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10:44 AM on 10/12/2008

I noticed how you stopped with opposition to the Civil Rights Act. That's right. That's when the rest of the Democratic party teamed up and opposed the Dixicrats, angering them so that they left and went to the Republican party. Well, you've got them now.
10:38 AM on 10/12/2008
Son of a pup! I have just been c_e_n_s_o_r_e_d again on this site. It is so blatantly clear how bias this web site is...but to C_? Seriously?

Do my posts have too much common sense in them HuffPo? Or it is that I was targeting the media?

I guess free speach goes out the door here.
10:41 AM on 10/12/2008
oh, stop whining. everyone's posts go to pending at times. they have automated mods that use trigger words. get over yourself.
10:43 AM on 10/12/2008
case in point:

This com ment is pe nding appr oval and won't be displ ayed until it is appro ved.

oh, stop whin ing. everyone's posts go to p ending at times. they have autom ated m ods that use trigg er words. get over yourself.

Have more to say than will fit in a comm ent? Sign up for Hu ff Po st's Of fTheBu s project, and join thousands of other Hu ffPo st readers in pu blishing your orig inal repo rting and op-eds on the preside ntial ele ction.
10:51 AM on 10/12/2008
I second that post
10:52 AM on 10/12/2008
Yeah Yeah...Whatever. I know about that.

But out of 152 posts...32 of mine have been c_....(.)

Say what you want... I adhere to the rules and I certainly haven't posted anything that I haven't already seen used.

One day, 5 out of the 6 articles I posted to I was outright b_a_n_n_e_d. But you go ahead and keep believing that the HuffPo would not do that...LOL
10:37 AM on 10/12/2008
At this point, after Ayers has been addressed, answered and debunked AD recently as THIS PAST WEEK in an interview with Charlie Gibson (isn't there TV on the "Hate Talk Express?), if McCain even says the name Ayers in a debate...he's going to look like the New Old Fool on the Block.
The RNC spent MILLIONS of $$$ trying to make something out of Ayers. Hillary did, too. EVERYONE knows by now that they were brought together on that charity board by Reagan's friends the Annenbergs. The McCain-voting Annenbergs.
THEY knew about Ayers. They knew he was a reformed radical now a respected expert and member of the community. (Vetting, Senator. Look into it some day.)
If someone "doesn't know who Barack Obama is" by's because THEY.DON'T.WANT.TO.KNOW.
McCain can't talk about the economy because HE.ADMITTED.THAT.HE.DOESN'T.KNOW.ANYTHING.ABOUT.IT.
(He doesn't handle the checkbook in his own home!!!!)
Obama has regular meetings and conversations with economic experts.
He's already proved himself on Foreign Policy.
All McCain has is hate mongering, fear and distrust.
Now, the chickens have come home to roost.
Lewis saw that crap first hand, remembers what it was like and is shocked to see it. Especially from someone he though knew better.
Senator, when someone who considers you a "friend" calls you out on your sh**, you know you aren't acting right.
Fox proves you can fool people all the time.
10:35 AM on 10/12/2008
Is there a way to separate the donors to the McCain campaign into those who donated BEFORE he started all this hate-speech about terrorists and Bill Ayers, and AFTER he started all this racial and terrorism talk? I'd be interested in knowing who is still donating now that he has become so divisive.

Then, I am going to boycott any companies they own or work for and organize my friends to do the same. People who are bankrolling McCain/Palin with its nasty, mean-spirited racist overtones should know that the rest of America isn't going to stand idly by.
10:56 AM on 10/12/2008
is he still allowed to take donations?
12:02 PM on 10/12/2008
10:34 AM on 10/12/2008
lindsey graham is crying to bob schieffer about this right now.
10:33 AM on 10/12/2008
John Lewis, typical race baiter, is trying to stir up blacks and other Obama voters. Martin Luther King, Jr. (Republican) would be ashamed of his hate-filled rantings. Remember, it is character, not the color of someone's skin that counts. Obama is someone of questionable character. You liberals just don't get it and don't want to get it. Obama and his ilk always use the race card. As we get closer to election day I will be clinging to my guns and my religion.

10:43 AM on 10/12/2008
Yeah, sure. When Obama joked in July that GoP will envoke fear, telling that guy just looks somehow different than those on the dollar bill - McCain released a statement the very next day accusing Obama of using the race card. He himself went for one week , I repeat . for one full week UNCHECKED. He was playing the race card EVERY DAY with this Hussein blabber etc.
Think before you post!
11:32 AM on 10/12/2008
And now, by the way, their is an attack ad that features Obama's head superimposed on - you guessed it - a dollar bill.
10:44 AM on 10/12/2008
Your rant is BS! Why don't you spend some time doing some research on John Lewis. You don't have a clue!! You, and your brand of Republican, are like the school bullies who just can't believe it when the one you are bullying stands up to defend themselves. Enough already!!!

I WILL think about what I am doing when I vote. And I will PROUDLY punch the chad for OBAMA!
My Bio Stinks !
10:31 AM on 10/12/2008
Great Rolling Stone article !
10:27 AM on 10/12/2008
White people are getting fed up with being called racists and bigots.
10:33 AM on 10/12/2008
Why are they being called racists and bigots?!?
10:43 AM on 10/12/2008
Because we want the MSM to do its job and investigate and report on Obamas ties to Ayers, Rezko, al...

