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03:26 AM on 03/25/2012
Maybe those one in eight people can figure out how to create "fire."

Or, maybe they can't. Evolution Theory, anyone? Democrats? Democrats?
07:55 AM on 03/25/2012
Condoms anyone?
08:04 PM on 03/25/2012
hmmm ....
fire needs fuel
fuel is usually wood
wood comes from trees
trees need water
Ronald Malaney
02:29 AM on 03/25/2012
Is not hauling water by hand the greenest way.
having affordable energy to the villages is the only way they will ever have safe water, and this means energy they can afford, without it, 1 person can only do so much to improve their lives, their neighbors, and their families lives. It is, and always has been the same in America, or any where. the peoples progress will only be as fast as their energy source is efficient.
Fred Ross
business owner that creates jobs
01:29 AM on 03/25/2012
Most people do not realize this is the single biggest problem in the world today, poverty, disease, hunger and the inability to go beyond subsistance living keeps people (as outlined in the article) stuck in this cycle. I have been donating to them for years and their efforts are starting to produce results in the form of new technologies for the purification of water without expensive pumping and filtration systems.
07:41 AM on 03/25/2012
Any woman who gives birth to more than two children keeps people stuck in this cycle.
Veritatum Dilexi
03:34 PM on 03/24/2012
I have to say, visiting over 38 countries (some very third world), that we Americans waste more food and resources than all nations combined. It amazes me the amount of food we throw out every day.

And water? Water is now becoming a scare necessity in parts of the western U.S. How bad will it get by 2050 in the entire United States.

I'm filling my pool only once this year and am going to try to keep it spotless by buying an automatic cover. Yes, it's expensive, but water has to be saved and a pool is a luxury, so I'm doing my part. I hope. And my lawn can go to hell.
12:23 AM on 03/25/2012
Sorry to tell you throwing away food has nothing to do with third world countries. Pleade take care of your lawn.
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12:47 AM on 03/25/2012
Sometimes it starts with one little thing. Good for you!
Veritatum Dilexi
08:15 AM on 03/25/2012
Thank you for your kind words. I know people will say how poor can she be if she has a pool and is going to pay $5,800 for a pool cover, but trust me, I am way worse off now that I'm retired. But swimming relaxes me and since I have PTSD I do anything to relax. I love the water. I love being in and near water. I'm like an otter in the water.
08:50 AM on 03/23/2012
The water problem makes a larger amount of effort each day that could be better spent. I think solar stills and uv ray lights would go far, but lay a pipe in most third world countries and then have to protect it from theft. I saw that in Haiti, where running water was uncommon. Garden hoses with anti-bacterial plastic, drilling wells in villages, and the simple act of sampling water, are steps to a more dignified life for poor women and children, on whom the burden falls to. Water helps a community like little else, except solar cookers to reduce wood use. These are simple cost-effective solutions that can pare down the need for so much effort.
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05:00 AM on 03/23/2012
Water sources are being acquired worldwide and at an astounding rate, The Carlyle Group have bought the water source and management of Missoula MT, city of just 30,000. The Carlyle Group is the third largest PRIVATE investment group. GW Bush was once on their board. I suppose he is just a member now, T Boone Pickens bought rights to the Ogallal Aquifer which supplies the irrigation water to 25 pct of our nations cropland, a number of states have passed laws preventing home/land owners from accessing ground water on their own land, Saudi Arabia may be a decade past their peak in their non-renewable "fossil" water, citizens of a village in Central America were charged by a European water management company to drink the water from the well they dug themselves,....etc

"A mask will deploy above you. Put the mask on yourself before putting one on your child."
08:57 AM on 03/23/2012
Right on! And unfortunately in this country, more and more aging systems are sold to these parasites, who take what might be considered a better option for socialism [?] and allow the profit motive and rising costs to be borne by the users, who have to accommodate the need for profit. It is a field dominated by Europeans who have the world bank abuse thing down better than we do.
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04:23 AM on 03/23/2012
Saudi Arabia - Peak water may have taken place in Saudi Arabia already more than 10 years ago.
These news come as a surprise, but not so much. Saudi Arabian food production has been based on "fossil water." It is water from ancient aquifers that can't be replaced by natural processes in times of interest for human beings. Fossil water is non renewable, just as oil is, and it is unavoidable that it has to run out one day or another. Maybe Bush will ship his Paraguay Aquifer water to Saudi Arabi.

