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Crisdean Wulver
We've got our priorities screwed up.
08:07 PM on 03/07/2012
What a surprise! Authoritarians want women to be barefoot and pregnant and to shut up and do as they're told.

So it's not surprising that they expect women to vote against their own interests. One would think that even conservative women would be getting wise to this by now.
08:41 AM on 03/08/2012
Denial can be very powerful.
Crisdean Wulver
We've got our priorities screwed up.
06:16 PM on 03/08/2012
I agree. Take the case of George W. Bush. If he ever allowed himself to admit juts how badly he had screwed things up, he would never sleep again.
The Wolf's Den.
07:30 PM on 03/10/2012
OMG save for the pregnancy part and the women part I was barefoot and obedient at my wifes' becking to get the news paper out of the car lot. And that was only the start of the days orders aside from cleaning up toys in the front yard, mowing, weeding, and cleaning the car? I thought this was my weekend from work? Ya it is.. from work not from house chores and boss wife. LOL.
Nebulon V
06:28 PM on 03/07/2012
Dear Women of America,

Please don't let partisan politics strip us of our hard-won rights to our own bodies.
Write in Mickey Mouse if you must, but please don't put these misogynist, bible-spouting men in power!
07:10 PM on 03/07/2012
Ummm, I think the women you are pleading with are both religious and pro life. In that case they would have found your comment rather insulting. Take the time to understand their positions and get to know them and then you might be able to begin the process of persuading them without mocking their strongly held beliefs.
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07:18 PM on 03/07/2012

If you actually don't already know who will protect women's rights,

then look for the "Democrat" on each list and/or

save all the ads you get in the mail with a "D" after the name and take it with you to the voting booth--

Those with an "R" seem to want women to live in the 18th century--always submissive and, from marriage to menopause, pregnant.
08:40 PM on 03/07/2012
Perpetually pregnant women don't have time to work, and can't influence the world, can they? Pretty much leaves it up to the men, then, doesn't it. I love men, in general, and enjoy their company, enjoy debating them, having them for friends, and enjoy them as colleagues at work. There have always been some men, however, like my last boss, who are absolute bigots and literally cannot stand women in the workplace, and will do and say anything to undercut their judgement and/or exercise their power to completely undermine the work of women. They will push just as hard as they can without breaking the law, and I guess there will always be a certain group of men that are misogynistic, no matter what. That's a shame, too, because I feel it puts other men who are engaging, fair, enthusiastic and respectful of the fact that women have intellect, too, in a bad light, and that isn't fair to them just like it isn't fair to women. The Republican party, at least in its present form, seems to have complete resentment for the achievements of women in the 20th and early 21st centuries. What a shame, and I think your analysis of how to vote in this election is the only safe way for women to vote this time around.
Nebulon V
12:09 PM on 03/08/2012
Well, I'm not gonna flat out urge Republican women to vote for the D, okay?
That can result in a thought-stopping mental process not unlike the type encountered when challenging a cult member.

Not saying I don't agree with you, because I do. But when you're dealing with partisan-minded politics, you must tread lightly to avoid triggering the brainstop.

Also, "voting booth?" Lawd, I quit doing that. Absentee ballot is the way to go. I can do a way better job of voting if I'm at my computer googling the issues.

Going to a church or school is so twentieth century!
Often correct, NEVER right.
06:05 PM on 03/07/2012
"...but they're now less interested in going all the way."
There is NO WAY i could be LESS INTERESTED is going all the way with Rick.
My guess is many millions of women just want to see Rick go away.
When nothing goes right, go left.
05:30 PM on 03/07/2012
Santorum has been spewing "Santorum" for years. I've always felt he was a threat to our women's rights. I'm glad Republican women are beginning to see that, too.
Hal Donahue
Concerned citizen tired of the lies
05:24 PM on 03/07/2012
Great work Margie keep it up and thank you "...Republican women may have flirted with Rick Santorum, but they're now less interested in going all the way..."
05:00 PM on 03/07/2012
There is something wonderful about the secrecy of the voting booth, and come November, a huge majority of Republican women are going to vote their real interests and not what some man has claimed it is, whether in the party or pulpit or home. Republican threatening we'll go to hell if we stand up for birth control, choice, gay rights, etc., is just another form of bullying and intimidation, and women don't have to take that any longer.
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12:31 AM on 03/08/2012
That would be nice to see, but I won't be holding my breath on that one.
08:44 AM on 03/08/2012
That is an interesting wish.

But do you have any data at all (even anecdotal - like, besides you, Aunt Tillie says so) that it is true?
04:09 PM on 03/09/2012
Look at all recent polls--WP/Pew, NBC/WSJ, etc. The trend is snowballing.