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05:12 AM on 10/04/2008
Why do comments often seem so few in comparison to the lemgth and depth of a post such as this?
Red Tory mind / Progressive voting history
03:55 AM on 10/04/2008
As someone with a serious congenital (i.e. definitely pre-existing) medical condition, I can only praise whatever fates conspired to ensure, buy virtue of citizenship elsewhere, that I won't have to worry about what McCain could do to American healthcare. I sympathize with all who could be affected, though.
03:52 AM on 10/04/2008
The McCain health plan is one great example of how certain words are used by Republicans in particular to squash any discussion, to render impossible any consideration of the merits of an issue. In this instance the word is TAXES. The simplistic mantra of a 'true republican' is "Taxes bad, must cut them at any cost". Black or white, right or wrong.

McCain's health care plan is not designed to help people, to provide more people with coverage, to make it more affordable. It is designed to take us a step closer to realizing the goals laid out in the capitalistic manifesto that is the basis for the agenda of the Republican party. That is, privatize everything and then it's every man, woman, and child for themselves, and if you get left out, it is solely because you didn't work hard enough!

Now, if I have a choice of paying taxes on my health insurance coverage cost, (say $3,000) OR actually paying for my health insurance coverage, (say $12,000) subsidized by a $5,000 tax credit, then I'd rather take the former, simply because IT WILL COST ME LESS! You see, I don't care so much who I pay my money to as I care how much it costs me. I'm just looking for the best deal.

That's what I have now, and Obama's plan makes it even better!
03:37 AM on 10/04/2008
The Washington post is good...but they don't always get it right.
03:28 AM on 10/04/2008
Please make sure that the Washington Post clears this up. I know people who take their ratings seriously.
03:00 AM on 10/04/2008
The idea that ANYone could support or condone the act of taxing healthcare money is breathtaking.

What ARE these people thinking? It's not possible to even consider voting for someone who would make this change.
02:56 AM on 10/04/2008
You're right. Comment below posted at the Washington Post. FYI, for analysis of McCain's plan, see
McCain proposes a truly radical restructuring of health care to end employer sponsored health insurance and force people into the unaffordable and inaccessible private market. Eliminating the tax subsidy for employer based insurance makes health care $3.6 trillion more expensive for working people. It is, indeed, an ENORMOUS tax, an immoral gift to already bloated insurance companies, and a shameful fraud.
-- The plan calls for NO protection for those with pre-existing conditions, which, without standards, means almost everyone. The sickest will have no choice but to remain in worker plans, vastly increasing costs for that pool.
-- Further discrimination is invited on the basis of gender, age, geography, virtually anything.
-- Even healthy people can't purchase insurance NOW for $5000 a year ($2500 for individuals) without the protection of group rates.
-- The $5000 credit is indexed to inflation, but health costs rise much faster, so with each passing year, the “credit” becomes more worthless and more people go without coverage.
-- Opening the market to interstate competition eliminates all state insurance regulation and is an invitation to cut costs by providing the most inadequate coverage.
-- Rather than by increasing efficiencies, fragmenting care increases administrative costs, unnecessarily pushing rates up with no improvement in service.
-- There would be absolutely NO oversight of rates, claims rejections, or contract adherence.
02:33 AM on 10/04/2008
Nobody has any credibility anymore. Everyone is a liar with an agenda. I mean, that's how it's perceived by everyone these days. It's quite sad.
01:53 AM on 10/04/2008
Your post is most appreciated. I assume Mr. Sperling, that you have connections at WP and have presented a request for retraction/correction?
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01:24 AM on 10/04/2008
Excellent post! I mean that sincerely...absolutely, positively!

And, if you think the Washington Post gives fact-checking whole new meaning, you should have been listening to CNN and their misrepresentations of Biden's record and words following the VP debate and, indeed, throughout this presidential primary and election campaign.

Fact-checking the fact-checkers, indeed!
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01:12 AM on 10/04/2008
I'm amazed that people aren't marching in the street demanding some form of universal health care. Now, with the economic debacle, we probably won't get anything done until health care becomes the next catastropic failure we face.
02:08 PM on 10/04/2008
I wouldn't count on it. The healthcare crisis is a crisis for the people. And the people will never be more important than the corporations.
01:09 AM on 10/04/2008
On this same theme, Tom Foreman on Anderson Cooper's CNN broadcast was supposedly "fact checking" statements from the VP debate. He found fault with Biden's comments about McCain's refusal to meet with the Prime Minister of Spain and also about McCain's statements about deregulating the health care industry in the same manner as the financial industry. He said Biden's comments were false and gave McCain's later, backtracked, handler-approved statements as evidence. It was spin, not fact checking.
Not so much Liberal as I am anti evil.
01:09 AM on 10/04/2008
Since 1992 the Post has had a serious right wing agenda. It has steadfastly supported the 2003 invasion of Iraq, warmed to President George W. Bush's proposal to partially privatize Social Security, opposed a deadline for U.S. withdrawal from the Iraq War, and advocated free trade agreements, including CAFTA
In "Buying the War" on PBS, Bill Moyers noted 27 editorials supporting George W. Bush's ambitions to invade Iraq. National security correspondent Walter Pincus reported that he had been ordered to cease his reports that were critical of Republican administrations.

In 2007 Chris Mathews called it a "Neocon" newspaper and was criticized by journalist Robert Parry for printing anti Obama emails without even emphasizing to its readers the false nature of the anonymous claims.
Are they in the tank for the Neocon idealism? You Betcha!
01:07 AM on 10/04/2008
My husband and I would have to drop our health insurance plan we got as part of his retirement package ... We couldn't afford the $4600 extra in taxes it would cost us. Plus copays and deductibles. And if we didn't go to the doctor at all we still would have to pay. This McCain plan has more to do with the bottomline of insurance companies than medical insurance. Wow some more corporate welfare. Well we wouldn't pay. Truly Palin and McCain are rabidly ambitious and have the humanity of tasmanian devils. They won't be happy until they have subjugated all of us so they can then pick who goes to the ovens first.
01:03 AM on 10/04/2008
OMG! I had the same thought reading that article. The WaPo says Biden only focused on the negative aspects of McSame's health plan. This is discredited as Mr. Sperling demonstrates, but for goodness sake, there are no positive aspects to Grandpa McBush's plan! I'm glad someone else noticed, it's LTE time!!