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02:11 PM on 03/14/2012
Unum VietNam ad tempus, Iran awaits
Ed Baker
All Hail Big Mother
05:20 PM on 03/14/2012
Same problem as in Vietnam - fighting with one hand tied behind our backs.
Enroh Mot
Veritas Lux Mea
05:53 PM on 03/14/2012
Fighting a people that wouldn't surrender. Carpet bombing, napalm, artillery, mortar, machine gun free fire zones, spraying their country with millions of gallons of Agent Orange, not exactly hands tied behind backs.
05:24 PM on 03/14/2012
its only a small window away
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02:10 PM on 03/14/2012
We use 10 Billion dollar plus system to track a turban or two, and then fire a missile that misses, and then we have all in congress get up and say that we need to put more money and more systems so that we can not miss a turban again, and so that we can rebuild the roads and schools for the very kids who will be sold to talibans to pay the debt of the family...

This Obama administration is a continuation of previous one, and there is no way they are getting out of Afghanistan. Just like in Iraq, we will continue Abu Garib or not!
NOV 2012
Hoping for a better future
02:09 PM on 03/14/2012
That's not what Obama says. He claims that Afghanistan is a "necessary war".
02:05 PM on 03/14/2012
The Iraq war was unnecessary - the Afghanistan war was necessary but should have been prosecuted differently than it has been...
02:01 PM on 03/14/2012
But using our global military branch (the UN) as an excuse to bomb Libya, while turning away from the senseless destruction in Syria is ok? Closing all foreign bases, and drawing back our military presence around the world, would show the world that we truly want peace.
01:56 PM on 03/14/2012
I agree that we should get out, but then the Taliban will take over by force and anyone who has promoted something like moderate freedom for women will be in grave danger. I agree that Karzai is corrupt and disgraceful for us to have as an ally. He'll be gone about 5 minutes after we leave. The Taliban have no love for him.

I disagree that the Taliban will be as strong as ever. They will be much, much stronger. They will control the country. And the idea that they don't export terrorism is wrong. They export it to Pakistan with suicide bombings and assassinations. I have no doubt that they want to take over Pakistan and Pakistan as we all know has nuclear weapons.
01:50 PM on 03/14/2012
We keep mislabeling the mess in Afghanistan as "War". War, at least as envisaged by the Constitution, is a last resort that the nation as a whole has agreed to embark upon and to equally share in the resulting loss of life and deprivation. We just barely avoided this recurring "mess" in Libya, while the hawks are pressuring for like folly in Syria and Iran.
Congress abdicated its responsability by side stepping the issue and passing "Resolutions" authorizing force.
Congress can stop the madness by just stopping funding. Congress will bluster and speak empty words but lacks the courage to take action. The comments made against involvement in Libya hold for any non-war. See "The Libyan War, The Right Way or No Way" @
01:48 PM on 03/14/2012
They know it's unnecessary and immoral. If they persist, it means there are stuff that they know that you don't know.
Enroh Mot
Veritas Lux Mea
08:22 PM on 03/14/2012
The war profiteers know more than anyone.
01:41 PM on 03/14/2012
Unfortunately, the political climate at home makes it impossible to pull out -- Obama would be accused of foreign policy "weakness" Americans love their empire, just like the Romans and British.
doctor pangloss
the best of all possible worlds
01:39 PM on 03/14/2012
By this time most sentient Americans agree that the Afghanistan war had nothing to do with protecting our democracy and freedoms from a massive Afghan invasion upon our sacred shores. The Afghan war was a colossal failure by a inept and feckless republican administration.
01:38 PM on 03/14/2012
I agree with you, Arianna. We've cleared Al Qaeda out of there, so there's really no reason for us to be there anymore. However, I do think we should maintain an aerial surveillance of Afghanistan for the foreseeable future to keep it from becoming a haven for terrorists again. Such a remote place is tempting for that lot.
deadhead echelon peacenik mom to Marley the awesom
01:37 PM on 03/14/2012
thank you Arianna! BRING OUR TROOPS HOME NOW!!!
USN 1978-1984
02:06 PM on 03/14/2012
Fanned for the bio,although we are probably polar opposites on everything else ;-)

01:22 PM on 03/14/2012
Her statements took courage and an assertive psyche, as everything that she said was TRUE! America and our President must find the Courage to bring ALL of our best, brightest and brave young men and women HOME, ASAP. Rest assured, as this message is being written, one can bet that somewhere in that dreadful place where a religious war will go on-and-on between the Taliban and the indigenous people, plans are being made by some to make every effort to pay-back America for the recent killings of innocent civilians, most of whom were children, by a mentally-ill American soldier. America must leave, now or many-many of our sons and daughters are going to be slaughtered in horrific ways as pay-back. America can never recover from this horrific act whose timing created the perfect storm for tragedy. Please, President Obama, have the courage and proactive energy to bring our troops home, safely, NOW, with no excuses or delays.
I'm pedaling hard.
01:12 PM on 03/14/2012
What war since 1945 WAS "neessary or Moral"? Korea was a pipe dream of war-monger Macarthur--knowing all those left-over WW2 troops were going to leave the military, and Viet Nam was the biggest travesty of all--absolutely NO accomplishment for all those troops lost! Now we have the middle-eastern conflicts: thousands of miles from our homeland and not even in our sphere of influance. If ever Ikes' "military-industrial" speech was more true, tell me when (?)! Being the worlds' policeman has made us enemies and reluctant allies throughout the world, and even if we pull in ALL our military horns right now, it will take a generation to lose our poor regard.