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GreatGrand mama
We must make our choices with care
04:30 PM on 03/12/2012
I'm an old lady of 72... Never watched it... and Have NO desired to watch in te future. I guess this is "suppose" to be geared for the 15 to 24 age viewing audience???? That impressive, don't care,,it's my life attitude... Look into my eyes... Do you see an ounce of "who gives a darn??????
Falling Snow
" in dignity with respect for others."
04:58 PM on 03/12/2012
L O L ! I'm not 72 , but I agree with everything else you said. And why did I even read the article? I cannot even expain that to myself. But I am reading this thread because as soon as I read the article , I knew there were going to be some funny comments made. Thanks for the laugh.
James L Morgan
04:29 PM on 03/12/2012
I have a snookie. He in the barn only let him out to P
give back our COUNTRY
05:13 PM on 03/12/2012
ARF ! ARF ! hear that? sounds like It's gotta go NOW !
04:28 PM on 03/12/2012
SEN, SAVINO N.Y STATEN ISLAND,really dosen't get much media attention,,all the media is focused to politicans in the CITY,THERE more important,then she is,she needs something to get her self.the people who live in the city,really don't go to s.i.unless they have to.
04:27 PM on 03/12/2012
Snooki is a frumpy nobody and no one cares what she says or does.

Hope her child is healthy and happy.
why is equality difficult for some to understand?
05:25 PM on 03/12/2012
She has made millions being a "nobody"
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05:48 PM on 03/12/2012
Shes laughing all the way too the bank.
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how long does it take this sh*t to take effect?
04:18 PM on 03/12/2012
Good advice imo.
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04:15 PM on 03/12/2012
Why are politicians idiots? Why doesn't this woman have anything better to worry about? Idiotic.
04:06 PM on 03/12/2012
So a Snookie is a cookie crossed with what
04:27 PM on 03/12/2012
a cocktail glass..........a cheap one!
05:29 PM on 03/12/2012
03:59 PM on 03/12/2012
I think only one of these losers is actually from Jersey. All of them give Jersey a bad name. None of them are stars and sure they don't have ANY talent.
made you show yourself if you respond, got ya!
03:43 PM on 03/12/2012
Here is a woman who will be da--ed if she does and da--ed if she does not. All thisstory was designed to do was get a New york Senator some air time she could not get any other way. Who knows who this senator is and who cares. I would hope Snooki does take care of her child in the womb and puts aside a trust for the child while she is working. And as far as the programs go if they were not popular with our drama ridden society the advertisers would have cancelled them a long time ago. Someone is watching her and her firends and making them rich? The public.
03:42 PM on 03/12/2012
We are so tired of the babies acting out like it's the first ever human to be born. (that could be true in a sense). Do the child a favor and stop showing off. We really don't care. Live private lives and don't tell us about your lack of morals.
04:26 PM on 03/12/2012
your right, but i did not think these ppl. had any morals at all
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Big Horn Man
Your anger can be your worst enemy ...
03:34 PM on 03/12/2012
That was a rare rebuke made by a Democrat leader. That's right. Shame on all the Hollywood celebrities for instilling their worthless values in their naive followers.
05:20 PM on 03/12/2012
A) Snooki has nothing to do with Hollywood except the producers of the show may live and work there. B) Why do conservatives continually relate liberalism with Hollywood? All the politicians that have come from Hollywood have ALL been republican/conservatives, Ronald Reagan, Clint Eastwood, Sonny Bono, Fred Grandy, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Then there are stars like Bruce Willis, Chuck Norris, Mel Gibson, Kelsey Grammer, Drew Carey, Wilford Brimley... it sure doesn't sound like Hollywood is a bastion of liberal ideas.
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Big Horn Man
Your anger can be your worst enemy ...
02:38 AM on 03/13/2012
Approximately 99 percent of the celebrities are liberal.
Corie Lemmon
03:29 PM on 03/12/2012
It is pathetic that there is even a show like this...I think parents letting their kids watch this crap is irresponsible...The fact that young kids watch this (my niece started watching at age 11) is wrong....I hope Snooki becomes responsible and STAYS away from alcohol...but we all know she'll end up being one of those moms that parties and drinks all the time, while a babysitter takes care of the baby...I highly doubt her engagement will last, but if it does, good for her. Hopefully her fiance is more responsible and smarter than she is.
04:13 PM on 03/12/2012
Same for the equally lame Kardahsians.
06:17 PM on 03/12/2012
Couldn't have said it better!!
A true conservative.
04:33 PM on 03/12/2012
corie lemmon. You mean mothers letting the kids watch. I ask you how many are home??
Corie Lemmon
05:12 PM on 03/12/2012
how many mothers are home? probably quite a few, considering the crappy economy. Either way, even if the parents weren't home, they should block the channel from their kids.
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03:21 PM on 03/12/2012
Good to know that both Dems AND Republicans can waste time on frivolity instead of actually doing the job they were elected to. Now, that you have gotten that off your chest, Ms Savino, why don't you get back to work creating jobs or something
03:19 PM on 03/12/2012
How OLD is this woman, and in fact, how old are all those people on that show? If they are not already 30, they are at least pushing it. Welcome to pre-middle age, jerks, stop acting like you are still in high school or even college, you are getting old! You look even more foolish than ever!
Against Stupidity, the Gods themselves try in Vain
03:49 PM on 03/12/2012
Many were in their prime partying age (under 25, with most in their low 20's) when they started in 2009.
03:19 PM on 03/12/2012
whats a snookie?
03:45 PM on 03/12/2012
I know, right? I once had a dog named Snookums.
GreatGrand mama
We must make our choices with care
04:35 PM on 03/12/2012
no difinition for snookie.. but a Snook is a large vigorous bony fish....