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Disregard anything I say, for it's simply absurd.
11:15 AM on 03/17/2012
Wow, what a hard life to live. I am glad to see she is able to make the best out of such an unusual and complicated situation, Maybe sometime soo they will be able to help her with her allergy. It's got to be of interest to many profesionals who are looking to study such a rare and extreme case. I hope for the best for her and she is able to keep the happiness she seems to have today. The world can be a harsh place and sometimes we don't always discover this until we get older. And not being able to eat pizza! Must be a pain in the butt to decide what is for dinner each night with so many things being "laced" with dairy products.
10:39 AM on 03/17/2012
She said she wants a family. I wonder what would happen with having a baby and having her breasts produce milk?
01:11 PM on 03/17/2012
when it says Dairy... it only applies to COW milk......
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life should be Little House meets the Jetsons :)
04:01 PM on 03/17/2012
How do you know that? If it were that easy, her boyfriend could just switch to goats milk.
10:16 AM on 03/17/2012
how does this girl go out in public. when she was younger it was easier to control her environment as she ages it will be much more difficult.
how does she go to college and just walk a campus, what about the coffee houses and the cafeterias. when she graduates and tries to get a job.
i wish this little girl the best but unfortunately this is one case that wont have a happy ending
02:43 PM on 03/17/2012
So true! she probably cant even go the grocery store, or movies or to a restaurant. Where can you go where there isnt any dairy product?
03:46 PM on 03/17/2012
vegan restaurant.
04:16 AM on 03/17/2012
I think Lauren is right, she needs the chance to go away to college, even if it gives mom panic attacks. She doesn't have to go to classes & risk her life as long as she has the robot to do it; she can get the college to make her room safe for her & give her her own kitchen where she can make her own dairy free food. She may need to order her ingredients over the internet from suppliers that can certify everything to be dairy free from dairy free facilities, but she needs to have a chance to make her own life away from her parents if she ever wants to become one herself. I'll bet her disease is recessive, which would mean its unlikely to get passed on to her kids.
01:11 AM on 03/17/2012
Aww, bless her heart! You would have to be a strong person to cope with an allergy like this since you would pretty much have to avoid all your friends. Bless her boyfriend's heart as well for being so supportive!
09:06 PM on 03/16/2012
I'm glad that her allergy isn't inhibiting others in any way. And since she seems to be happy with her school and social life, it's a win-win. I wish her the best!

One of my sister's high school teammates has a peanut allergy, and my sister has autism--she is the epitome of "picky eaters". Has to have a pb & j sandwich every day, and has since she was 4. The girl with the peanut allergy won't allow my sister to have her pb & j sandwich within the same day... even if she brushes her teeth before practice, so my sister struggled with this before eventually quitting the team (even as an upperclassman, and a captain). If a child has a serious allergy, it's not their fault and shouldn't inhibit them, but I have to say I feel worse for the way someone else's allergy has affected my sister.
08:19 PM on 03/16/2012
Major props for her to not let this condition slow her down, and even bigger props to her man for actually being a man and sticking with her.
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07:35 PM on 03/16/2012
I found out the hard way I have a severe allergy to Durian. I was in a Horticulture class where they were giving us a sample to try. When they took it out of the cooler I started to have breathing problems. I was seated at least 20 feet away. When the teaching assistant cut into it my eyes almost sealed shut and my throat started to seal also. I had to run out of the class. I made it back to my dorm room and took antihistamines to stop the reaction. It took three days to recover. I have other food allergies but this was a shocker. Years before I had almost died from galangal(Thai ginger). Eating a dinner with my coworkers at an asian restaurant I had the same throat sealing response. Luckily one of the coworkers was a nurse and had the antihistamines on hand. Now I have an epi-pen, and carry antihistamines always. I really suggest everyone gets tested for food allergies. They can kill.
07:21 PM on 03/16/2012
that is soo sweet boyfriend has the same rare dairy allergy ... I have to wash and brush my teeth before i see him and other stuff .... we been dating for since 2005 and still going strong....
01:03 PM on 03/17/2012
I wish you all the best in life :)
06:24 PM on 03/16/2012
What a sweet stroy :) I'm happy he is devoted being there for her. Who knows what tommorow brings, but right now they are building the path to tommorow. (corny is corny lol)
04:43 PM on 03/16/2012
Her boyfriend and her look about the same age emotionally which seems really nice.
I guess her family has to forego any dairy around them also. She wants to get married some day and have a wouldn't that bring up a big problem since babies require milk? Poor girl has so many issues now and in the future but I wish her well, she seems very grounded and upbeat.
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10:52 PM on 03/16/2012
I'm not worried about a future baby of hers getting food. Formula isn't exactly milk so she should be okay. BUT. When a woman is pregnant, we produce milk in our breasts. So... How is she supposed to live with that? Or live at all? She might have to adopt.. Or have her egg and her husband's sperm injected into a surrogate mother?
09:05 AM on 03/17/2012
I know one person with this rare allergy (her mother & great grand mother had it as well and they all breastfed). She & her husband had children naturally and she breastfed all four of them with no problem so I doubt she'll have any difficulties doing so. Besides, human milk is not considered dairy and it contains different nutrients and so on than those found in animal milk.
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11:03 AM on 03/17/2012
Breast milk isn't a DAIRY product!
02:55 PM on 03/16/2012
keep those teeth clean, young man. a food particle coud kill yer girl. i bet you'd best, quit dairy too, before it's too late!
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01:47 PM on 03/16/2012
How is she going to go away to college? I'd say 90% of the people in my classes have coffee with them. Are they supposed to not put milk or cream in it because she's different?
02:38 PM on 03/16/2012
Its just like the people allergic to peanuts. We cant have them on flights and such anymore cause there 'may' be someone on board who has an allergy.
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03:23 PM on 03/16/2012
Did ya miss the little part about the robot she sends to school? It was kinda half the point of the article...
09:00 AM on 03/17/2012
The little part talks about how she's surviving didn't say anything about college b/c it's evident college will be a bigger and tougher obstacle to overcome.
02:02 PM on 03/17/2012
did ya miss that it was high school? More then likely that belongs to the school district and is much smaller than a college.
01:23 PM on 03/16/2012
Being Lactose Intolerant is not fun, have to be extremely careful not to eat anything dairy since anyone with it lacks certain enzimes in their stomach.
But living with this condition along with such a severe allergy yet, really bites.
Hope she will be ok.