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left coast, usa
10:07 AM on 03/30/2012
Yes the Augusta National, home of flowers and privileged golf. Where at one time the only women and blacks were in the kitchen. Now it’s just women. Give them another hundred years.
Your BELIEFS do not trump my RIGHTS...
10:01 AM on 03/30/2012
Looks like we now have a site for the 2016 GOP Convention!!
09:45 AM on 03/30/2012
There are literally thousands of women's organizations who preclude men from becoming members. The Augusta National Golf Course is no different. What's good for the goose is good for the gander so to speak.
10:40 AM on 03/30/2012
Which ones?
10:53 AM on 03/30/2012

This one for instance
10:58 AM on 03/30/2012
That's really a ridiculous argument. Let's have examples. If you mean something like the LPGA...well that's just silly because as far as I know, no otherwise qualified man has ever sought membership. Go ahead and apply. Let's see what happens.
11:21 AM on 03/30/2012
It's more of an observation. I'm not talking about participating in the LPGA. Women are allowed to play golf Augusta. They aren't allowed to join the private men's club which is not different from the thousands of women's only clubs in the US. Just what is the difference? Men don't clamour to join those clubs because they don't have the same interests. I find it hard to believe the women who want to crash the party have the same interests either.
Honey Badger Don't Care!
09:40 AM on 03/30/2012
Allow women in but don't change the golf red tee boxes.
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09:39 AM on 03/30/2012
It's a private club. That's where they all hide out, and if you have enough money and are not colored, you can escape to the halcyon days of Jim _Crow and good ol' boys, and separate yourself from the "hordes" of untermenschen. In those clubs, people of color (i.e. janitors, cooks, caddies, drivers) all know their places.
08:59 AM on 03/30/2012
The truth is, IBM and Augusta National deserve each other.
Consider the source and rise above it!
08:41 AM on 03/30/2012
Sexism is alive and well in the good ole Southern boy sport. Augusta needs to come kicking and screaming into the 21st century. Why any woman would pay to watch this tournament is beyond me.
09:51 AM on 03/30/2012

I want to join this club. Why won't they let me join? Why is this different?
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dignity to all people
12:11 PM on 03/30/2012
Maybe wear a dress and try again... Or use common sense when having a discussion....
08:40 AM on 03/30/2012
"I'm not saying women should be allowed to be members. And I'm not saying they shouldn't. Simply stated, I don't have enough information at this time to take a position. Lastly, a shout out to my fellow working class Americans, Bill Gates and Donald Trump."
-- Mitt Romney
11:03 AM on 03/30/2012
That's very good. Nice work!
The world is run by cats; we just feed them.
12:58 PM on 03/30/2012
Fanned. It could be a direct quotation.
07:23 AM on 03/30/2012
Keep the women out they will only ruin a good thing. If corporate sponsors drop out the masters will do what it did years ago and air with out commercials. What will it prove if women are allowed in? Absolutely nothing.
07:57 AM on 03/30/2012
Exactly how would women ruin it? This woman broke the glass ceiling and deserves every perk that comes with it. Goodness, the club doesn't even allow Tiger to be a member. Clubs can allow in it who ever they want, but they said that they'll allow the CEO of IBM - they didn't say "only if the CEO is a white male"!!!!!
09:09 AM on 03/30/2012
They will come in with their namby pamby liberal attitude and want to change things. By the wya tom watson cant be a member either.
12:48 PM on 03/30/2012
They didn't allow Tiger Woods to be a member? I'm pretty sure he is.
Your BELIEFS do not trump my RIGHTS...
10:02 AM on 03/30/2012
So I am guessing you are a member in good standing of the He Man Woman Haters Club.....
10:08 AM on 03/30/2012
I dont hate women. I hate the fact that they feel they have to be everywhere. They are like the gays in that respect.
04:34 AM on 03/30/2012
I just fail to see the point here. Agusta National wants an all male club. Let's see .... i bet they pay more in taxes than they get in federal aid .... wait .... they dont get ANY federal aid. Hmmm .... so in a country where we tout freedom from the highest mountain .... we have a group of men that want to have a club with no women members ..... they do it on their own time and with their own money ..... but we cannot allow this because? Me personally? I adore women ..... i have several working for me and they are among the highest paid employees i have ..... they are also good at their jobs ...... I prefer to watch the LPGA over the PGA .... the players are much better looking and it makes the sport less boring for me. Who CARES what Augusta National Country Club does? You dont lke it? .... dont go there .... Peace to all ...... even if I dont agree with their policy ..... I agree with their right to make the rules for their own private club.
08:34 AM on 03/30/2012 an accountant, I "bet" they pay Very Little in corporate taxes. Augusta National uses a very reputable accounting firm that utilizes and maximizes ALL the TAX loopholes to their advantage and bottomline they pay very little taxes.

With Augusta National doing whatever it takes to keep their "men only" tradition in tact it makes one wonder just what all those "men" do in the locker room??? HMMMM
Debbie Shoemaker
bleeding heart and proud of it
09:27 AM on 03/30/2012
That's what I think....the boys of Augusta want their "alone"'s just a high dollar bath house.
07:02 PM on 03/30/2012
As a business owner, I know that I pay a LOT in taxes. I make enough to pay a lot in taxes but not enough to hire tax concheatants. Ha Ha. What I dont understand is what does anyone care what a particular group does or doesnt do in their own private club?
The world is run by cats; we just feed them.
01:04 PM on 03/30/2012
People are not - mostly - saying that Augusta National is doing anything illegal. What they are doing is discriminatory and hard to understand. Why would a sports facility prohibit women from joining? NASCAR might be able to prohibit women from attending races, too, but why would they?
Excuse me while I whip this out
04:23 AM on 03/30/2012
This same club did not allow a Black man play in The Masters until 1975 and did not have it's first Black member until 1990. You have to ask, what are these rich white men afraid of?
Gary Johnson 2016!
03:50 AM on 03/30/2012
It's a private club, they can chose to have whomever they want become a member....
CONGRESS...The best government money can buy !
06:49 AM on 03/30/2012
I won't belong to any organization that would have me as a member.
Groucho Marx
The world is run by cats; we just feed them.
01:05 PM on 03/30/2012
That is not the point. The question is why they are so fearful of allowing women to join their boys' clubhouse.
03:35 AM on 03/30/2012
Btw, why do people who are not in the 1% argue so vociferously for this policy? The rich guys are laughing at you for fighting their fight for them.
03:28 AM on 03/30/2012
I don't understand the problem. Golf's the most girl-like sport on the planet. Why not let women into the club?
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03:22 AM on 03/30/2012
does the woman even play golf?
Mild und leise wie er lächelt
07:35 AM on 03/30/2012
Yes she does.