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09:52 PM on 10/06/2008
WCU/NPR Poll: Obama Ahead By Ten In Pennsylvania
Political Wire got an advance look at a new West Chester University/NPR poll in Pennsylvania that shows Sen. Barack Obama leading Sen. John McCain, 52% to 42%, in the key battleground sta
09:50 PM on 10/06/2008
OLD man shouts at clouds---Mc.Bush has lost it because it is essentially over!
Time to still work, work, work to make this an absolute, unquestionable blowout mandate!
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09:48 PM on 10/06/2008
Sounds a lot like something hannity or fox news would do don't you think.
10:18 PM on 10/06/2008
hannity or fox news limbaugh all listening to some 20 something year old living @ home with his mama recommend Palin as VP would be an excellent choice.
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09:46 PM on 10/06/2008
In a stunning press conference john mcsame said he was going to throw in the towel and end his bid for the president of the united states. He went on to say that bush had messed things up so much that it would take a younger man to do the job.
He admitted that Obama was smarter, more honest, and has more integrity then anyone in the republican party, He also went on to say friends I urge you support the only man that can truely steer the ship of state through the very rough seas ahead. Barack Obama!
Liberal Vietnam Veteran
09:38 PM on 10/06/2008
The old man and his PTA president running mate have lost their freaking minds and just make crap up and lie.