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08:30 PM on 10/14/2008
...somewhere...mahalia jackson is singing....
08:49 PM on 10/14/2008
Now THAT is heaven. I'm an atheist, but Mahalia was phenomenal.
Former 99er, Business Owner, Proud Veteran 101st
08:29 PM on 10/14/2008
Well well well.

Cue the TR0//s who LOVE polls tosay "Polls don't mean anything" That is except if they are in ttheir favor............YAWN!!! This is getting so predictable BUT I LOVE IT!!!!

The Reasons why they say he is slipping so fast


08:28 PM on 10/14/2008
If Michelle Obama was part of an organization that wants to "Become a separate and Independent Nation." America would be outraged. If Michelle Obama even gave a speech to such a group Obama would be about 10% in the polls. America wold not tolerate it.

What about Todd Palin? He has really "palled" around with the Alaska Independent Party? Where is the outcry from this? I never see him where a flag lapel? But we demand Barack Obama wear one to show his patriotism. Are we so hard hardened that we will accept anybody with lipstick and any secessionist? Just as long as the person is not of color.

America, your heart will be tested on Nov. 4th. The world's eyes are on you. Be very careful because it could be Todd Palin answering the White House phone at 3am.
08:41 PM on 10/14/2008
Todd Palin earned the title "stalker" in the vendetta against Trooper Wooten. See the report issued by the Alaska legislature last Friday night.
09:56 PM on 10/14/2008
But there is something that has only been noted here and there which really merits more probing, and certainly demands an explanation from McCain himself - especially if he is to claim that he is not clueless on foreign policy and that is his own connections to Chalabi and how he helped Chalabi dupe the US, how he stood by Chalabi and how he propped up Chalabi all while Chalabi was working for Iran (even FoxNews reported that Chalabi was spying for Iran).
Old enough to know better
08:27 PM on 10/14/2008
08:54 AM on 10/15/2008
McCain-Palin has nowhere to go now but down. He can run away from President Bush, but he can't run away from the Republican Party. The Republicans will be regarded from now on as "the party that wrecked America." Over the weeks ahead, as carnage in the economy and the financial markets ramps up, it will become increasingly clear. It is important that this meme be spread through the internet. I urge all commentators to adopt and spread the idea that the Republicans are "the party that wrecked America." It will work because it is the truth.