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09:03 PM on 10/25/2008
Thank you MS Gold water for putting America first.Each day I am amazed by how many people are casting their vote for Obama because we love this country. At my place of business I work with several old world meditterranean woman who tell me they will be voting for Obama on November 4th because they cannot bear to go back to their country and listen to anti American rants.Never in a million years did I think these women could possibly vote for a black man.
In learning that the New york times endorsed Obama, they begged me to read the endorsement, because they do not read english well, I happily obligied with tears in my eyes and anticipate the possibility of a Black man becoming president, which I thought I would never see in my lifetime.
08:33 PM on 10/25/2008
I am a moderate (libertarian minded) Democrat who would likely vote Republican for someone like Goldwater. Personal rights are top priority with me, and until the Republicans separate themselves from religious morality, I can't even consider them. Do I want to be told how to live, or choose how to live? The term "pro-choice" fits more Democratic ideology than just abortion issues, and fits very little with the brand of Republican that has been around for a while now.

As for using fear to win a campaign, you are exactly right. Like with Bush's campaigns, McCain and his supporters are using a tactic of saying 'vote McCain or the world will come to an end.' That is reprehensible. Are there any Goldwaters who are politically inclined? It would be interesting and novel to actually have to consider which candidate to choose after such a long time of having no choice at all.
08:31 PM on 10/25/2008
My most favorite dream is Barack taking Arizona. Ahhhh, wouldn't that just be sweet...?
10:12 PM on 10/26/2008
..and Alaska. That would be hilarious.
07:25 PM on 10/25/2008
Conservative like Goldwater stood for something but the word conservative has been fouled by the noecons and religious right. Thank-you Goldwater family, you do Barry Goldwater great honor.
04:27 PM on 10/25/2008
Thank you for giving a big boost to the integrity that your grandfather stood for. I am a fairly dyed in the wool liberal yet at age 11, I lead a campaign for your grandfather in my sixth grade class and he won. I am a democrat now but not without wisdom. I can see who is real and straight forward like many have posted above. I feel that we do need to.... now more than ever.... uphold our constitution. We need someone in this highest position who is not only scholastically knowledgeable on the subject but is also clearly walking the talk. we need someone who hold integrity high and is willing to go against the mounting corruption in Washington. I don't see a lot of mudslinging on Obama's part. I get real sense of a man who cares about all of the atrocities and down right criminal acts that have been going on in Washington. I feel he really wants to take the bull by the horns and bring us back to the once great nation we were. I really feel he is our only hope. I imagine your Paka would feel the same.
03:00 PM on 10/25/2008

Thank you for such an honest and open article about what your Paka stands for that you are so proud of. I lived in Arizona for 15 yrs and have always respected the work Senator Goldwater has done for AZ. I hoped McCain would continue the tradition of respect and loyalty to what he truly believes in order to move our country forward, but alas, for the past several months, he has only let me down as a Presidential Candidate. His attitude and campaigning tactics was very disappointing. Your openness tells me that you are a proud Republican, however your decision to vote is truly based on what is BEST for America, for the many and not just for the few.
loves oregon & a green portfolio . . .
12:15 PM on 10/25/2008
Well you did not say you are voting? Thanks for letting me know your Paka supported the woman's right to choose. The trouble with the repressive fundamentalists is that they forgot that the right to choose was given by the Creator who made us different from animals and angels. I say that in that way because it is their own theology. The idea of taking away by government something granted by God and then representing yourself as serving that same deity is just perverse but then to do that and be all cheery and hallelulah and about going to war and doing capital punishment is ultimately revealing of that perversity. My say is that nobody likes abortion. It is horrible and heartbreaking and leaves more scars than not,. But, it is to protect choice and individual responsible and to protect too against back alley coat hanger tragedies.
11:00 AM on 10/25/2008
The rise of the 'Obamacons' fascinates the Economist:
brief candle
07:11 AM on 10/25/2008
You know what. All these people should be apologizilng for what Bush/Cheney have put not only the U.S. through, but also the rest of the world. Every religious organization should be sending a message that the war was a lie, fabricated by the neo-cons. Where is the outcry? The religious leaders have let us all down. The Muslim leaders should condemn Bin Laden,The christian leaders should condemn the hate. No, they are silent, collecting their money from the gullable poor.
09:26 PM on 10/25/2008
Totally agree. Most evangelical Christians make their choice for President based on pretty much two issues-abortion and homosexuality. They are then sucked in to supporting a needless war, denial of global change, a support the already rich tax policy, a denial of civil rights, a loss of habeas corpus, torture of God's children. Polls have determined that of those who attend church weekly vote 85% with the republican candidate. Frankly, this fact drives away many from the church because how can these supposedly God fearing people preach love, turn the other cheek, walk the second mile, love your enemies as yourself be so willingly vicious toward others they have never even met? How many tiny babies and young children have we killed or maimed as a result of the actions of this country? These, I believe, are the very same folks who will be greeted at Heaven's gates with the words, "Depart from me, I never knew you."
04:03 AM on 10/25/2008
This is the kind of good that has come about after all the bad that has happened in the last 8 years. Let's make a difference
12:38 AM on 10/25/2008

