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11:43 AM on 10/23/2008
Next up, Arizona!!!!
11:42 AM on 10/23/2008
i knew if i waited long enough, i would see the ungluing of arizona, surrounded by blue california, neoblue colorado, nevada and new mexico, and mormon red utah. could arizona actually reject
john (sh)badegg??? could arizona pull a gore 2000 tennessee and reject john sidney mccain 3, the native son???
goldwater conservatives have seen their party subjugated by rovian blusterers, parading before the country a cadre from the bottom of the class at yale, the naval academy and the university of idaho. this is the death throe of the neocon bullies, the exclusionists. it is not pretty. and that's straight talk, my friends.
Dawn Teo
Arizona Politics
12:37 PM on 10/23/2008
Some Republicans, though, just follow anyone with an R next to their name. Others just want to attach themselves to anyone who is currently in power. However, Goldwater Republicans and Reagan Republicans have rejected John McCain for years. This is evidenced by the article also on the front page of Huffington Post by CC Goldwater, the granddaughter of Barry Goldwater. She rightly notes that John McCain does not share the values of her grandfather. Many, many Republicans are realizing that the Bush family, John McCain, and many others were just putting on a charade.
11:40 AM on 10/23/2008
Arizona GOP. Election day, Nov. 4, 2008.
The end of an error.
11:38 AM on 10/23/2008
I just moved out of Arizona to a much bluer state. But, it's still encouraging to see that Sherrif Joe is as corrupt as ever. I like seeing Republicans eat their own.

(BTW, minor peeve: It's Arizona Capitol Times, not Arizona Capital Times)
12:00 PM on 10/23/2008
I thought that was a Freudian slip!! (you know.... capital = money)
11:38 AM on 10/23/2008
I think people are going to be surprised by how close the Presidential race is here in AZ when the dust settles.

Please donate if you can, to Bob Lord, and help put McCain's lackey John Shadegg out to pasture.
12:46 PM on 10/23/2008
I just donated 20.00 to Bob Lord's campaign .... let's help get these corrupt GOP'ers out of office for good!
01:02 AM on 10/26/2008
I just donated $50 to Bob Lord in the hopes of getting John Shadegg out of office.
I WANT to pay $1 million per year in taxes, or mor
11:37 AM on 10/23/2008
when is the talk in AZ about SinSin's lawyer boyfriend in Maryland going to make national news?
01:03 AM on 10/26/2008
What are you talking about? Please give more details.
11:12 AM on 10/23/2008
"SCA"? Sarah Clothing Allowance?
make art not war
11:07 AM on 10/23/2008
Meltdown of the GOP.
10:49 AM on 10/23/2008
A totally disheveled party run by a totally disheveled man - John McCain.
None of these people have a place in governing anything of substance.
They can't even govern their own party.