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Susan Schmidt Baker
10:51 AM on 03/19/2012
Unfortunately, I think that some of these people killing the children before taking their own lives believe in some mixed up way that they are saving their children from the ills of this world. They themselves can't deal with life so they don't think their kids should have to face any of life's challenges either. Very sad either way.
11:15 AM on 03/19/2012
Our weekly story,your 100% right on.We will see this more and more as our great country breaks down.
02:11 PM on 03/19/2012
Sometimes they are thinking of their children, However, such acts are also indicative of extreme anger, a symptom of depression. Sometimes such actions are revenge driven, such as revenge toward a spouse, children's grandparents, etc.
10:24 AM on 03/19/2012
Shoot yourself fine...leave our kids alone please....if U don't want these kids, someone may...just shoot ur own friggen self if U must....ed in tx...
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11:00 AM on 03/19/2012
Don't shoot anybody, not even yourself. Get help.
Prrrr more~Bark less
12:33 PM on 03/19/2012
Where? Unfortunately, there are no good places to get the right help. Ordinary shrinks charge too much $$ and take tooo long.
11:29 AM on 03/19/2012
U right.. just lately, all these friggen parents kill their own kids cause they are pissed about some thing.....then kill themselves...somebody needs help, please ask for it...don't shoot anyone.....
10:19 AM on 03/19/2012
Three children? the question is again, why friends, families have failed those children? if this was carried out by that woman, there should have been some signs of trouble! why none did something before? why? if someone has trouble dealing with life's problems, too coward to face any challenges in life, please if killing yourself is your answer, have some decency and leave the children out of your mind buggling action! no excuses to such a horrible act ,no sysmpathy to those who do that!!
11:16 AM on 03/19/2012
some times it is the only way that they see out of the hell they live in, but i would say that they're coward. I feel so sorry for anyone in that place in like, i know I was once there myself
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11:55 AM on 03/19/2012
well you need a fan and I will be the first:)
12:32 PM on 03/19/2012
Glad to get your reply,and I hope the best for you.I don't just make a judgment based on theory, but I have had a real personal harships in in area not just one area for so long, any one of those issues is enough to be an excuse to go that far as those people keep doing!I hate to bring myself into this, but I'm really sick and tired of those people who kill children as a way out of their da-mn problems! it's life! it has to have problems some times! this is not the paradise! there is always more than one way out.
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12:41 PM on 03/19/2012
She may have had no friends and no family close. For over 30 years I didn't have any family close, they were all in different states. And it's my guess she kept to herself and had no close friendships. So no one would know if her behavior was strange. She is a coward in the worst way for killing those children.
09:06 PM on 03/19/2012
Thank you for your comment, the tragedies of killing children by a mother or a father keeps being repeated! there must be a way to avoid this from keeping happening again!
11:17 AM on 03/20/2012
Here in Kc we have heard that she was quoted as saying she did not want the kids to suffer as she had! Whether that is true or not, I do not know. But, what kind of suffering? On the inside of this situation, was hubby a rat? What suffering was this lady speaking of?