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02:19 PM on 03/05/2012
Did anyone else get a TWIX ad before this video? LOL!
02:59 PM on 03/05/2012
this isnt at all funny. he probly been teased all his life for being overwieght and bullied, so who are we to judge, he's asking for help, so he truly wants help, not just for himself but to be able to be in his families life. All I can do is wish him the best, and good luck. God Bless
03:25 PM on 03/05/2012
Are you kidding me? Here is what he needs to do, STOP EATING
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04:07 PM on 03/05/2012
Who has been supplying him all the food? Who has enbled this to happen to this man?
03:25 PM on 03/05/2012
How funny is that! A Twix ad before watching a 600 lbs man asking help not to eat, LOL
02:15 PM on 03/05/2012
No Marraige Equality, No mcro bio
02:47 PM on 03/05/2012
This young man is not"big"...He is morbidly obese and needs help. When someone asks for help, that is the first step.
07:04 PM on 03/05/2012
LOL. Probably a bad pituitary, genetic. disease or whatever other crap the apologists spew.
Somewhere between Occam's Razor & Murphy's Law
01:59 PM on 03/05/2012
"He eats fast food to quell his addiction and save money"

That eating fast food is cheaper than eating clean is a myth (especially considering this guy's daily caloric intake). You can eat clean and well on a limited budget.

The first step to healthy living is eliminating excuses.
04:09 PM on 03/05/2012
But that would mean someone would have to cook a pot of beans or skin the chicken and bake it. I am amazed sometimes in the grocery store when I am in line behind a family with little children and everything in the cart is processed, frozen meals (and junk food). We are creating a nation of little diabetics and people who have no clue how to prepare real food.
Somewhere between Occam's Razor & Murphy's Law
06:09 PM on 03/05/2012
Last week, just to prove someone wrong, I had my wife run to McDonald's to grab some chicken nuggets & fries while I threw some healthy stir-fry together (it's 1/2 mile away and she went to the drive-thru). She walked in the door exactly 2 minutes before I finished. Laziness, pure and simple.
01:58 PM on 03/05/2012
just speaking is an exercise for this guy 0.0
04:08 PM on 03/05/2012
does he look like he can do a sit up . get a clue.
11:53 AM on 03/06/2012
It was more of a "wow" kind of way not a "do some exercise fatty" kind of way.
01:37 PM on 03/05/2012
This man needs care in a hospital until he is able to adjust to a lower calorie diet, and then transferred to a nursing home for the same therapy. After that, he should be able to go home and live under supervision by a person actually interested in his longevity. His food should be weighed. Eventually, he should be weighed, as well. Good luck, fellow.
03:28 PM on 03/05/2012
He is a grown man, who is going to pay for this? I know who, me! I tired of paying taxes for people like this to sit around and get fat. He is an idea, no work , now food, problem solved
04:10 PM on 03/05/2012
ever think he might have private insurance the family pays for? you sound like a really heartless person glad I'm not related to you.
01:31 PM on 03/05/2012
If he has had this problem since he was 4, it sounds like his mother gave him whatever he wanted. Kids need to have a balance of yes and no. Food is a problem for him because that is what he was taught. He needs to change his mindset before losing weight will be successful for him.
04:11 PM on 03/05/2012
and he is crying out for help. doesn't that show he is changing his mindset?
05:40 PM on 03/05/2012
Him asking for help doesn't mean that his mindset has changed. It is very difficult to change how you think about food, to change your diet and to know when enough is enough. He has to be diligent with himself, also know that journey will be rough and learn how to forgive himself
01:25 PM on 03/05/2012
too many hungry kids to get interested in this guy
04:12 PM on 03/05/2012
and thats a losey attitude there kiddo.
11:28 AM on 03/05/2012
Wire his jaw closed....................Put him on a balanced liquid fast..............Check in 6 months..........
You're heavy, and I'm not your Brother
11:07 AM on 03/05/2012
What's his address?

I'll send him a box of Omaha steaks.
12:41 PM on 03/05/2012
Actually protein is good. Don't send him bread or potatoes with that. He doesn't need starch.
01:47 PM on 03/05/2012
What he needs is a low-calorie varied diet with fruits, veggies and protein and also a modest amount of fat. His diet should be prescribed by an MD in concert with a registered dietician. Then he needs a gradual increase in exercise to balance his program. He will need a registered physical therapist to manage his p.e., under the direction of his physician. He definitely does not need a protein-only diet. Some animals do, but humans need a varied diet, not kidney failure.
11:02 AM on 03/05/2012
Someone is enabling his behavior...he is doing this with the support....buying and paying for care for him...where is that person....why aren't they helping him.
12:56 PM on 03/05/2012
I was just wondering the same thing.
Each day is a new day - make the most of it
10:25 AM on 03/05/2012
First, he must figure out why it is he hates himself.
01:31 PM on 03/05/2012
First he needs to deal with the addiction. Then he can be psychoanalysed.
04:14 PM on 03/05/2012
and perhaps he needs both at the same time.
03:04 PM on 03/05/2012
It's a vicious cycle. He is heavy. He eats to make himself feel better. He feels even worse about himself so he eats more to make himself feel better. And on and on....
Blankety mk Blank
10:11 AM on 03/05/2012
learn to control yourself before you ask for help. I went to 278 controlled how i ate only sitting down playing video games and lost 48 pounds in 2-3 months
12:42 PM on 03/05/2012
Lose another 48
Blankety mk Blank
07:25 PM on 03/05/2012
If i lost another 48 i would lose actual muscle
Ebeth Martine
10:06 AM on 03/05/2012
I have provided nursing care for people like Robert. Unfortunately, help is only a delaying measure. His family has enabled him all his life and, even if he loses some weight, he will go back to his unhealthy gorging and gain it back. In the hospital, he would be provided nutritious food but family members would sneak in fried chicken, pizza, etc. No one can help him unless his family has a long hard look at how they contributed to his current condition. I wonder if they are also obese????
09:31 AM on 03/05/2012
Seems to me that this man has been "helped" all his life. It's time for "mommie" to wean this 700 pound baby.
09:24 AM on 03/05/2012
The people living with him are enablers. They could easily keep all food away from him except veggies, lean protein and fruits. Someone is bringing him the fast food. Start with them.