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If the pilot's good, see, I mean if he's reeeally
09:30 AM on 03/20/2012
I have no problem with tax rates going up or down as required by the economy, but they're turned it into a religion.

Economy's doing well? Cut taxes, we can afford it.
Economy's starting to falter? Better cut taxes to prevent a recession.
Economy's in recession? Better cut taxes to stimulate a recovery.
Economy's picking up? Better cut taxes. Don't want hurt the recovery.
Economy's doing well? Cut taxes, we can afford it........
01:01 PM on 03/20/2012
Progressive Solution:

Economy's doing well? Raise taxes, we can afford it.
Economy's starting to falter? Better raise taxes to prevent a recession.
Economy's in recession? Better raise taxes to stimulate a recovery.
Economy's picking up? Better raise taxes. Don't want hurt the recovery.
Economy's doing well? raise taxes, we can afford it........
01:42 PM on 03/20/2012
You forgot borrowing. Both parties are doing this same game. They borrow and spend like mad yet claim globalization and free trade are somehow working.
If the pilot's good, see, I mean if he's reeeally
05:16 PM on 03/20/2012
Ah, the good old "I know you are but what am I?" comeback.

Always a pleasure to meet someone who appreciates the classics.
09:26 AM on 03/20/2012
Yes, they do have something to say. I understand they are working on a constitutional amendment repealing women's rights to vote, since they anticipate not doing well with women voters.
09:24 AM on 03/20/2012
Thank you for being an intelligent, decent and kind truth-teller.
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09:23 AM on 03/20/2012
The job situation would have improved regardless of Bush/Obama doing anything. You also criticize the GOP for blaming Obama for gas prices? You forget Obama doing the same to Bush? Whats wrong with tax cuts? You realize when Japan's tax cut goes in place, the USA will have the highest corporate tax rate in the world? And you sit there wondering why jobs and plants are leaving the country? For an administration that hasn't laid out their own budget (or at least one that is hidden in other legislation) you sure seem eager for the other side to lay out their cuts.
01:02 PM on 03/20/2012
Excellent points. Fanned.
Former repub, still repenting
09:19 AM on 03/20/2012
A REMINDER WHERE WE WERE IN 2001, before Repubs had total control..

AP) President Bush(another silver spoon Harvard MBA) said Saturday that the most important number in the budget he sends to Congress next week is the $5.6 trillion surplus it projects over the next 10 years.

That huge projected surplus provides the underpinning of all the administration's tax-cut and spending plans, Mr. Bush said in his recorded weekly radio address.

"A surplus in tax revenue, after all, means that taxpayers have been overcharged," the president said. "And usually when you've been overcharged, you expect to get something back." The surplus figure "counts more than any other" in the budget, he said.

Democrats cautioned that surpluses projected over so long a period can turn into elusive fool's gold. And they continued to insist that as it stands the Bush tax-cut plan unfairly favors the wealthy over those of more modest means."

Yes, we were on schedule to be debt free by 2011, paying off the Reagan debt! Instead repubs used up the 5.6 trillion surplus, they acknowledged( and now try to deny), and turned that into 6 trillion in new debt(11.6 trillion swing) and then on top of that handed Obama 1.7 trillion deficit and ten trillion in new projected debt over the next decade along with losing 800K jobs per month, 60,000 closed factories, no private sector jobs created in a decade.
They can never take my panache
09:19 AM on 03/20/2012
OF COURSE Republicans proposed a tax cut. That's all they ever offer.

Republicans want us to believe that if we just cut taxes for millionaire one more time, then THIS TIME FOR SURE it will conjure the Supply-side Fairy to rise up out of the pumpkin patch and flitter across the countryside sprinkling the economy with her magical pixie dust that will ensure that roads and bridges never wear out, that no one ever gets sick and that every single child's test scores are above average.

Republicans are confident that no one in the corporate-controlled media will point out that the "rising tide" DIDN'T "lift all boats" and that after 30 years we're still waiting for the effects of Reagan's tax cuts for millionaires to trickle down to the rest of us.
Charlie Self
09:18 AM on 03/20/2012
Well, sure. But you overlook the names they'll call you and President Obama for making this clear, as well as the digs at the media for publicizing it.
Former repub, still repenting
09:18 AM on 03/20/2012
They spray their tax cuts with their magical pixie dust, that tax cuts pay for themselves and deregulation creates Jobs.. did not under Reagan (and at least when he realized that, he countered with the largest tax increases in history to undo his quick trippling of the debt, took 13 years to correct ) and it did not work under Bush.

Both ended in massive recession and bailouts of the financial markets.

Infact our highest constant growth rate occured at top tax rates more than double today.

They call for the CBO to score their budgets, dynamically, taking into account thier magical pixie dust projections... The projection that the Bush tax cuts would pay for themselves and create 24 million jobs..

The Ryan budget last year magically caused a constant growth rate of 4.5% and unemployment below 3%, never seen before to justify more tax cuts for the rich... and ending deficits in 35 years? LOL

We had surpluses before the last mythical republican budgets in 2001.
09:27 AM on 03/20/2012
Well put. I'm all in favor of lower tax rates when a) our financial house is in order, and b) spending is correctly adjusted (lower defense spending being a priority) and c) we correctly have a pay-as-you-go mentality. You want to go to war? Find a way to pay for it.

I'm okay with spreading costs for plans across a reasonable amount of time (Obamacare being a good example), but you need to start with the funding when you get the program going.

Until our financial house is in order, you can't cut rates - in fact, I believe that we need to raise taxes on the higher tiers until we get the deficit under control. Once we eliminate that debt, we can then cut rates slowly - too big a cut and we fall into the Bush trap. Ideally we'd have a small surplus every year with no deficit - and the government can spend appropriately (Keynesian model) to help minimize tough economic patches.
Promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep..
09:15 AM on 03/20/2012
I would say the Republicans were a sorry lot , if the were not so harmful
to our country.