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10:51 AM on 10/18/2008
Gordon Smith and the repubs must be mighty worried because they have found a not small fortune to be spent on ads touting pretending Smith is our favorite almost-ultra liberal-almost Democratic Senator. Best buddies with Ted Kennedy? What will Lars Larson and the folks on the dry side going to think?
04:51 PM on 10/17/2008
Born and raised Oregonian here.

If Smith wins again it will be only due to the hacking of Die Bold voting machines.

Employees at Nike, Intel whoever...the office spacers, are every bit as ready to embrace something new as the disenfranchised throughout the Willamette Valley, down south and indeed throughout the state.

The more important factor here is the person selling the latte to the office spacer. Portland, Eugene, Ashland, Salem all are full to the brim with overly educated and highly underpaid service workers who generally have few illusions about who the bosses are and why its in their best interest to do away with them.
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12:19 PM on 10/18/2008
"If Smith wins again it will be only due to the hacking of Die Bold voting machines." ???

But Oregon doesn't use those electronic voting machines for which there is no way to verify the tally. Everyone in Oregon votes by mail and that provides a paper trail. This is how all of America should vote, by mail. That way it is convenient and easy to vote with no hassles getting to the polls or waiting in line.
01:21 PM on 10/18/2008
I do believe Oregonians may still vote at polling places. And surely you see some of the potential flaws in Oregon's precious vote-by-mail system. For example, let's say a large organization (for example a church) has a strong patriarchal tradition. Now can you see the members of a family which belongs to such a church gathering after dinner on a Sunday evening for family vote night where everybody gets out their ballots and they vote as a family ??

See any flaws there Marlyn ??
01:26 PM on 10/18/2008
I stand corrected --- all voting is apparently by mail; however, I stand by my comment on the flaw in the system.
04:31 PM on 10/18/2008
Another Oregonian here, too.
Smith is toast in My family....thats extends far out to 15 people.

We do have a Vote by Mail ONLY system here and I Love it.
Our ballots were mailed out yesterday and are due, of course by 8pm Nov 4th. There are numerous "Drop Boxes" available for ease of voting...either drive up or on foot on the last day.

About a week ago we received our "Voter's Pamphlets" for a head start on studying all the BM's, discuss them, research them as well as ponder the candidates, call their offices with last minute questions, etc.

We have a bit more than 2 weeks, and this allows Ample time for making very informed decisions.

Oregon is considered one of the few "Safe States" when it comes to voting systems, as far as fraud etc goes.
04:29 PM on 10/17/2008
It is about time .
03:59 PM on 10/17/2008
Speaking as an Oregonian, Peter DeFazio has been an example of integrity in politics since he was a Lane County commissioner in the early 80's. I feel fortunate to have him as my congressional representative. I never have liked Gordan Smith - just had a feel about him I never liked, and he always came across as someone who didn't represent the middle classes best interests.

The very fact that Oregon is still only a leaning for Obama state only shows the polarization that exists here.

"Now Go Away or I Will Taunt You a Second Time."
03:43 PM on 10/18/2008
"here, here..."blueprojekt"............I first met "DeFaaaaz" when he was staffing for Congressman Jim Weaver (who could tell Mcain a thing or two about being a "Maverick" btw)

In essence Defazio WAS the staff....and if you remember what a WHIRLWIND of energy,......ideas...and 440 volt charisma Jim'll also remember that it was often Defazio's cool temperment, intellect, and intelligence (not to mention POLITICAL savvy) that sometimes saved Jim from himself.......and it was ALWAYS Defazio's ...... TIRELESS attention to the details of legislation that was responsible for Weaver's successes.

Usually the first word mentioned in any discussion about Peter Defazio is "Integrity".

'Faaaz is the kind of guy that does the right thing even when no one is looking........even when he would benefit politically from ducking or taking a pass......or even if it risks alienating certain of his more "purist" progressive constituents here in the "People's Republic of Eugene"......

It helps that he has a terriffic sense of humor.....a trait not always associated with people possessing that level of true Progressive PASSION.......

Mainly though, its pretty simple.....I like to tell friends back in Mass. that we've got our own Barney Frank out here in Oruhgaaaaan......
Almost always the SMARTEST guy in the room (his STARTING point).....he then makes it his bussiness to just flat KNOW more than anybody else!