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Scribe57 07:13 PM on 03/15/2012
Here's the thing: there is no low to which the GOP will not stoop in order to shame, humiliate, slander and generally brand with the scarlet letter any woman, anywhere, anytime, who has any issue with reproductive health, be it this, or birth control, or whatever, and violates the GOP's own hypocritical codes of conduct that they impose on others, while ignoring themselves. 

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08:30 PM on 03/17/2012
If they don't want to pay for birth control, and they don't want women to have abortions, then why do they allow insurance to cover Viagra for unmarried men?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? At the very least, every time a man (married or single) picks up their 'subsidized' Viagra from the pharmacy, they should be required to sign a legally binding statement that if they impregnate a woman they will bear 50% of the responsibilities of raising the child. It takes two to tango.
08:47 PM on 03/17/2012
The bum is not on sale for another three years.
10:06 PM on 03/17/2012
This belongs to the comment just above.
Phyllis Copeland
Shout into the void, don't weep in the darkness
09:14 PM on 03/17/2012
How about we all just grow up and get the government the H*** out of our private lives? It is not the government's business what medical procedures my doctor deems necessary and appropriate for me. If I'm paying the bill, it's no-one's business by my own. Abortions have not been federally or state funded for over 30 years, so why the H*** do state governments think they have any right to dictate how abortions are conducted? And why hasn't anyone sued these lawmakers for malpractise - they are ordering medical procedures without a license to practise medicine, does that not qualify as malpractise? And where is the ACLU in this - why aren't they bringing law suits to protect women's civil rights?? Isn't it ironic that the "party of small government" is so intent on intruding into the most intimate personal decisions of our lives? Leave us alone and get back to funding education, growing the economy, and creating jobs!
09:27 PM on 03/17/2012
I never gave that a thought. Thank you. That's a criminal offense known as practicing medicine without a license.
10:04 PM on 03/17/2012
I don't know that any of these atrocities have been enforced yet. They have to wait until it happens before taking it to court. However, i don't understand why their isn't more talk about the obvious unconstitutionality of this kind of thing.
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08:20 PM on 03/17/2012
I wonder when they are going to pass a law that sex is illegal unless you are a) married, and b) have a million bucks in the bank so you'll never need government support?

While they're at it, they should privatize all police departments, fire departments, health services, schools, libraries, parks, highways, water service, etc. so that 'their' tax money doesn't benefit anyone they think is living an 'immoral' lifestyle. That way, only the people who really deserve these services (i.e. the wealthy) will get them. You can't afford it? Too bad! Actually, that's just fine with them because they don't care as long as they 'theirs'.
My micro bio is macro
10:16 PM on 03/17/2012
Sounds like Santorum's unhidden agenda. Atleast he's being honest.
conservation ,Your grandchildrens future
12:11 AM on 03/18/2012
Meanwhile lets put a end of all of those SOCIALIST programs.......
.V.A. Benifits..
.Congressional medical care..
.Social security...
Federal retirement plans....
school lunches..
Never mind that these programs help keep 37 million (+/- ) retired AMERICANS out of the poor house..
I guess they could close all of the conveslance homes (poor houses) also ...
that way our churches and neighbors could (out of the goodness of their hearts) take care of all of these problems..
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2016 Year of the Woman
08:19 PM on 03/17/2012
He needs to retire asap.
08:12 PM on 03/17/2012
What? The woman doesn't feel bad enough? as it is She needs to be put through some additional emotional pain about her decision? Can't PA use some more jobs? Why don't you go work on that rather than picking on women who are making difficult personal decisions. How many uncared for children are you raising in your home Governor?
James Bridges
Blue Texan
08:07 PM on 03/17/2012
Is that like the "just lay back and enjoy it" remark by Clayton Williams, GOP candidate for Gov of Texas when he was asked about rape? For the record Ann Richards won that election.
08:04 PM on 03/17/2012
Forget the dance, enjoy the tunes
08:03 PM on 03/17/2012
True devalue of a person..."Close Your Eyes"......then the violation begins. Rape, pedophilia, murder of mental personage is illegal too.
Phyllis Copeland
Shout into the void, don't weep in the darkness
09:15 PM on 03/17/2012
Cheers! And I'll be your first fan for that! :-D
Matt Juba
07:57 PM on 03/17/2012
Corbett's comment are way out of line, as well as, the ultrsound bill. Lowering taxes should be the role of government not telling people how to live their lives.

