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02:19 PM on 03/21/2012
Monster slam dunk?!? LMAO
Blesseth be me, for I art thou TwIsTeD
02:11 PM on 03/21/2012
Slow day??
Don't blame me, I'm not a republicrat.
05:03 PM on 03/21/2012
Every day in women's basketball is a slow day.
Keep the oatmeal I am a Moderate Dem
02:11 PM on 03/21/2012
It is the one play in basketall that takes the least skill. In fact it takes no skill at all and yet announcers and goofy fans go nuts when someone takes what is essentially a shot from four inches away. I love women's NCAA basketball because it is still a team sport, with a lot of skillful passing, fast breaks, sharp shooting jumpers, three pointers and excellent play calling. Brad Griener did nothing good for women's basketball there but it should help him get a better contract in the NBA, or WNBA whichever.
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02:10 AM on 03/22/2012
I'm with you. The dunk is the most over-hyped boring play in sports ranking just below the intentional walk in baseball.
02:08 PM on 03/21/2012
And she didn't get to take three extra steps without dribbling to do it. If travelling were actually enforced in the NBA, the game would come to a halt.
I'm drawing a....what's the word I'm looking for?
02:14 PM on 03/21/2012
Or the guys would learn how to do it properly. The refs don't enforce double dribbling, traveling, palming or anything like that. I guess you can't call infractions on certain players (LeBron, Kobe, etc).
02:27 PM on 03/21/2012
OH, all they do is palm the ball. They could NOT play at all if there were HS rules applied.
Chris Shearin
02:00 PM on 03/21/2012
wow "monster" is no where near the word I would us to describe this dunk, possibly weak? and dont think im hatin cause shes a girl, ive seen chicks dunk much better than this.......
01:57 PM on 03/21/2012
ROFLMAO! Griner is 6'8'' with a standing reach of 9'2''. She only needs to jump no more than 12 inches to dunk a basketball. Who doesn't have a vertical jump of 12 inches?
Class warfare!
01:53 PM on 03/21/2012
It's big news when someone slam dunks in Basketball? You know it must be women's sports.
01:51 PM on 03/21/2012
i have never seen a woman dunk before, she obviously can not generate as much power as us guys as some have suggested below that it was a boring dunk or nothing special, but just to dunk in a game for a woman is a special and rare thing to witness, gd job and gd luck to this young woman
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01:30 PM on 03/21/2012
Andre Agassi once played Martina Navratalova in tennis....he covered the doubles court, she the singles court...He won 6-0, point? what is this monumental, albeit P.C., inferiority complex in women? signed, Helen Ready (sp.)
07:45 PM on 03/21/2012
What's your source? I can't find anything that references Agassi playing Navratilova.
01:24 PM on 03/21/2012
Monster slam dunk???? Oh, please.
01:18 PM on 03/21/2012
that was a boring dunk.... thought i would see something amazing....
12:56 PM on 03/21/2012
`Honey, if I could dunk it, I'd do backflips down the floor.'

You and me both. I'd post it on YouTube myself.
12:54 PM on 03/21/2012
Hecks, i thought the dunk was impressive for a woman to be dunking is very nice to see.
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12:53 PM on 03/21/2012
"monster slam dunk"....?....should have been called for pulling down the rim to make the play !
Tony Moschetti
12:41 PM on 03/21/2012
Okay folks, you need to find the post game interview with this "woman!" I happened upon and heard this masculine voice in an Oregon uniform, and wondered what tournament Oregon was playing in.

Folks, this is not a WOMAN! Watch, and LISTEN to the inerview, and you tell me! If this is a woman, she is a woman in the vein of the East German Olympic swimmers!
Gotta have more cowbell baby!
12:50 PM on 03/21/2012
It made me suspect of her for a bit, because it is so masculine sounding, but Tyson has a high-pitched voice and was never considered a female...but I wonder.
12:58 PM on 03/21/2012
So why the hate? You got a thing about athletic women? Feeling insecure?
01:19 PM on 03/21/2012
no just feeling grossed out