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11:14 AM on 03/24/2012
With all the damage he did by letting Alito and Roberts out of committee, we have to hear the old white men stories of locker room titilation. Will this sell books?
10:06 AM on 03/24/2012
Saint Arlen, please, don't forget how the CRONIES you have there stuck it to the American people regularly while enjoying their privelages. A rock pile and shower would be more fitting for you and those others in D.C.
Robert McGehee
Take action only when absolutely necessary...
10:04 AM on 03/24/2012
A bunch of priveledged old men running around naked at the baths, gleefully checking each other out -- why, Jimminy Cricket and carrot coffee, makes you long for ancient Rome.
05:55 PM on 03/24/2012
"carrot coffee"? Please explain.
Robert McGehee
Take action only when absolutely necessary...
09:26 AM on 03/25/2012
Thank you for your question. "Carrot coffee" is an old Arkansas expression dating, I think, from the depression years, but may be older than that and denotes something that can hardly be believed. For instance, that one could make a passable coffee from carrots. My granny loved the expression.
call me a proud FemaNazi according to Rush.
09:59 AM on 03/24/2012
Okay, so I have a problem with this, why in the heck are we paying for massages, sauna's, exercise rooms, so on and so forth. Then they "republicans" complain about the Affordable Care Act? Give me a freakin' break!
09:39 AM on 03/24/2012
he is historically one of the most despicable liars, known especiallly for his lies on the kennedy assasination and the warren KKKommission. then all the horrible things he did in the senate and off... i saw him arrive in a european country where i worked. all in a huff because the embassy did not book a top notch tennis player to play with him. the tennis court was not air conditioned. and the car was not big enough. we all laughed at the embassy about how this despicable creature was a senator and how the senate resembled the famed caligula's rome senate... only problem : it was today and it was still happening. oligarchy : the only way to deny democracy.
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10:03 AM on 03/24/2012
09:39 AM on 03/24/2012
I would like to know if he felt any remorse after the virulent treatment he gave Anita Hill during the Thomas hearings. Since we now have a much clearer view of the character Thomas truly is, I think Spector should examine his conscience over the hearings fiasco.
Citizens, Unite!
11:47 PM on 03/24/2012
I disagree slightly. I've always thought Spector should examine his conscience based on Anita Hill's character. Thomas has no character to base an examination upon. Anita did - and still does.
09:32 AM on 03/24/2012
You mean people are buying an entire book with passages like that?? Snooze. Instant remainder table
My micro-bio is a desolate wasteland
09:28 AM on 03/24/2012
pffft, I thought when you said steamy you would be referring to what makes politicians hot - arousing rendevouzs with lobbyists in smoke filled rooms........
Thinking is harder than feeling.
09:07 AM on 03/24/2012
I'm afraid the quotes from his book put me to sleep. yaaawn!
09:00 AM on 03/24/2012
So nice for our employees to have such a lovely gym and massages while the rest of us just hope we can make the mortgage this month! Why do we have to pay for this?!
Robert Turner
News? I hurt the news.
08:58 AM on 03/24/2012
Spector spent a lot of time checking out bods in the gym.
10:11 AM on 03/24/2012
Mental images of all those old pervs running around nekkid---ugh.
Senator Sherrod Brown - My Senator!
08:42 AM on 03/24/2012
I watched him on CSPAN Washington Journal. The interviewer asked him to predict how the Supreme Court might decide on the Affordable Care Act up for oral arguments next week.

He said Roberts and Alito outright lied during their testimony regarding legislating from the bench as they did in Citizens United. It was his veiw that the Court will vote 5/4 upholding the constitutionality of the Health Care legislation. Justice Kennedy will go with upholding the Commerce Clause which allows for the federal mandate. But he wasn't certain, only predicting.

Say whatever you will about him but I think his insight on the Supreme Court is invaluable.
09:27 AM on 03/24/2012
I think his thinking is one of the reasons he was voted out of the Senate.
STOP the politics-- HELP US VETS NOW
08:35 AM on 03/24/2012
Spector, Steamy Nausea
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08:23 AM on 03/24/2012
Think I'll skip breakfast now.
Accept rejection and reject acceptance.
09:22 AM on 03/24/2012
Republican sex: not just for breakfast anymore.
All you need is love...
08:07 AM on 03/24/2012
"Steamiest" and "Arlen Specter" in the same title.

I can only use my lack of coffee this morning as a possible reason for having read this.