Thats why.
10:52 AM on 10/12/2008
10:38 AM on 10/12/2008
I have NEVER been called a racist or a bigot, if you have perhaps there is a reason!
10:24 AM on 10/12/2008
I grew up seeing crosses and busses burned. I had hoped that we had outgrown the hate and the speeches that invited crowds to hurt, destroy or even kill based on skin color or some other perceived difference.
Senator McCain and Governor Palin have been granted great implied authority by being candidates on the national stage. They have used that power to give angry people permission to shout calls for violence. Neither one has done anything until late last week to show that they disapprove of the outbursts or to own the consequences of their goading of the worst impulses in man.
In the South back in the 50’s and 60’s, people were killed as a result of the calls to violence by their local leaders. Now our new leaders are again calling for violence, but on a much larger national stage. This must stop before the killings begin just like they did in a very dark period in our history. If they do not stop, we will all share the guilt.
10:23 AM on 10/12/2008
I think what a lot of people are missing is that fact that the media can make or break canditates election.

The media darlings', the Clintons, learned this during the primaries. The media turned on the Clintons, Obama became their choice, and they lost. (I have to admit I enjoyed watching it happen)

At the same time the media is refusing to persue deeper the relationships that Obama has had with Ayers, Rezko, & Daley, or is involvement with Acorn and Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac.

The argument has become... Oh that stuff has already been investigated...NO it hasn't. Not to the satisfaction of a lot of American people.

So now it has turned into...if anyone even brings up these things you are suddenly spreading hatred and racism? There is nothing negative, hateful, or racist about questioning Obama's involvement with these people. I for one want to know. I for one am not satisfied with the job the MSM has done.

I guess that makes me a person that is spewing negativity, hatred and racism.
01:23 PM on 10/12/2008
i don't know what world you're paying attention to. the media have reviewed these things over and over ad nauseum for two years now. I f you were honest to yourself you could see that they haven't been able to find what you are hoping they would and that is why you keep claiming that they are not covering those issues. THAT is the danger of having your mind made up before receiving info on a subject. because then you can't HEAR the truth and that is what defines a B-I-G-O-T.
05:10 PM on 10/12/2008
And Palin's association with a witch doctor? How come THAT hasn't made the news?
10:23 AM on 10/12/2008
Right - John Lewis is playing the race card, but of course it's just a coincidence that republians are bringing monkey dolls to Palin rallies:
10:20 AM on 10/12/2008
This is for the black people that support Obama, I know there aren’t many here but here goes. Did you ever stop and look at your so-called leaders? The ones that say they are doing great things for you? Obama, Ayers, Farrakhan, Jesse Jackson, and all the others that have worked to bring prosperity to the black community? They have brought millions of dollars to the black community but what did that money do for you? Do you live in a multi-million dollar home? Do you have a limo with a driver to get you around? Do you get to travel all over the world on privet jets for free? Well your leaders do, and guess on whose dime? YOURS! Your leaders have played you big time and yet you do not turn to them and ask them why? Has Farrakhan ever held a real job? NO. Has Obama had a real job? Not really, yet they live like kings while you get kicked out of your home. Obama doesn’t care about the black community; he cares about the big money socialists that are bankrolling him. The black community needs to wake up and take a good look at where your leaders have left you. It’s not the white Americans that are against you; it’s the greed of your own leaders.
05:13 PM on 10/12/2008
Has George Bush ever held a REAL job? I mean besides the one's his daddy has saved his ass from on numerous occasions?
Wow! This guy actually used a semi-colon properly! Things are looking up for the bigoted set these days ;+)
10:19 AM on 10/12/2008
i just watched mccain campaign manager rick davis (who has suddenly resurfaced after the revelation that his company was being paid by freddie/fannie up until last month) and david axelrod (obama camp) on FIXED news with chris wallace. davis had the audacity to demand that the obama campaign....actually obama himself...comdemn and retract the remarks of john lewis. and then proceeded to interrupt axelrod every time he opend his mouth to speak. laughable, at best.

(of course, wallace did nothing to allow axelrod to actually answer any of the questions while davis talked over him. do no service to your father's journalistic reputation by your smug expression and slack command of commentary.)

god help us if they manage to steal the election.
10:38 AM on 10/12/2008
...Seems that no one in the McCain camp has any cooth.
Any one think its weird that Obama is responsible for what other people say on their own when he's not around. But McCain is not responsible for what supporters do right in front of him- I think he gets off on hate statements. If not then his excuse for abetting "kill [Obama] him" statements at rallys is just another exsample of his failure to lead.
10:47 AM on 10/12/2008
They won't ! The margin is too wide , no way.
10:16 AM on 10/12/2008
At a rally in Minnesota on Friday, a woman told McCain: "I don't trust Obama. I have read about him and he's an Arab."

McCain shook his head and said, "No ma'am, no ma'am. He's a decent family man…[a] citizen that I just happen to have disagreements with on fundamental issues. That's what this campaign is all about."

WOW...... I'm not an Arab living in the US, but if I was..... I would be pissed. John McCain says that Obama is not an Arab, He is a good man ! Hey John.... tell us what you really think of those Arabs ?
11:01 AM on 10/12/2008
Comeon, mrtutto, you should know McCain wasn't slamming Arabs. He was making a long overdue counter to many of his supporters' totally inappropriate remarks about Obama. Give McCain the credit he's due here - there isn't much opportunity to actually praise the guy for saying. He was defending, or at least trying to set the record straight, on Obama's background - his comment was not directed at anything having to do with Arabs.
11:01 AM on 10/12/2008
after GW and his dad have been making such close friends with "Arabs" all these years I have to wonder what they think about their pal Mccain now
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10:15 AM on 10/12/2008
Boris was way ahead of his time. He had it right 40 years ago: "Mooseansquirrel."