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09:05 AM on 03/24/2012
Good for FB! I was wondering how they would handle this.
No employer should be able to snoop on their employees like this, it is pure nonsense.
I am happy to hear that their 'attitude' is a "take no prisoners" attitude over this.
The application/resume process should be ALL that is required, it's about the applicant/ employee and what they have to offer to the employer.
Kudos FB!
09:03 AM on 03/24/2012
The ONLY reason Facebook is upset is that they consider the information ( that millions of sheep willingly give up) their property, a commodity to be sold, not given away.
08:06 AM on 03/24/2012
It's so ridiculous to think employers should have access to any social media of an employee or future employee. Why not give them access to you email accounts? Your bank accounts? Your credit cards? It's bad enough that they can see some of what is on your site, they have no right to delve into it. It definitely is an invasion of privacy and I would sooner delete an account then give anyone access. Honestly, this Big Brother thing is getting out of control. In this day and age where employers are already micro managing our work lives and looking to fire you for any reason, we don't need this. Everyone needs to jump on the KEEP OUT bandwagon.
09:21 AM on 03/24/2012
My thoughts exactly. You've got your first fan.
07:49 AM on 03/24/2012
Despite a dismal job market I would never want to work for a company that asked for such a thing. Besides, even if someone was stupid enough to post pictures of a drunken bachelor party does that mean they aren't highly qualified to do the job? I bet most hiring managers have their own histories they don't want their employer knowing about either.
All ways are my ways.
11:04 AM on 03/24/2012
I've seen my share of "work hard, play hard" people. Great at what they do, and drinking like fish on the weekend. Whether I agree or not, it's their lives and their right to do as such.
07:38 AM on 03/24/2012
Yet, those hypocrites will let everyone allowed to view your page know of every comment you make on OTHER people's pages--people they aren't friends with--and announce to them all every photo, post, or page that you "Like."
Charlotte Bonnie
Agnostic. Turkish-American. Classical liberal. Gay
07:36 AM on 03/24/2012
Employees work, provide value to businesses and they get paid for their services in return. That's it. That's the only relationship between employees and employers. We're not your slaves or indentured servants. My private life is not your business. Any employer who demands personal information like that should go to jail.
07:36 AM on 03/24/2012
I hate that Facebook is forcing people to use their UGLY Timeline layout. I left Myspace because they no longer gave the choice of classic layout, they forced you to use their new(then) layout so I left, I will be doing the same thing for facebook if I don't have the choice to use it or not, and so will a lot of other people I know.
10:49 AM on 03/24/2012
And about 700 million other people don't care. So good for you and it's your right- but who cares? Technology changes. Nothing is ever going to stay the same forever anymore. If you buy a smartphone, it will change every few months when the operating system is updated and you won't really have a choice. People need to get over this idea that things need/or will stay the same. Those days are gone. What other company offers you the option to keep the old when they do away with it? If you don't like a new car design do you have an option to keep the old one? When Google changes it's algorithm do you have a say? When amazon changes it's look? When a food company alters a recipe? You don't have a say in any of that, so why would Facebook be any different?
12:43 PM on 03/24/2012
your post was making sense UNTIL you got to this part ("If you don't like a new car design do you have an option to keep the old one?") because YES I have an option to keep the old design, I can buy the OLD DESIGN car.. For a minute there I was thinking you were an intelligent GEEK, but I WAS WRONGGGGGGGGGGG..
Valerie Buchanan
Cold Pizza & Hot Coffee = Breakfast of Champions
04:48 PM on 03/24/2012
You are actually very correct. F/F
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07:32 AM on 03/24/2012
Yeah only Facebook can sell your private information on Facebook! loll
RC Hindle
"Power isn't all that money buys"
07:14 AM on 03/24/2012
I used to work for a Fortune 500 steel manufacturer who, although they never asked for any of my logins, actually had a member of management tasked to look at every employee in the department's Internet activity, such as FB MySpace, Twitter, and so on. Fortunately, I left the company shortly thereafter.

This would be the same company who had a former GOP candidate speak at of of their plants, so I'm not really surprised by all of this.
Clear thinking is best served non-partisan
12:12 PM on 03/26/2012
Many, many companies do that. Right or wrong, it's their equipment and connections employees use. Most are just looking for time usage abuses.
Opinionated and Free
07:04 AM on 03/24/2012
I use Firefox and an Add-on 'Ghostery'
The page you are looking at has 16 tracking cookies. Be aware of what HP does to your privacy.
All ways are my ways.
11:06 AM on 03/24/2012
I use IE9 tracking protection and it works well. When I turn it off to watch the occasional video that can't make it through, I get harassing pop ups from huffpo about linking and posting to FB. I get so offended.
06:45 AM on 03/24/2012
How the heck is this even a question...yes we put info out there. yes it gets shared to make facebook money... but the hell if my employer gets free access to every bit of it... want my phone logs and email while you're at it?
I prefer not to......
06:06 AM on 03/24/2012
Ah, yes...we're hearing from those wonderful job creators that we've been showering with tax cuts for 11 years.
06:11 AM on 03/24/2012
06:43 AM on 03/24/2012
What the.... WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH??????????????????????
05:57 AM on 03/24/2012
If you think Face Book isn't sharing information about you, if they can make a buck; have another think! Ha! Lol. Face Book is about that money. Use your head; do not place things on the Internet that you don't wont them returned.

Money is the God of those of us who are capitalist; simply look at the political climate in 2012. Even the POTUS and all the people after his job need billions and billions of advertisment dollars for the tv mogals so what makes you think they care about your security if enough money is involved?.
05:37 AM on 03/24/2012
If any prospective employer asks/demands any information from you that is private and personal, you do NOT want to work for them! That would be just the tip of the iceberg.
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I don't answer (to) libs.
05:30 AM on 03/24/2012
No so-called company demanding a right to intrude in someone's personal life is worth working for. Imagine what they could do to you do later on.