Thanks for the kind of honest and very American (in the best of meanings) reaction to the political scene of today. You are doing your grandfather proud. One looks at the tendency of some to practice a politics of divisiveness and vitriol and hopes for a better future - CC, you are part of that future and I hope that more like you are out there, people whom may or may not disagree on issues, but whom also share a love for the fundamental priniciples of liberty and freedom that lie at the heart of our country.

I really didn't see eye to eye with your grandfather on some issues, but I always respected the man as a decent person whom didn't have an agenda that controlled his behavior, rather he had a behavior whose agenda that was respect and love for the Constitution and the principles of human rights that made this country great. Barry Goldwater, like Dwight Eisenhower, were great Americans who put their country before personal or political gain.

I am moved and made more hopeful by expressions of belief like CC Goldwater has made. I don't wear cowboy hat, but I will tip my baseball cap to you and all those who exude the kind of compassion and courage that it takes to be a real American - be they conservative or moderate and yes, even those among us whom are liberals.

May the coming year bring happy trails to all of us Americans.
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12:27 AM on 10/25/2008
I loved your article.

One of my earliest memories is of my mom campaigning for your grandfather. She was a huge fan. She never again felt so strongly about another candidate. She never got involved in another election.

I've never felt strongly enough about a candidate before to campaign but this year, I'm campaigning for Obama.
12:08 AM on 10/25/2008
CC -- Speaking as a loooooong time dyed in the wool liberal, I have to express my respect to you for Barry Goldwater. The Republican party has done a disservice to the entire United States when it adopted "Reagan Conservatism" over the Conservatism of Goldwater. The policies of Reagan have disenfranchised many Americans and the administations of the two Bush presidents have continued the path that have led us to the low point we now find ourselves. Senator McCain's campaign only serves to make a farce of the whole election.

It is my opinion that the Republican Party needs to rethink its roll in American politics if it is to remain a power in govenment. Reagan pointed it in a direction that serves no purpose other than to enrich the "chosen few" over the needs of Americans as a whole. I don't believe that Barry Goldwater would have tolerated the selfishness, greed and elitism of the Reagan conservatism the Republican party has hung it's star on. As I have said the moden Republican party must, if it wants to survive as a voice of the conservative people of America, regroup, rethink its mission, do away with a bad direction and readopt the conservativism of Barry Goldwater to better serve America.
Conservatism is obsolete.
12:01 PM on 10/25/2008
Hear hear.

Read John Dean's "Conservatives without Conscience", a treatise of respect for Goldwater conservatism and how the GOP has been hijacked.
10:57 PM on 10/24/2008
I understand where you are coming from CC. I was a registered Republican for 32 years. Changed to Democrat whe W and Jeb stuck their big noses in the Terri Schiavo situation.

I doubt that your Grandfather would recognize the GOP as it has evolved over the last 35 years.