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04:04 PM on 03/30/2012
Must be a slow news day at the HP.
Watching the Friend count drop ...
03:41 PM on 03/30/2012
What the McF***?

No, literally. What the McF***?
The Horror. . .The Horror. . .
03:09 PM on 03/30/2012
Darn it! There's free money out there, somewhere. And i'll sue anybody to get it.
02:23 PM on 03/30/2012
Seriously? LOL! People just have to put the blame somewhere don't they?
Christian, liberal lawyer
01:40 PM on 03/30/2012
I find it absolutely hilarious that the author of this article describes this lawsuit as if it has some merit to it. The complaint is linked on Courthouse News Service. It is drafted by an attorney who is obviously mentally ill and who probably has had disciplinary action taken against her by the state bar in the past. The allegations are simply ridiculous, once you get to them. This lawsuit shoul be tossed in the same pile as the ones by people suing God for making them miserable.
Can you put your country before your party?
01:13 PM on 03/30/2012
I'm trying to understand this. Obviously if she just had a crappy job and got fired, you can't blame the employer for what you did after. But it sounds like the manager person had something to do with prostition? Could we get some clearer writing here?
10:36 AM on 04/01/2012
It's the answer to your question is "no"...
I don't belong to an organized political party.
12:40 PM on 03/30/2012
In the United States, you can sue anyone for anything.

As silly as this lawsuit is, the fact that she can sue is a good thing. If the government can decide that a person cannot sue for something, huge corporations will promote laws saying that you can't sue because some company puts anti-freeze in baby formula.

If the government decides that there should be limits on what a judge or jury can award for damages, then huge corporations will promote limits to damages against a multi-billion dollar corporation that poisoned the water supply for a whole county.

But, just because you can sue doesn't mean you should win.
I pledge allegiance to the poor!
01:20 PM on 03/30/2012
Actually there was a once healthy man who lobbied with hospitals to limit that amount of malpractice judgments to $250,000.00. They were successful. Years later he himself became a victim of the law that he helped have pass, when he had to sue and later admitted that the maximum amount that he received wasn't enough and eventually died.
The Horror. . .The Horror. . .
03:11 PM on 03/30/2012
Karma. . .
04:27 PM on 03/30/2012
There is a place for litigation to redress grievences, but the broad application of tort rules and the seeming ability to sue anyone for anythig does way more damage than it helps in totallity. There has to be a reasonable way to create tort and lawsuit reform that allows it to work as intended, insted of being, in essence, a lawsuit industry for trial lawyers to feed upon like vultures on a decomposing elephant. This is the world that trial lawyers and progressives have crated though, so we reap what we sow!
I don't belong to an organized political party.
06:20 PM on 03/30/2012
I'm not so sure.

Seriously, McDonalds is probably going to put one of its more junior in-house lawyers up to defend this, and if it gets all the way to an actual hearing, it will be because of all the publicity.

The problem with limiting either court access or damages is the question of who decides what is reasonable? Corporations do not have consciences, they have bottom lines. The possibility of a large lawsuit makes those companies act as if they have a conscience. No, not always, but without that threat, companies that do try to "do the right thing" are at a disadvantage.

And, there really isn't evidence of an out-of-control lawsuit industry. Yes, there are lawyers advertising for clients on television, but there aren't huge settlements being handed down on a regular basis, and on those rare occasions when an outrageous award is given, the appeals process brings it back down to something more reasonable.

It seems to be an article of faith with some folks that trial lawyers are bringing in billions of dollars in awards, but the actual numbers don't back that up.
12:26 PM on 03/30/2012
How does one get 'browbeat' into being a hooker?
11:57 AM on 03/30/2012
This is the latest in a series of attempts to find fast-food chain restaurants responsible for just about every ill in society. Each of these law-suits is a blatant attempt at trying to capitalize on the low popularity of these establishments. In this instance the impetus should be on the state to have living wages (with the determined minimum wage) rather than on individual employers to increase their wages accordingly.

11:35 AM on 03/30/2012
Everyone is sue happy. Sounds to me like she is looking for a HAPPY MEAL TICKET!
10:12 AM on 03/30/2012
Ok, it is time to blame Bush for this one too.
Speaking Truth to Groupthink
12:17 PM on 03/30/2012
lol. Nope. Obamacare

Under Obamacare, thirty companies and organizations, including McDonald's (MCD) and Jack in the Box (JACK), won't be required to raise the minimum annual benefit included in low-cost health plans, which are often used to cover part-time or low-wage employees.

"Handley "emotionally and psychologically" coerced Lynn into prostitution in part because McDonald's paid her minimum wage, offered a poor health care plans and no benefits and had no system for filing grievances against employers who abused their power, according to the complaint."
Can you put your country before your party?
01:10 PM on 03/30/2012
Good job with the copy and paste. You've managed to make a fantastic link between a health care law that is so new it hasn't even been implemented yet to a case that happened over twenty years ago.

Obamacare is so bad, it will travel in time and kill your grandma!
01:21 PM on 03/30/2012
You can't blame Bush or Obama for something that started 20 years ago.
09:17 AM on 03/30/2012
Hmmmmm, does anyone see a connection here? She went from selling McChicken's to selling at the Las Vegas Chicken Ranch brothel.
I pledge allegiance to the poor!
01:22 PM on 03/30/2012
Did McChicken exist twenty years ago?
02:23 PM on 03/30/2012
@loffypeofaview, yes the McChicken did exist 20 years ago. It was introduced in 1980 and lasted for a few years and then re-introduced in 1988.

So since it did exist, now you can laugh!
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equal-opportunity Independent heathen
08:23 AM on 03/30/2012
Just when you think you have seen it all, something like this comes along and makes you wonder "How in the world did we get to this point?"

What the heck ever happened to personal responsibility? This woman had choices when she worked at McDonald's, but did not make the choice to leave. And what really gets my goat is that people like her actually have the right to vote and also procreate!!!!! Yes, they walk among us -
09:48 AM on 03/30/2012
"This woman had choices when she worked at McDonald's, but did not make the choice to leave."

You're judgmental without knowing more context.
What ever happened to common sense?
05:37 AM on 03/30/2012
Sounds like she's suing the wrong party. Why isn't she going after her ex? And why wait 20 years to file a complaint? It wasn't the fast-food giant that forced her into the business of moonlighting..she chose to follow that path, obviously encouraged by her ex. My guess is that after 20 years of selling herself, she's no longer considered desirable, and wants a monetary reward to keep her comfy in her old age.
04:58 AM on 03/30/2012
What was the old joke? "Hey son why you selling weed instead of working like everyone else?"
"Buddy you already using my product?"

Amazed how many jobs now are less than 40 hours to save the company money on benefits, and the ones over 40 have benefit packages that cost to much to afford.