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02:56 PM on 03/04/2012
It sounds as if Grant meant well and tried his best, but was in way over his head. One only has to look at the video to see that. Letting cats live in unsanitary conditions with painful diseases is not doing them any favors. I know people love to rag on PETA, and sometimes they may go overboard, but apparently the SPCA agreed with their assessment.
03:54 PM on 03/04/2012
Yes it could be said that Craig needed volunteers to help out. That film was shot by a volunteer. It's easy to film neglect when the filmer is the one doing the neglect - and she was let go because of the neglect before she posted the film. PETA is against animal sanctuaries.
They alos think all dogs deserve a chance execpt pitbulls but that's another subject.
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06:10 PM on 03/04/2012
No matter who shot the film, it's still neglect and was apparently still ongoing after she was let go since the SPCA seized the animals. The conditions at that shelter didn't develop overnight, and the owner must have been aware of them. How can PETA be "against animal sanctuaries" but "also think all dogs deserve a chance"? Where do those deserving dogs go while waiting for their chance? I have two rescue dogs that I love dearly, but I'd rather see an animal euthanized than living in pain in a substandard shelter.
Laurella Desborough
10:43 PM on 03/07/2012
This is a typical ploy used by PETA...This isn't the only time they have sent in volunteers, or had people hire in to work at facilities while they were really there to film abuse...and if they couldn't find it, they could create it. That is a BIG problem with animal rights radicals...they want to eliminate human/animal interaction and this is one way to do it...The proposed legislation would help save animals. I hope people call in and support Florida CS SB 818, the Animal Rescue Act.
02:37 PM on 03/04/2012
I was in the ranch then I meet Craig and the cats ,I help and clean some .Graig is man along and choose the give the chance to any cat any condition for living free ,the people like to took to much ,and some thing that Peta is at hero but we know they are a murder ,but golden murder ,I hope Craig is ok and before to star to speak you need to get your hands dirty for helped
01:58 PM on 03/04/2012
Screw you PETA..You would rather cats be killed, than given a chance at one of these places........
01:47 PM on 03/04/2012
Oh, the cats looked dirty because when this raid happened it rained. The rain slowed then from getting the rest of the cats. They were frightened and scared to go back to their shelters. It sure did make a great photo op. of dirty cats all over the place, eh. Shame on all those involved in this with hunt. PETA choose to try make an example of CAboodle to KILL the Animal Rescue Act. Please donate to help Criag get is babies back. Go go the site and stay informed.
01:41 PM on 03/04/2012
There is a new update at the Caboodle Ranch site. Please read it and then listen to what your heart says about this situation. I pray that he gets the ranch going again. I pray he gets Tommy back. This is all so unfair and I will never forget what PETA did to this man and his cause. The media should also stop catering to them and lies. I wonder how many are being rewarded $ by PETA.
12:49 AM on 03/04/2012
Oh, so many of you heroes out there must be so proud to be serving this cause. > > I find this whole episode disgusting and I am sick to my stomach at the news. Treating Craig like a criminal and sneaking up on him like he was an outlaw holed up in an armed encampment. It was disgusting, cowardly, and cruel. And the spy and her know-it-all patron should be ashamed of themselves. The evil ones - they should all rot in hell. And the guy from animal control, shame on you - I saw your letters of approval and your signature. Shame. And I hope you lose your job for putting the county at risk by misrepresenting your office with lies. All those cats are now suffering because of you people. Many will die - they will suffer the least according to the "humane" philosophy. But I think they will be cheated out of the life that God intended for them. The ones who live will suffer longer, in strange places, without their friends, without their papa. Hopefully the ones who get placed, if they get placed, will find comfort in their new homes. But know the damage that you have caused by your actions will never be undone. > > And to Craig, if you ever get to read this, I thank you for all you have done and for showing me the kindness of your heart.
12:48 AM on 03/04/2012
So many of the cats will not survive the early days of the "rescue." And then what about after that? The article says volunteers will be working to place all these cats. Well, its about time! And oh, good luck with that. Why didn’t you place them to begin with? And the numbers will go down. You know, the more you confine animals in close quarters, the more will get sick; did anyone out there know that? And the faster too. So yay to all those rescuers out there who came pouring in.. you just helped guarantee a reduction in the number of cats to be taken care of! Congratulations to you! Once they die, or get so sick that the only "humane" thing to do is to kill them, the problem gets smaller.
12:47 AM on 03/04/2012
Some of them have extremely close bonds with Craig - one in particular, is his little Tommy. Tommy was one of the offspring of Craig's first cat. The cat that started it all. The cat that changed Craig from a successful business owner, a man who liked nice things, a man who had an active social life, to a man dedicated to saving the lives of unwanted cats. Tommy is Craig's special baby, and the authorities have refused to let Craig take him home. Tommy will not survive this atrocity. He was recently diagnosed with a serious illness. Against all odds, Craig nursed him back, like he has in so many many other cases. And he did it through perseverance. After many days (and many dollars) at a nearby animal hospital, Tommy turned the corner and Craig took him home for more attention. Frequent fluids, hand-feeding, until Tommy started to eat on his own and get a spring in his step. He was still healing when the “rescuers” arrived, but without Craig to help him stay on his feet, Tommy will die. Yet another insult to the man who had a vision.
Jadha Sin
Ipsa scientia potestas est
09:32 PM on 03/08/2012
Anyway that we could help him?
09:25 AM on 03/09/2012
Yes, there is. You can PRAY. Please pray that Craig is reunited with his babies, and soon. For his sake, and for their sake.