Catholic priests should see prison rape photographs before being assigned to a parish to help deter child abuse by Catholic priests.
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01:24 AM on 03/18/2012
Agreed, all around.
07:53 PM on 03/17/2012
To all those who are writing that this would be very invasive to the woman,
I have to say, it's not nearly as invasive as the abortion will be. They will invade your uterus, and take out the baby.

I wish this law had been in effect when I had my abortion! I think about what my child could have been and grieve over it. Abortion is way too think it will be over quickly and it is, but then you aren't told that it will be years that you think about it and how you allowed your child to be killed...many women are grieving and depressed in this country because of their decision to have an abortion.

If you are struggling with thoughts about a past abortion, there is a number you can call that can help you...1866482LIFE
08:49 PM on 03/17/2012
BS. The a bortion is a wanted procedure. This is a forced procedure. See the difference? I don't for a moment believe a word you are saying.
08:57 PM on 03/17/2012
And let's not forget during the first trimester the abortion can often be chemically induced which means it wouldn't be invasive at all.

I'm sorry that you regret your abortion. I've helped friends through theirs and I know it's a tough decision which is why it should never have state mandated shaming procedures attached to it.
07:50 PM on 03/17/2012
Corbett, I'm sure that your grandmother, mother, wife, daughters, daughters-in-law, and female grandchildren are so proud of you!!! Additionally, if any of them are should require this service, I'm sure that you will be by their sides to give instructions closing their eyes!!
07:37 PM on 03/17/2012
Why are the just the eggs considered potential people? Male masturbation should be outlawed for every sperm could have been used to create a living being. Vasectomies should also be outlawed.
07:35 PM on 03/17/2012
What do you expect. He is a Republican!
07:23 PM on 03/17/2012
He's not really interested in women's feelings and isn't pretending he is.
06:34 PM on 03/17/2012
Forced vaginal ultrasounds and unauthorized vaginal bleeding to be treated as a crime and be investigated by the police. If your saying "life" begins at conception then here is what we women need to do: EVERY WOMAN NEEDS TO START DELIVERING THEIR USED TAMPONS AND SANITARY NAPKINS TO THE POLICE. No matter the age of the woman, who ever bleeds is a possible suspect in an unauthorized abortion. By sending our used tampons to the police they can do tests to see if the egg passed during a menstrual period was fertilized or not. It it has been and was passed during the menstrual cycle then the police must investigate. Or better yet, since politicians think they know better we should send them our USED TAMPONS AND NAPKINS. They seem to possess the knowledge. We must also outlaw condoms or at the very least make men go to the police station to be lectured about using condoms is considered first-degree murder. Men are using the forethought to buy condoms, that's premeditation to kill a future human. How about it ladies...should we start sending our used tampons and napkins to the police because by gollie we just might be having unauthorized vaginal bleeding.
Never going back to the old days
08:02 PM on 03/17/2012
Send them to Tom Corbett himself !
06:24 PM on 03/17/2012
Are the old white men so scared of women that they have to do everything they can to demoralize them. Abortion is not a decision to be made lightly but the woman already knows what's there without being humiliated. Also, why is covering birth control such a big deal but the little blue pills for men are okay. I know - lets keep them barefoot and pregnant so they don't bother us with their ideas that they are really people with value. Are we going to open orphanages again to keep all the children we force women to have - with or without a husband/male partner. No, let them have them and then we will put the woman in jail when she can't take care of the children or beats them or abuses them somehow. I guess we need a real underclass of poor, uneducated people so we can become a third world country. This is war on women - especially the poor.
08:05 PM on 03/17/2012
I highly suspect if they had their way they would resurrect Lebensborn:
The way of truth & love has always won ~ Gandhi
09:36 PM on 03/17/2012
I think your first sentence is the point: 'The old white men are so scared of women.' — Proud to be your first fan, seawalker1015.

"The world has never yet seen a truly great and virtuous nation,
because in the de_grad_ation of women,
the very fountains of life are poi_son_ed at their source."
~ Lucretia Mott, Quaker, women’s rights activist