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07:11 PM on 10/21/2008
Blessing to you, Mrs. Dunham.
Thank you for for sharing Barack with us all. I am forever grateful to you for raising him with with values that will assist all of humanity. You are a treasured role model for all of America.
You are in my prayers.
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09:18 PM on 10/21/2008
My guess is that Mrs. Dunham and her daughter had significant power issues. Either they didn't pass on to Barrick or he learned how to deal with them. Who knows, hee may have been living in the UN his entire life. Whatever; it seems to have served him well.
07:09 PM on 10/21/2008
Barry, you go to Toot. We are already voting early and got your back!
06:57 PM on 10/21/2008
I hope she can hold on to see her grandson win the presidency. Those grandparents loved their little brown bundle of joy.
07:51 PM on 10/21/2008
That's what I've been praying.....
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06:57 PM on 10/21/2008
I hope she'll get better, and at least be able to live on long enough to see him inaugurated.
franklin opt
There is no planet B.
06:55 PM on 10/21/2008
Senator Obama, this Buddhist is sending prayers to you and your beloved grandmother Madelyn. My mother, sister and I went through this with my grandmother -- she was the anchor, the mighty oak in our family.
06:32 PM on 10/21/2008
I just returned from casting my absentee vote today, and it felt sooooooooooo good. YEAH BABY!

Here's a GREAT way to support Senator Obama while he visits his grandmother.....

PLEASE start posting on at least 3 blogs, per day reminders to VOTE EARLY and

ABSENTEE VOTE. Refer them to Senator Obama's website for their states

guidelines regarding VOTE EARLY/ABSENTEE VOTE in their state. This is one of

the best ways we can support Senator Obama THIS WEEK by maintaining his momentum.

If we hit big numbers THIS WEEK it will keep him in the news in a POSITIVE WAY.

Let's knock these EARLY/ABSENTEE VOTES out the park this week.

As the song goes, let's give them something to talk about.
06:08 PM on 10/21/2008
Cute pick, she looks so proud of him! Just hang on a few weeks and you'll be the proudest Grandma possible!!!
05:55 PM on 10/21/2008
I love that picture. Look at how much he looks like his grandfather in that one. Just finished watching chris mathews, bill mahr was on. I respect mahrs right to not believe, but I am praying daily that Obama wins. This campaign has really illuminated how far we have sunk to the bottomn right.
07:52 PM on 10/21/2008
Keep praying...
05:48 PM on 10/21/2008
Why to go President Obama.

I have more respect for Obama than any other political figure that I have known in my life. He absolutely knows his priorities.
05:42 PM on 10/21/2008
Obama has clearly demonstrated that it's family first for him, even while campaigning...he speaks to his daughters via webcam every night he's not with them, he took a night off to celebrate his anniversary with Michelle, and now he is taking a couple of days off to see his beloved grandmother. I pray that she sees her grandson elected President.
05:33 PM on 10/21/2008
Senator Obama: I am a 61-year old Jewish Man who shed a tear today when I cast a vote for you -proudly-today!! I only hope God blesses your grandmother with the health to see you win the Presidency on Nov. 4th!! Please,sir, help unite this very divided nation! Thank you!
In this world but not of this world
06:11 PM on 10/21/2008
Thank you sir for your vote and your compassion. Of course, I'm not Obama. But, your vote means a lot for this country of which I am a citizen. Again, Thank you!
06:59 PM on 10/21/2008
Thank you for your compassion and your vote, my American brother.
05:32 PM on 10/21/2008
I hope this gutsy lady gets to watch her boy become president...get well soon Mrs. Dunham...God bless...
05:32 PM on 10/21/2008
05:28 PM on 10/21/2008
I lurked over on the "Freeper" website and honest-to-god, they actually are spinning this as proof Obama is bad, as he is "just going to Hawaii because (right-wing nutjobs) are making a stink about his birth certificate etc etc"
06:11 PM on 10/21/2008
Their grasp on reality is tenuous, isn't it.
05:20 PM on 10/21/2008
And in Colorado, whatever you do,


Bobby Kennedy Jr said, "If your going to mail in your ballot it's better to peal the stamp off and throw it in the trash for free."

Here's his new site:
Here's his buddy's BBC special on YouTube: "Theft of the 2008 Election Part 1"

In Colorado a newly registered person has to put a copy of their ID inside an envelop and then put that envelop inside the official envelope with their ballot to have their vote count. Bobby said hudreds of college students have done this wrong already and had their votes stolen.

Walk in those absentee ballots to a polling place. Bring a snack, a folding chair and friends to the polling places now and on Nov 4th, because,


Yes we can because Toot reared an amazing grandson.

Thank you Mrs. Dunham
05:36 PM on 10/21/2008
Thanks for info ,lets all spread the word.
05:45 PM on 10/21/2008
Isn't there some verification phone number or webpage we in CO can go to, to confirm our mail-in ballot was received and accurately counted?