You can write to the State of Florida, to PETA, and to the ASPCA.
But I think it is best if we let the lawyers deal with each other the way they know how.
Thanks for your support!
12:47 AM on 03/04/2012
And where were all those volunteer medical personnel? If all the do-gooders and know-it-alls felt that the Ranch needed help, why didn't they organize volunteers to go help? Why did they choose to close it down? Ask yourselves that everybody - why did they choose to close it down – what’s the real reason? Was it the hysteria taking over, the mob mentality? Probably. Nobody wants to help fix anything, but announce a lynching and the whole town will show up. > > Well, to all those people out there who are just eating up this media monstrosity, be assured: Many of those cats won't survive the trauma of confinement. They will die of the stress from being snatched up and taken out of their homes so horribly. Taken out of their routines. Ask any animal lover. How does your pet respond when its routine is altered? When their surroundings are changed? If I leave my cats for more than 2 days at a time, they suffer. Imagine this on a hundred-plus scale. > > Several of the Ranch cats have never been inside. Imagine their distress right now. And all in the name of being "rescued."
07:54 PM on 03/05/2012
Bean, Schmooey, Annie, Spotch, Ted, Monte, Libby, and Fungus were all cats members of my family sent to Caboodle as a last resort because we were told by local shelters (Humane Society and Brevard County) that they'd be put down because of their age, behavioral issues, feral history, and aggression rather than being offered for adoption.
I do rescue (and have for nigh on 41 years), but I recognize the maximum number of cats I can handle is 10. I tried to take in Bean and LIbby, but their behaviors triggered previously extinguished behaviors in my resident krew and, try as I might, I couldn't make it work.
So, they were placed at Caboodle, too.

Where are they? What happened to them?

I knew they were safe and loved at Caboodle, but since the raid, I can't sleep for the worry.

The cats being seized as 'evidence' in an investigation fries my brain. Living animals aren't evidence. Photos, medical evaluation, lab work...that's evidence.

I urge folks who care to investigate more, consider as many of alternative viewpoints made available, and make noise.

