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08:50 PM on 03/31/2012
Modern Republicans, like Congressman Ryan, do not understand money and the creation of national currencies. So we liberal Democrats need to propose a competing comprehensive budget to not only close the deficit but begin to pay the national debt.

A budget that does not raise taxes, cut programs nor inflict austerity on the country. It must be in strict compliance with the Constitution, operated and tested for more than a century, successfully standing numerous challenges in the supreme court, their final findings approved by, none other than, the Heritage Foundation. Best of all, this budget plan was originated by Republicans.

• Pay all federal employees, elected officials and people in the military along with all federal benefit like Social Security, Medicare and Veteran payments, plus any block grants to states in American money issued directly by the Treasury Department.

• Use the budget surplus this action would produce to begin buying back government bonds at discounted book value.

• Sharply limit inflation resulting from this action by increasing the fractional reserve requirement of commercial banks, up to 10% per year, until their reaching 100% reserve requirements for all lending.

• Make the U.S. treasury the lender of last resort, converting the Federal Reserve to a true agency of the government, its role as clearing house for checks and a monitor of the commercial banking. Use the interest from government lending as tax-free revenue.

• After the nation debt is paid off, greatly reduce or eliminate most federal taxes
09:02 AM on 04/01/2012
Yeah. Monetize the debt. Some more. Brilliant.

BTW ... apparently you never passed ARITHMETIC. Tell me, how do you propose to CALL THE LOANS when you reduce the Reserve Requirement...? Let me guess ... just forgive them!

Please ... for your own sake, delete your post before anyone else sees it. It's embarrassing.
Mom Taught me - Question Everything - Thanks Mom!
08:23 PM on 03/31/2012
Rep. Hoyer,... with all due (limited) respect,...

If you all (Democrats) could pull up your training pants like big boys and girls, or had managed to have done so any time over the last 10-20 years to actually START to address these issues we all knew would be coming (Medicare costs, budget defecits, unregulated and spiraling medical costs, real enegy policy,.... they list goes on and on,...),..

THEN maybe the Republicans wouldn't be in position to do something this absolutely NUTS now?

I remain ashamed to have voted for you the one election you had the year I lived in your district,....
08:44 PM on 03/31/2012
The republicans have been doing things that were absolutely NUTS since Reagan. The democrats twiddled their thumbs then too.
Send in the clowns...Don't bother they're here!!!!
09:15 PM on 03/31/2012
Dear Darka.......... it the Republicans that want to cut taxes for the wealthy while slashing programs for the Elderly, poor and middle class. They are the ones sitting on the toilet waiting to go but have not been toilet trained.
Mom Taught me - Question Everything - Thanks Mom!
11:01 PM on 03/31/2012
And the Democrats are right there next to them wme. They are both reprehensible in their own inter-related ways.
never moon a werewolf
09:37 AM on 04/01/2012
Potty jokes?/ Good lord what are you... 5 years old?
08:02 PM on 03/31/2012
I don't think Hoyer has actually ever seen a budget.
08:32 PM on 03/31/2012
Why do you say that?
09:36 PM on 03/31/2012
Do you even know when we last had a budget? Thats why!
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Molon labe
08:01 PM on 03/31/2012
the senate is required by law to submit their budget EVERY year.
It's three years now they have not done so.
Terre Watt
Marshmallows and republicans share the same DNA
12:42 AM on 04/01/2012
How interesting..ytou must have nissed this:
09:10 AM on 04/01/2012
April 2009 ... THREE YEARS AGO. Sheesh.
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Molon labe
07:58 PM on 03/31/2012
Yea Steny and you and your dem party promised us more deficet spending.
What happened instead was a MASSIVE spending binge, laid on the next 2-3 generations.
The interest costs alone will....

