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10:39 AM on 04/04/2012
So glad no NFL cheerleaders tried to sleep with me during high school. I would have been completely traumatized.
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10:26 AM on 04/04/2012
Oh, I can just look at the picture and tell you she's innocent ... someone give me her number so I can call her and tell her how innocent she is.
Dede Eagleburger
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12:32 PM on 04/04/2012
LOL!! you're too funny!!!
01:03 PM on 04/04/2012
so is it safe to assume your not well behaved?? :)
08:44 AM on 04/04/2012
She better get God into her life soon...
10:23 AM on 04/04/2012
wow. she better get someone older the 18 in her life because thats why shes there, LOL
12:31 PM on 04/04/2012
a cop is nothing less then a lying piece of gagabe any way you look at it and most americans who surport them are too.
Big Oil/Energy Killed Economy
07:51 AM on 04/04/2012
I can only say that I wish I was the judge in this case. He must handle it with "kid gloves". If the kid said he didn't, and she said "she didn't". Well, "Houston, I think we have a problem". I can see the defamation lawsuits already! If I was the judge, I'd feel like I "must" make a plea bargain, to try to save the state, school and police cash that they could definitely lose: "Hey Sara, how about a probation before judgement"? If you can work here in my chambers for 3 months after court-hours and cheerleading practice, we will give you a clean slate". If she were to say, "okay", I'd say, "darn, I'm the luckiest judge in the world"!!!
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07:40 AM on 04/04/2012
That's the thing about journalism, if they can't find something real to print, film or record, they make something up to get people to read, watch or listen to false reports. This woman denied ever having a relationship with this boy, the boy denied it and his family, so what's the big issue of it? Now, she's gotten her face in the papers, more exposure and law suit against the ones making the accusations. I wish her well in her suit, if she decides to go ahead. She deserves to have her name cleared by all media.
10:22 AM on 04/04/2012
What's the big deal? She's being charged with a crime that she says she didn't do. The "victim" said she didn't do it." The "victim's family says she didn't do it. If found guilty, her career is ruined and she's classified legally as a "sexual predator." . That's the big deal. And if she did do it, how old is the so-called victim? If 16 or older, he's of the age of consent and the only "law" that's broken is a statist nanny law that criminalizes sexual relationships between teacher and student.
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09:50 AM on 04/05/2012
What I said was "so what's the big issue of it?" If the media hadn't made a frenzy of it, it would have been kept in a quiet way thru the courts system. Someone leaked it out and now her face is plastered everywhere and her life is ruined. No matter what she tries to do to clear her name she will always be labeled a sex offender. I feel sorry for her. The boy... he's getting the back slapping from his buddies, thinking that he got this "babe" in bed, when he himself knows it's not so, but he'll smile and walk away and say nothing at all to his buddies in her defense. Typical male. Why not tell the truth, be a man about it and tell everyone including the friends that it's not true, but of course, that would ruin his chance to be the Big Man. In the meantime, her life is ruined and she has to hide. You tell me, what is she to do now?
04:44 AM on 04/04/2012
luckiest fricking high schooler ever.
02:11 AM on 04/04/2012
I hope the student is OK. I cannot fathom how troubling of an experience it must have been to be intimate with this woman. Please let us all keep the boy in our prayers and hope he recovers from this traumatic experience.
03:30 AM on 04/04/2012
No need. The boy denies that it happened. His family supports this woman and agrees that this did not happen. Therefore... No sexual abuse happened...
Think lucky and be lucky
07:17 AM on 04/04/2012
Fairly certain HRN-STL's intention was humor.
Disregard anything I say, for it's simply absurd.
06:05 AM on 04/04/2012
Really, I feel like 1/2 the people who comment never read past the headlines... Please, just for the sake of not looking like an idiot take the 5 minutes needed to read the story! I am not trying to be mean or even call you out, but you gotta at least know what your saying when your saying it. Please...
01:08 PM on 04/04/2012
Why would you read past the headlines?? These garbled horribly written stories are brutal to try and comprehend.
practice Aloha
01:05 AM on 04/04/2012
over zealous right wingers going after a grain of sand while allowing the corporate criminals to get away with bloody murder....or its ok to shoot and kill an unarmed 17 year old boy but its a crime for two consenting people to knock boots? I say no harm no foul and to the young man, high five. Leave this woman alone creeps and go after something serious.
01:10 PM on 04/04/2012
No kidding, there are probably 10 meth labs within 5 miles of the courthouse and they are taking up time and resources for someone that had sex with a dude a few weeks before he turned 18
12:23 AM on 04/04/2012
Teaching is a position of trust . Whomever violates that trust should be punished whether it's a hottie a nottie or a fatty
10:50 AM on 04/04/2012
I absolutely agree with you, but you have even the alleged student saying it didn't happen. Maybe he's lying to "protect" her, or maybe he's telling the truth. If he's telling the truth, then there's not "violation of trust" to punish.
01:12 PM on 04/04/2012
If the school system want to discipline her that is their business, but this does NOT belong in the courts.
Edwin Keever Jr
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11:48 PM on 04/03/2012
She'll get a few years in prison the kid will get a few years of high fives!
Kenny Wright
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11:47 PM on 04/03/2012
Don,t feel sorry for miss.Jones...Her bank account will grow as a result of this publicity
Kevin Rayburn
03:17 AM on 04/04/2012
actually it already has. i am kind of wondering if she is still working for her lawyer, maybe not seems like he ended up disbarred over some stunt he pulled with the bar association.
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11:38 PM on 04/03/2012
Deep in the heart of Dixie will now have a sordid meaning for me

thank you, Ms Jones

Got KY?
12:23 PM on 04/04/2012
Me and Ms. Jones...we got a thing going on
10:15 PM on 04/03/2012
This is Kentucky, he could have been a 25 year old high school senior.
Kenny Wright
I love investing
11:40 PM on 04/03/2012
That's a good one...I like that
09:49 PM on 04/03/2012
Senior in High School? I can assure you that no male senior in HS was 'Raped' by his hottie cheerleader teacher.
09:29 PM on 04/03/2012
Why are they bothering with this if the family is saying not to and nothing happened? Such a waste.