom of Information Act request, showing that People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) killed a staggering 95.9 percent of the adoptable pets in its care during 2011. Despite years of public outrage over its euthanasia program, the notorious animal rights group has continued killing adoptable animals at its Norfolk, VA headquarters, at an average of 37 pets every week.

According to records from the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, PETA killed 1,911 cats and dogs last year while placing just 24 in adoptive homes. Since 1998, a total of 27,751 pets have died at the hands of PETA workers.

“PETA hasn’t slowed down its slaughterhouse operation, even as the group continues to lecture the American public with its phony ‘animal rights’ message,” said Rick Berman, CCF’s Executive Director. “It appears PETA is more concerned with funding its media and advertising antics than finding suitable homes for these dogs and cats.”

Despite its $37.4 million budget, PETA employees make little effort to find homes for the thousands of animals they kill every year.
03:16 AM on 03/23/2012
This injustice is outrageous indeed.

People receiving 2.5 million dollars A MONTH under ethical slogans, and doing maximum to fit unethical things under ethical banners at the very least should be brought to court and ordered to stop enjoying their salaries and focus on what the majority of true heartfelt POSITIVE public defines as "ethical".

The ranch man running out of resources is a "sooner-or-later" kind of thing, that simply needs good HEARTFELT support, certainly not prosecution. often do these days we see prosecution of the innocent, advocacy of the guilty...
we DO need to come back to basics and reconsider !!
09:44 AM on 03/09/2012
The headline is misleading. Not all of the 700 cats were sick. I think this needs to be investigated further because I'm not so sure destroying this sanctuary was beneficial to the animals.