Pro or con, feel free to follow your own sensibilites.
10:05 PM on 03/05/2012
I am so very sorry for you, and for your cats. They must be petrified.
11:39 AM on 03/07/2012
you are so right.. 100 percent.. help is not in the venue of these groups who prefer death over life
12:45 AM on 03/04/2012
It appears the rescue volunteers came from different states up and down the eastern seaboard. So why is it that all these cats were shipped to Caboodle Ranch in the first place? Why did people feel the need to drive miles and miles to drop off unwanted cats, cats whose owners had died or gone to live a nursing home, for instance. Why did they go all the way to Florida? Probably because their local shelters were all "full up," yet now here were the local volunteers suddenly available to help place these poor pitiful creatures who were completely content and well-cared for. The shelters didn’t have a place for these cats to begin with and there obviously weren’t enough volunteers to help place them to begin with. That’s why the cats wound up at the Ranch. So why did PETA and the ASPCA round up all these newfound volunteers? Because other people didn't understand the whole story. Because other people felt they knew better. Because other people held a personal grudge against Craig Grant.
12:43 AM on 03/04/2012
Craig was doing the best he could do with the money he was given. He was approved by the county, the local vet, but his detractors were not willing to let their personal agendas die, so they persisted. Some even took Craig to court. Guess what? The judge never ruled in their favor, sending one plaintiff on her way with a stern warning to cease in her slanderous behavior. The judge, it seemed, had reviewed the evidence instead of believing the allegations. So with no wins in a court of law, the big guns had to come out. They sought out the well-respected ASPCA and PETA- an organization that I had in the past supported, and spread their lies of animal cruelty. Hoarding and animal cruelty are in vogue now, you know. All you have to do is cry wolf and the media comes running. Oooh, something awful and juicy! Let's be the first to break the story and make a name for ourselves! Maybe we'll become famous and make more money! And look at all these misled volunteers helping to rescue these so-called abused animals. I'm sure the volunteers are all caring individuals, but where the heck were they before?
12:43 AM on 03/04/2012
The “rescue” posse I'm told showed up in huge numbers, hiding in a field like they were surrounding an armed fort of terrorists. And, flanked by the hungry media, they rushed in, putting a gun to Craig's head and arresting him on countless trumped up charges by the evil ones. I'm told he's been accused of using donations inappropriately.... the man doesn't even own a shower!! He only recently has a semi--permanent roof over his head, choosing in the past to live in an old beat-up trailer rather than spend money on his own comfort. It was all for the cats. Medicine, food, supplies. Oh wait, I believe he took a small stipend for human food too, full disclosure and all that. Wow, what a lousy guy -actually wanting to EAT every day. He gave up his life, his business, to take in unwanted and unloved cats, to give them a home and a happy place to live. > > It takes time, money, and effort to get things up to standard and to satisfy all the critics. He accepted all cats, young and old, healthy and sick, with the promise to care for them, help them heal, and offer them a chance at a full life.
03:59 PM on 03/04/2012
They also destroyed the ranch. Smashed every building. Every cat house.
Laurella Desborough
01:29 PM on 03/08/2012
Do you mean they DESTROYED his property?
What law allows that kind of behavior...that sounds like animal rights radicals!
They love to take animals away from people and DESTROY the whole facility!
We have seen that kind of behavior before, with dogs, cats, horses, and birds.
These fascist-minded anti-animal people do not want ANYONE to have an animal pet.
12:42 AM on 03/04/2012
Did the spy take pictures of the cats during Craig's daily “donut time,” where he is showered with affection by his herd of cats who undoubtedly would have been ashes by now if he didn't offer to give them a loving home? > > The Ranch recently began a program of chipping each cat to get a better accounting of the herd and to help track medications for each cat. This undertaking was sanctioned by the county animal control board and was done with full knowledge and approval of the Ranch's veterinary office. This undertaking was helping to bring the Ranch into a more streamlined health program and would prove to move it more in line with some of the so-called "accepted" shelter standards. But now its all for naught. The evil ones and the high and mighty have seen to the Ranch's demise. And now what will happen to the little ones? They are probably so happy now, sitting in their cages, right? So cozy and comfortable and scared out of their wits! Without their "dad" to take them on their nightly walk. Without their regular feedings. No trees for climbing, no cuddling with their buddies. Just cold metal cages and lots of strangers. Like lambs waiting for the slaughter. > > And the man with the vision, broken, shattered, betrayed, and beaten. Not given a chance to meet the requirements of the county. Instead, led on a leash to destruction.
12:35 AM on 03/04/2012
The evil ones have spread vindictive lies because they didn't have a satisfactory relationship with Craig. Sometimes the man just doesn't have TIME to be cute and cuddly with other humans. That's because he's busy working 14-18 hours a day taking care of his babies. The high and mighty ones are over-schooled and think they know all the answers. Nice and clean, black and white. That's not how animal shelters work in real life. The high and mighty obviously sent a spy to the Ranch to capture 'evidence' to suit their needs. Well, I was there and I can tell you that there are more than cats with colds there. There were cats with dirty ears, missing limbs, and dirty tails - imaging that: dirt!! Cats living on a ranch with sandy soil getting dirty, how shameful!! (Some of the complaints cited filthy conditions.) I understand that Craig recently planted sturdy grass to try and cut down on the sand issue. Sand in Florida? How unusual..... But did any of that evidence get taken into account before the cavalry showed up with their media-soaked raid? Did the undercover PETA agent take photos of Craig sleeping on the floor of the sick ward so he could administer fluids every few hours to a dehydrated cat who survived being thrown out into the cold or to hand-feed an abandoned kitten with no mother cat to nurse it?
12:33 AM on 03/04/2012
I have volunteered several times at Caboodle Ranch and have the greatest admiration for Craig Grant and his work. I am outraged to learn of this action!! Craig has been monitored continually by the county animal control and has letters of APPROVAL from the county, so I am bewildered to learn that the head of the animal control board, the man who - representing the county - led the pack during the so-called "rescue." It seems to me that Madison County should man up its legal team because they misled Caboodle Ranch and should be held liable for their actions. > > I have read some of the articles posted and note that many say some cats were suffering unduly... is that because of reports that Craig takes the time, care, and cost to nurse some of the sick cats back to health instead of killing them? Is it because some of the cats have colds? I'm told the percentage of cats with upper respiratory infections at other "shelters" is much higher than at the Caboodle Ranch - so why were the Caboodles taken away today, cramped in cages instead of being able to roam free in their tree-filled haven? > > I think it's because money talks, and the public just LOVES a scandal. The people behind the complaints are of 2 breeds. One breed is evil, the other high and mighty.
11:43 AM on 03/07/2012
I hope you are there to be a witness for Craig. I hope every person who has every been there comes out in support of this kind man.. PETA bites.. and now so does the ASPCA money is their name..killing is their game
Jadha Sin
Ipsa scientia potestas est
09:41 PM on 03/08/2012
There needs to be a fund set up for this man so he can get legal help in fighting these people..any good lawyers in your area?