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01:04 AM on 11/03/2008
I watched two of the Presidential debates and the Vice Presidential debate on CNN. CNN had a tracking system that registered the responses of a focus group of undecided Ohio voters. The system tracked the cumulative reactions of men and women separately and registered their reactions, over a graph located on the lower portion of the screen, as each candidate spoke. Positive reactions to the candidate’s responses tracked above a neutral line and negative reactions dipped below. Whenever either candidate went negative during their responses, either in their answer or demeanor, the focus group reaction for men and women was almost always down. I think a significant portion of the electorate is tired with negative campaigning and is turned off by the practice. Going negative only serves to excite the more base elements of each party. Clearly the barrage of negative ads from the Republicans is an act of desperation and a throw back to the Carl Rove days of successfully redefining your opponent though character attacks and false associations. I don’t believe it will work this time. But sadly the practice will have the undesirable affect of hardening the polarization of the undiscriminating element of the electorate. The consequence of this despicable practice is that there will be Americans who actually hate their President, even before he takes office not just disagree with him. That sort of hysteria induce dissatisfaction can do nothing but harm the Republic.
11:32 PM on 11/02/2008
Republicans need to just take a break, regroup, and decide what they really stand for.
11:20 PM on 11/02/2008
I've decided to avoid doing business with McCain supporters, those with signs or recorded contributions to McCain or the RNC. Hmmmm.
10:19 PM on 11/02/2008
Same thing here in VA!!

Obama should have defeated this silly association a long time ago by saying how ridiculous it is. I've been going to the same church for 10yrs. My pastor is pro-life and against divorce. He believes wives should stay home. However, that's not what I believe but I still go their because of the community service and because there are sermons he preaches that are just what I needed to here. My wife still works but she still go to the church.
08:59 PM on 11/02/2008
I'm going to bed, its been marvellous, i think as i always have left-of centre..please vote for Barrack
Infrared hair, UV shades, SPF 110 dome.
09:43 PM on 11/02/2008
Good night!
08:55 PM on 11/02/2008
08:45 PM on 11/02/2008
The U.S. of America has a lot of sick people out there. I don't understand why it's so awful to have a black president. White people trust black peoples to teach their children in schools, trust black people to drive them around on buses or trains, trust black peoples to fly them around on air planes. Give the man a chance and maybe in the end you will see he's not such a bad person. He could do no worse than the white men that have been in office.
08:36 AM on 11/03/2008
Good advice. The invective condoned by the McCain campaign and certain media outlets is going to make it more difficult for Obama to prove himself. The silver lining would be a clear mandate that would repudiate the message of hate.
08:38 PM on 11/02/2008
In chosing Palin mccain committed a breathtaking act of irresponsibility
08:55 PM on 11/02/2008

From a U.S. M. C. Veteran
08:33 PM on 11/02/2008
The republicans are swift boating Obama like they did Kerry. they attacked kerry for being a war heo, but they praise mcCain for the same. Vote obama on tues and end this negativity.
08:18 PM on 11/02/2008
More shocking is that Buchannan has been bleating on UK TV saying mccains performance is (paraphrasing) CRAP.and that SP was an egregious mistake
07:49 PM on 11/02/2008
Please everyone say a prayer for light of God, saints, and every sacred soul who has ever lived to watch over Obama and Biden and to prevent darkness of McCain/Palin from prevailing in the same malignant spirt that Bush, Cheney, Rove has done over these past 8 years. Rove is still orchestrating evil from from the peanut gallery and we need to retire this very ill soul.
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07:44 PM on 11/02/2008
07:14 PM on 11/02/2008
Latest BBC forecasts...this is FAR from over.....if people believe in the polls they are misguided. People must VOTE...god help us this is NOT over...take your house contents to the queue.. but queue this must not be pinched
05:56 PM on 11/02/2008
why doesn't John McCain talk about the real issues...all he does is attack Obama...McCain is a dirtbag!!!
07:37 PM on 11/02/2008
I"d thought McCain was an honorable man.
He proved me so very, very wrong.
07:51 PM on 11/02/2008
No, check out his past...there are records of his misdoings by various professors and journalists who are not bought out by right wing corporate media. I have spoken in the last year with senior military people and what they say is very reflective of Arethusa's comments.
06:37 PM on 11/03/2008
Then you've never actually looked into the man. It took me five minutes of reading about him to understand that he is empty and always has been. Which is part of what makes him so dangerous.
04:49 PM on 11/02/2008
By the time Obama is done the only thing left will be the change in piggy bank.
05:04 PM on 11/02/2008
maybe you won'y have money, but other people who need it will. Maybe you can ask Palin if the witches can get you some money!
06:45 PM on 11/02/2008
Better yet, just tell God you need some money. Where's your faith? If you're not already an evangelical right wing christian, become one, that way you can just get everything you need from God and not worry about what's in your piggy bank. Oh ye of little faith!! (all said with with a generous dose of sarcasm).

On a more serious note, have you checked your piggy bank lately? The "free market" and Republican sponsored deregulated finance sector have already robbed it, you know. Your 401(k) plan is probably down to a 105 ($) plan now. If the Republicans stay in power, they'll not only completely empty your piggy bank, but they'll be knocking on your door to take the empty piggy away too.
06:25 PM on 11/02/2008
Excuse me, but for millions of hard working Americans, that is all they have left after 8 years of Republican rule. Oh, by the way, the last Democrat that was in office left America with a surplus in the budget which Bush and his aministration of criminals have managed to squander and push so for into the negative that we may never get out of debt. No shut up!