Ground-water use has many societal benefits. It is the source of drinking water for about half the nation and nearly all of the rural population, and it provides over 50 billion gallons per day in support of the Nation’s agricultural economy. Ground-water depletion, a term often defined as long-term water-level declines caused by sustained ground-water pumping, is a key issue associated with ground-water use. Many areas of the United States are experiencing ground-water depletion.

06:17 PM on 03/23/2012
When running a Saudi class 2 airport, In was asked to estimate the cost of raising fossil water from below ground, to treat the surface areas of that airport.The airport director wished to grass some ten hectares of it.

I found it necessary to investigate the 'take up' of that water from the below aquifer, and discovered that in five years the table had dropped some four metres this for more or less 'domestic' purposes, drinking, toilets, car washing and general cleaning.

To spray as required, In would need to install a ground net of pipes, reducing to the extent of the runs, and terminating in a spray head capable of covering a circular area of some ten to twenty metres in diameter. The total required would be some 480 'heads'.

I further calculated the take up from the aquifer wouid run the thing dry in less than a futher two years.

Once this was placed before the director, the idea fell. Even so, at the then current rate of uptake, the aquifer would barely last no more than about ten years. This emphasised the need for piped water from a desalination plant some two hundred kilometres away, which I ihs since been installed. But still no grass.
06:22 PM on 03/23/2012
The narrative just written makes me despair whenever I see the TV ads for funds to raise water in African nations where water is only available from below ground sources.

We are raising false hopes with these poorly educated folk, as they for sure will deplete their aquifers after a while, What then can we do to supply water, especially as with false hopes they will probably have ever larger families, and a even bleaker waterless future ahead.
07:45 AM on 03/25/2012
Eat them?
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04:18 AM on 03/23/2012
The U.S. House is hot and heavy on destroying more potable water by fracking, in the production and in the destroyed ability of rainwater to replenish our environment because of fracking areas runoff.

The Missoula Montana glacial water source and management (Pop 30,000) was bought out by the worlds third largest private investment group, The Carlyle Group. GW Bush sat on it's board at one time.

The Bush family has purchased 100,000 acres of the Guarani Aquifer in Paraguay. He installed a U.S. Marine base in Paraguay. This is one of the world's most important aquifers.

T Boone Pickens has heavily invested, $100 MIL + to transport water to Dallas. This doesn't include his purchase of rights in the Ogallala Aquifer that stretches from South Dakota through eigth states into Texas. (*the Ogallala Aquifer supplies water to appx. 25 pct of America's cropland)

Nestle bought water sources from Florida to Maine. In Maine, they pumped the water table so low that some towns taps ran dry.
Fal De Rol
11:49 PM on 03/22/2012
Thanks Guys, you're swell.
This is the real Bearcat - a Binturong
11:14 PM on 03/22/2012
Matt, run for office and blow away some sleazy repubs, you can do it man.
11:02 PM on 03/22/2012
AND deal with your hosepipe issues!

Hosepipe to the Brain | EcoHustler.
Look mom no head!
09:24 PM on 03/22/2012
We should not be building any more toilets that use water. Especially in places where water is scarce. It's a tragic waste. There are many other options much more environmentally friendly. Foam-flush toilets and compost toilets are two examples
Sheldon archer
Facebook name is Yuyun Archer
07:33 PM on 03/22/2012
Don't worry. All they have to do is to pray. Saw a bumper sticker that guarantees that it works.
07:47 AM on 03/25/2012
Jeebus rules!
Hal Wood
07:28 PM on 03/22/2012
Matt Damon sounds deceptive , no one needs to donate any money? Maybe the money comes from the government? that is still from the people. I am calling on all socially conscious rich people like Matt Damon to contribute 90% of their income to these causes. This would still leave him 10 times the average income. Come join with the world and ask the fiscally endowed to quit bleeding the poor in their own country and put their own money where their mouth is. The free publicity alone these richniks receive should also be donated by the rich that try to spend the poors money.
12:34 AM on 03/23/2012
no kidding. "awareness" is not going get water to anyone. It's going to take physical labor and resources.
06:17 PM on 03/22/2012
Every day is Water Day. When you hear somebody advocating the privatization of our water that person is an enemy of the human race.
True and Fabulous
04:25 PM on 03/23/2012
The water in my neighborhood is privatized. We privatized it a few years back, because the town sucked at managing it.

These countries "without water" also lack stable institutions, the Rule of Law, basic freedoms, and yes - *GASP* - free enterprise.

This doesn't occur to people like MATTDAMON, who like to stand in front of a camera in a concerned and thoughtful pose.