and now you wish to blame others.
Shame on you, Pelosi, Obama etal
07:49 PM on 03/31/2012
We did notice obama's budget was voted down 414-0 in the house last week.
09:20 PM on 03/31/2012
This was one Republicans idea of what Obama's budget was. Based upon some radio entertainers
comments .He presented it and called it Obama's budget. Everyone laughed and in less than 15 minutes they determined that even the Congressman that entered it for a vote was not voting. There must have been something of value they could have done in that 15 minutes but they love useless gestures such as the Paul Ryan Blueprint which he admitted would increase the deficit unless some mystery undetermined loopholes where closed and unless incomes magically went up substantially to make up for the lower taxes he is proposing.
07:30 PM on 03/31/2012
Wake me when someone votes yes on a DNC budget proposal.
07:08 PM on 03/31/2012
Any bleaker than the one the dems have? Oh thats right, they don't have one and haven't in over 3 years. So Mr Hoyer maybe you shouldn't talk about budgets.
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Always Forward
07:24 PM on 03/31/2012
Every the President presents a budget, every year.

Every year the Republicants have thrown it out and made up their own.

If the Republicants are going to toss the Presidents budget, why should the Senate take up the Republicant budget?
08:59 PM on 03/31/2012
Uh, the President's budget was defeated 414-0 in the House. Lot's of Democrats voted against it, too. Must have been a pretty bad budget, don't ya think?
never moon a werewolf
09:23 PM on 03/31/2012
...' Every the President presents a budget, every year.
Every year the Republicants have thrown it out and made up their own....'

Please present the links showing that is what the republicans did in 2009 & 2010.
07:51 PM on 03/31/2012
We might ask Hoyer to ask Sen Reid real nice, pretty please with a cherry on top, to submit a budget. Though we know that Reid would prefer the electorate not to know how irresponsible he is.
06:39 PM on 03/31/2012
Im not sure I can articulate what the Dems plan is. I guess it is tax the millionairres which reduces the deficit by about 20%. After that, what is the Dems plan? Do they have any plan for getting the Fed budget under control?
An ExConsumer by choice
08:05 PM on 03/31/2012
The Dems will be the same as the Repubs.......Entitlement Reform once re-election is no longer a concern.
08:37 PM on 03/31/2012
No way. They don't have the backbone. The only politicians that look like they have the guts to address our spending addiction are the young repubs. I'm not saying their solutions are the right ones, but they have guts. I can't think of a dem who has the guts to propose significant spending cuts/reforms. They are primarily panderers to those who believe the free lunch can continue forever.
Who Honest
06:38 PM on 03/31/2012
Republican Budget Represents a Bleak Future for America?

Meaning one where the government and the country DO NOT GO BANKRUPT?

I want that "bleak" future!
09:15 AM on 04/01/2012
Bleak for government stooges....
Progressive is good; regressive, not so much.
06:24 PM on 03/31/2012
The completely negative thought processes of Republicans are beyond me. Hate, fear, war, etc - all so sick!
06:23 PM on 03/31/2012
Rep Hoyer is much too kind to the Republicans. They are greedy, fanged beasts bent on dragging us into perdition.
06:15 PM on 03/31/2012
What garbage. Democrats can't even pass a budget in the Senate... which if it is not criminal it should be. Reid would look good in jail.

Democrats are going to have to return to fundamental honesty if they intend to be taken seriously. We need different opinions is the country... but lying on the facts won't support any position. Steny - if you don't like Ryan's budget, what is yours? How is it going to make our lives better? How will it balance the budget? Honor Social Security, Medicare, retirements... and still provide jobs & prosperity for future generations?

Tell us, Steny?
Here's Johnny, the wrench in Social Media
05:56 PM on 03/31/2012
Who's worse, the con or the conned?
A happy dem
05:53 PM on 03/31/2012
99% of congress and senators are millionnaires and the republican plan will certainly benefit them. they dont care about the american life in this country as long as you dont touch their money. We need to get rid of them all. Sorry to burst your republican bubble but their plan will also decimate millions of republicans especially if your a boomer or senior.
06:30 PM on 03/31/2012
I am a senior and a 'boomer'... and certainly NOT rich - Stats show that Democrats are richer than republicans.

And Ryan's plan better serves my long term concerns than obama's... or 'never-budget' Reid... or 'break-the-budget' pelosi. Someday, someone has to pay for all this stuff... and the kiddy crowd in control doesn't appear to realize that.