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12:48 PM on 10/19/2008
Props for Powell! Particularly resounding was when he described the headstone at Arlington, a soldier who had lost his life fighting for his country and who was an American born Muslim. The response to the woman at the McCain rally who called Obama an Arab is not "he is a decent american" it is, lady there are millions of arab americans that you are offending right now. Obama is a good American and his ethnicity is not on the table for discussion. Equality for all. The discussion about the robocalls needs to address this issue. Not all people of islamic faith are evil terrorists and neither are reformed 60s radicals. I just read an interesting statistic - the so called pro-American towns where Palin has been conducting her rallies are 83% white. My grandparents did not survive the holocaust and come to America seeking freedom for this kind of agenda. As a person of the Jewish faith I would like to encourage all of my fellow yids to the our mantra "never again" and remember it does not only apply to us, it applies to anybody facing persecution based on their race or religion. Never Again.
01:52 PM on 10/19/2008
I could not agree more. That story about that headstone said it all. Never. Again.
12:47 PM on 10/19/2008
Well stated. I have always liked and to a certain extent admired Colin Powell. Yes, he did allow himself to be used by the Bush regime, but many of the things I have read over the past year show how completely Cheney and Co. buried the truth and led others down the path to destruction. Powell had the integrity to say enough is enough and resign. That spoke volumes to me as does this endorsement that I daresay will cause him ostracization within his own party.
12:45 PM on 10/19/2008
Should Obama win this election, I think we need to thank thoughtful conservatives for speaking out. I am a raging Democrat because the Republican Party has continually pandered to the Christian right, which I consider to be the most dangerous sect in our society. I happen to agree with principles of fiscal conservatism- smaller government, less spending and lower taxes. The problem is that Republicans always talk about it but never do it (except for less taxes, making problems even worse).

In this election thoughtful conservatives have spoken out against their party and against the carelessness through which John McCain could potentially put our country at great risk, both internationally and domestically. They practice what they preach.

In a way this election has given me hope. Not only because Barack Obama may be elected, but because many conservatives have refused to perpetuate the "win at all costs" strategy of the Republican Party.
02:40 PM on 10/19/2008
"Thoughtful conservatives"? I am sure there are some around, but most of them must be in hiding or in exile, at least as far as the MSM is concerned. In their place, we get screamers, haters, rabble-rousers, thugs, phony populists, blowhards, alarmists, race-baiters, flag-wavers, conspiracists, fundamentalists, extremists, jingoists, revisionists, wackos, libelers, and dimwits.

I would love to hear from a thoughtful conservative about now--and I do not mean that facetiously. As a person afraid of the excesses of both liberalism and conservatism, I want a reasoned discourse that makes us all think about what we are doing rather than fly away on the basis of empty rhetoric and ideology.
05:15 PM on 10/19/2008
I differentiate between conservatives and neocons. The neocons run the Bush administration, as Cheney and his cronies won the power struggle between Powell and the moderate conservatives. The neocons are for Big Brother government, and though they are afraid of fighting in combat themselves, seem to love to use other Americans' children to fight for military dominance.

Your point about the MSM is great. A majority of conservatives that I see in the MSM are party hacks. Look at the NY Times - Bill Kristol is an unethical party mouthpiece, an unofficial advisor to John McCain, while David Brooks is a propagandist dressed as a moderate, who praised Sarah Palin in his column while bad-mouthing her in private. The newspaper business is failing partly because publishers care little about the lack of ethics.

However, there are other conservatives such as Andrew Sullivan, who has become completely disenchanted with McCain because of his flip-flopping on numerous issues, including his loving embrace of the religious right. There are also traditional moderate Republicans that used to run the party, who had views similar to Colin Powell, that have been exiled as their party has turned into a kleptocracy.

I think traditional moderates, as well as real conservatives, love their country. On the other hand, I think the only things the neocons, such as GWBush, love about their country is what they they can steal from it and its citizens.
12:41 PM on 10/19/2008
He surely did ut "Country First." He acted on the words, and made a detailed case for his decision. I, as mentioned before, am so glad that he mentioned the story about the Muslim American soldier. Thank you.
11:21 AM on 10/19/2008
Colin Powell gets my vote like you say for putting "Country First", against his very core of himself and beliefs. He knows that the McCain campaign is not of a progressive move for this country and he will not go down with the sinking ship and embrace craziness just because its the devil you know.