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Hospice volunteer...
01:28 PM on 10/26/2008
This boils down to civil rights. Nothing more. Nothing less. Vote No on Prop 8.
07:35 PM on 10/27/2008
Nope, in CA they have ALL the civil rights, just not the title. Same sex couples are seeking normalcy. Give a inch and you'll get pushed over. Where is society to draw the line?
Vote Libertarian
12:39 PM on 10/26/2008
The only reason this whole thing is even an issue is because government meddled in the institution of marriage in the first place.

We create contracts in the private sector for all manner of transactions and relationships without any involvement of government at all. Why then is a marriage contract subject to so much government oversite? It is essentially a contract between 2 parties just like millions of other types of contracts. I really cannot even see the value added of such government oversite.

So once again we are witnessing an attempt to fix a government issue that was really created by government in the first place.

I guess we will never learn
11:36 AM on 10/26/2008
we need all the allies we can get :)
11:04 AM on 10/26/2008
VOTE NO on Prop. 8 !!!!!!!!

The LGBT community are my brothers and sisters....we take care of each other....and we will fight this with teeth and nails,and with our str8 allies ....we will unity and keep fighting the uphill battle.

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08:41 AM on 10/26/2008
The "marriages" that are "destroying the sanctity of marriage" are those Larry Craig "marriages" of convenience & concealment, designed to silence suspicions!!!

The GLBT Community EXISTS! It ALWAYS HAS and it ALWAYS WILL!!! They are a NATURAL variant of ALL "God's" creatures! They are as much a BLESSING as Pious Palin's Downs Syndrome child. "God" doesn't make mistakes!

The GLBT Community should NOT have to "choose" DISCRIMINATION (out of the closet), or DISHONESTY (in the closet)!!!

The GLBT Community should NOT have to live a LIE, in a LOVELESS LIFE, just to satisfy the SANCTIMONIOUS sexual sensitivities of HATEFUL HOMOPHOBICS!

"It became clear a few weeks ago that right-wing extremists were pouring millions of dollars into our state to attack our fundamental freedom to marry."

How might their "God" have spent those MILLIONS OF DOLLARS? ...

"If you do away with the yoke of oppression, with the pointing finger and malicious talk, and if you spend yourselves in behalf of the hungry and satisfy the needs of the oppressed, then your light will rise in the darkness, and your night will become like the noonday." Isaiah 58 v 6-10

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non-violence takes guts
08:30 AM on 10/26/2008
We support you California. Show us the way to fight hatred and discrimination.

We less enlightened parts of the country will get it someday and will be embarrassed by our past actions.
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artist, writer, adventurer
09:13 AM on 10/26/2008
How about Florida? It's on the ballot THERE too.
Some people are wise, and some are otherwise.
04:58 PM on 10/26/2008
And Arizona, for the third time or something. Now they snuck in the word "union" also, which could really have ramifications.
Made It To 2013
10:53 AM on 10/26/2008
Already voted NO on Prop 8
Made It To 2013
11:17 AM on 10/26/2008
Being straight with a straight thought, Prop 8 is unjust to people no matter who they are.
I think, I am
07:57 AM on 10/26/2008
That is false. After the election you can ask him yourself.

He's a constitutional lawyer by trade, you know. He knows the law better than me, and I have memorized it backwards.

He's also a politician. How many politicians running for POTUS apart from Dennis Kucinich have used the term "marriage" to define what we all know is a civil partnership, no matter what sex or religion you are?

Unless and until the vast majority of people actually comprehend the legal definition of "marriage", it'll always be a tough sell.
I think, I am
06:57 AM on 10/26/2008
A marriage is a civil union/partnership. My husband and I exchanged non-religious vows 20 years ago in the presence of a licensed registrar, signed a register and were given a document headed "Marriage License". Being a member of the legal profession I recognize the document for what it is: a certificate proving we went through a certain process which establishes legal kinship.

We have no children (by fate, not design - but that is irrelevant).

What do you call this union? Because it doesn't matter what name you attach to it, it is what it is.

If it makes you feel better, for the sake of adhering to the Fourteenth Amendment, my husband and I could take a case to the Supreme Court demanding that all marriages be henceforth called "civil unions" or "civil partnerships". Of course, that would entail a hell of a lot of paperwork, but as a matter of principle it would be worth it just to prove that the attachment of the word "marriage" to heterosexual civil unions is a matter of emotional semantics, not of law.

