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08:04 PM on 03/16/2012
I don't get why people don't want to hear about evolution. Evolution is compatible with the belief in a Higher Power.
10:16 AM on 03/17/2012
"Evolution is compatible with the bellief in a Higher Power." Not if your Higher Power is the two thousand year old book that is the real object of worship for most fundies. In their minds if you think there is so much as one comma out of place in the Good Book you're on a fast train to hell fire and eternal torment, and God is good and righteous in his judgement of you because you believed the devils greatest lie instead of what's written in God's holy word.
11:05 AM on 03/17/2012
Well, I'm not a Christian, I'd describe myself as a general Theist.
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09:47 PM on 03/17/2012
Of course there's no contradiction between belief in a higher power and all science (including evolution). Unfortunately many Americans imagine that a certain bad translation of the Bible is the literal words of god. If you believe in a form of god and are still rational (I know many atheists will have a go at me for daring to suggest that there are rational theists) evolution is god's method of creating the universe and then life.
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11:23 PM on 03/17/2012
This goes back to definitions. Theist, as I understand it, is a belief in a personal god, which is notably actively involved during (at least) human species existing. This contradicts evolution, because evolution is based on deterministic blind processes.

Now if you are a deist, that is different. That can align with evolution. But a personal god? No. Evolution has no room for a god prone to twiddling.
03:30 PM on 03/16/2012
I'm from New Orleans and I hate to see the effort to "uneducate" our children. The simple fact is that creationism is based on religious theory, and therefore, should be taught in church. It's not a scientific theory because there is nothing to back it up other than a book that was written almost 2 thousand years ago. There was no science, no scientific method, just magical stories. Louisiana is already at the bottom of the country as far as education levels, why make it worse?
01:37 PM on 03/18/2012
Correction: creationism is based on religious myth, not theory.
If teachers want to teach religious myth along with other religious (I learned about Greek and Roman myth in 7th grade I think), then I'm all for it. But we know the Christian extremists freak out when you call their faith myth, but then again, most are lacking in the knowledge of what 'myth' (and 'theory') actually mean.
07:08 PM on 03/18/2012
And the way that the Christians of the more fundamentalist stripe insist on homeschooling their younglings using "educational materials" that are in line with their beliefs and shun such things as evolution and scientific thinking aren't helping one bit.
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03:20 PM on 03/16/2012
I just read at another site an article about the US losing its lead in science and technology, and here is the explanation. Cannot compete with other developed countries if their educated young people are discussing evolution and our young people respond by quoting the Bible and creationist stories! In tomorrow's global village, we risk becoming the village idiots.
03:52 PM on 03/16/2012
Tomorrow's global village???

Hate to tell you truth -- we're already there.
Happy-Happy Joy-Joy
02:51 PM on 03/16/2012
Twelve years ago I was shocked to learn there were people, living in this day and age, who rejected evolutionary science.  Shocked and naive, apparently, as I thought a simple recitation of the basic facts of evolution would cure anybody's skepticism.   What I hadn't counted on was the great energy creationists pour into keeping themselves suspended in disbelief.  It's truly a fascinating disorder.   I see a little of that kind of rejectionist thinking on the left, too, like some anti-vaccination people, but overwhelmingly those with creationist mentalities gravitate to the far right.  It's probably some form of what's called "authoritarian followership disorder".   My question is, is there a remedy?
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04:22 PM on 03/16/2012
They are infected with a toxic viral meme spread by religion.
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06:52 PM on 03/16/2012
Sounds like Snowcrash...
07:09 PM on 03/18/2012
And the "brain tumor" is spreading.
06:11 PM on 03/17/2012
I "accept" evolutionary science.
I understand that there is evidence to support the theory of evolution.
I also understand that evolution (the changing of one species into another) has not been observed or reproduced in the lab.
We have seen bacteria and other organisms adapt to their environment but they remain the same species.
Your faith is strong, just placed in a different place than mine.
Does it matter?
My law degree and law practice say it hasn't harmed me to see things as they are.
Keep the faith.
Happy-Happy Joy-Joy
06:47 PM on 03/17/2012
"Faith" is belief without evidence. I am disinclined to it. Speciation has been observed in laboratory settings. We also have DNA that shows the relationships between species well enough we can count the generations back to the common ancestor in some instances. We also have the fossil record, with the primitive fossils predating complex and modern ones. The inference is inescapable. Also, you do recognize the wide variation that is contained within one species, such as the dog, yes? That to me is evidence of the likelihood of speciation. To invalidate speciation, one would have to show that there is some sort of genetic shut-off mechanism that prevents this variation at some point from continuing to occur.
12:14 AM on 03/18/2012
Here you go, here are several cases of speciation in the lab:

And just so you know, a law degree does not mean you have any sort of expertise in genetics. I went to law school. I have an English undergraduate degree. How many science courses did I have to take to get that degree? Two. My husband, on the other hand, has a bachelor's degree in biochemistry, and has taken advanced courses in genetics, but hasn't been to law school. Put those objective reasoning powers to use and decide who is more knowledgeable regarding DNA.
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02:48 PM on 03/16/2012
On the approaching mathematical 0 chance that Evolution is wrong, how does it follow that the Bible is right-(never mind the long Christian tradition of taking the "seven days" of creation allegorically?)
Why isn't Hesiod right. From CHAOS (the beginning) sprung Earth-etc. Of course that myth is almost proto-evolutionary. Notice, no personal creator. This kind of ignorance has been around for a long time. Santorum btw, should not be called a "conservaitve". Clerico-Fascist in Boy Scout outfit is more like it. But he reappearance of such benighted views is like a Mort Sahl punchline; Darwin was wrong!!
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