But you don't really want that do you? Why the fuss? Why do you want to call the same thing different things?
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06:45 AM on 10/26/2008
What is wrong with people in America? Every person, whether gay or straight, should be treated with respect and dignity. We are denying equal rights to American citizens in 2008 and that ain't right. I say, if you do not support "gay marriage" then you should not marry a gay person, but gays should have the same rights as every other American. If my neighbor, who is gay, marries his gay partner, it is not going to make me love my beautiful wife any more or any less than I do now.
09:32 PM on 10/26/2008
It is a no brainer that another persons marriage does not change the way you feel about your spouse. I also feel that every person deserves to be treated with respect. I am concerned with the potential repercussions in the event that prop 8 does not pass. Churches and individual are already being sued for their religious beliefs. It will only get worse if prop 8 does not pass. One of the founding tenants of this country was religious freedom. I do not want to loose the freedom to worship who or how I choose. My religious beliefs may be silly to others, but they are very important to me. I do not criticize others who have a different religious persuasion. The rights, tax benefits, and otherwise were already available for same-sex couples when the California Supreme Court said it was unconstitutional to prevent them from marrying. By not allowing them to marry they will not loose those things. I will vote yes on 8 to protect and preserve my religious freedoms.
all acts of love and pleasure are my rituals
11:13 PM on 10/26/2008
Guster, you are misinformed. As it is now, no one can force a church to marry whom they don't wish to marry. This has to do with the secular institution of marriage. It has to do with the rights granted by the state. As you probably know, churches do not grant rights, the state does. If H8 fails, as it well should, your right to your beliefs and to worship as you wish will not be affected one iota. The pro H8 people have fabricated a bunch of lies to convince everyone that churches and theists will somehow lose their rights if it doesn't pass. This simply isn't true.
The rights available under domestic partnership that you're talking about don't go far enough. They require lengthy procedures to establish and are vulnerable to being contested.
You should ask yourself why your religious beliefs should be imposed on me if you wouldn't want mine imposed on you. 'Cause that's all this is: someone else's religion enshrined in the Constitution in order to deny others their right to "THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS".
I think, I am
06:29 AM on 10/26/2008
This is great news but we cannot be complacent. If anybody you speak to considers voting 'yes', ask them how gay marriage will affect them personally - ask them to really think about that one. The answer is, it won't at all. Nobody will have preference over another, nobody's going to promote one lifestyle over another...this is about equality, not extending special privileges.

The most effective argument in the case of my elderly parents was a reminder that not so very long ago, most states had anti-miscegenation statutes which had been found unconstitutional by SCOTUS in 1967. And the same applies here. The Fourteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution de facto protects gay marriage and no referendum in California or any other state is going to change that.

It really hits home when we remind taxpayers that their money will be spent on the protracted legal battles which will ultimately culminate in SCOTUS deciding in favor of gay marriage in the same way and for the same reason they found for the Lovings in 1967 in Loving v Virginia. Nobody likes to think of their taxes being wasted on a case which is already decided - which was already decided and ratified by Congress in 1868.
06:28 AM on 10/26/2008
There are a lot of posts here, so mine may get lost. However, I have written to editors of Bay area and valley newspapers about no on prop. 8, and I feel strongly. My 16 year old marriage and family is no way threatened by same-sex marriage, and equality should prevail. I am continually impressed by the people in my city speaking out for environmental issues, and working with all people in the community, and it turns out that they might like to get married too. Some of them are not interested in the opposite sex for marriage, and they should have equal rights.
05:57 AM on 10/26/2008
This is a resounding slap in the faces of those who claim to want to protect the sanctity of marriage. Divorce has become so synonymous with marriage that people forget that the commitment is a life-long pact.

If two young adults are allowed the freedom to marry due to unfortunate circumstances, such as an unplanned pregnancy, why aren't two persons of the same gender afforded the right to marry due to positive circumstance, such as love?

I'm willing to bet, a majority of people know MORE straight divorced couples than they do a same-sex couple in a committed relationship. So, what's the big deal about denying them that right?! What's wrong with teaching children the fundamentals of treating everyone as equals.

Teaching elementary children about gay-sex in school has exactly the same countenance as teaching about straight-sex. It's not right, and it's not done. I would hope all parents raise their arms in defiance if their child were being taught about sexuality without their PERMISSION. Why is this lie being spread? And worse off, why are people buying it?

Prop 8 = Hate
Vote NO
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03:27 AM on 10/26/2008
sorry about the msp and typos. i pressed post before rereading - sorry
07:25 AM on 10/26/2008
it happens
03:22 AM on 10/26/2008
I'm quite pained by the support prop 8 gets by so many whom I have fought for for so long... I support civil rights and have for my entire life. I support immigrants. It's religion that makes the difference.

Abraham, Martin & John:
Another beautiful sunny day!
03:01 AM on 10/26/2008
As Democrats we believe in equal rights So this Prop should easily fail, since we outnumber republicans in CA it shouldnt even be close. Equal rights for ALL, Gavin for Governor!