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Religion is a tool of the evil.
11:36 PM on 04/09/2012
It's been $4+ a gallon in Indy off and on for the last 3 weeks.
10:37 PM on 04/09/2012
give the go ahead to build some more refineries,,new companies only,,no exxon,,no bp,,plenty of millionares to invest
12:30 AM on 04/10/2012
good luck geting the fed gov to say yes
WE built that, yet the GOP says "quittin' time"?!?
10:24 PM on 04/09/2012
Gas already hit $4, John. This isn't new...
07:45 PM on 04/11/2012
Why did you blame Bush, and why do you continue to do so today? Liberals are hypocrites.
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10:11 PM on 04/09/2012
well, drats, that will drive up the price of all the plastics and carbon graphite they use in the Volt.
10:11 PM on 04/09/2012
high gas prices hurt the economy.

if most Americans did not drive a long distance on vacation this summer, the price of gas would go way down.

I saw this happen, don't remember what year it was, it was in the 60s
09:50 PM on 04/09/2012
This is price gouging and we all know it. Its also time for the states attorney generals to start doing their jobs and suing the oil companies. The USA exports more oil than all the middle eastern countries combined annually. There is no peak oil, old wells have already refilled themselves. Start calling your attorney generals office and demand they do their jobs. How long are we going to stand for this?
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10:18 PM on 04/09/2012
How is Obama going to reduce the price by raising the tax?
Then why are we importing from Saudi Arabia and Venezuela? Why is Venezuela's Valero the largest recipient of the ethanol subsidy? Why are Obama and Clinton begging the Saudi's to release more oil to the US?
Why has the time to permit gone from 3 months to 1 and a half years and then expire?
Why is Obam's only effort to reduce demand be tied to 13 failed solar companies, two failing auto projects while shutting off any new drilling?
12:30 AM on 04/10/2012
hear hear!
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12:37 AM on 04/10/2012
Why dont you visit ND. If you can find a hotel room. You will find low unemployment and thousands of Canadian's drilling new wells. The companies cannot find enough educated able and willing workers or roughnecks locally. There is so much Oil within 80 miles each side of the ND and Canadian border that the price is only $65 a barrel. So much natural gas they burn it because they cant give it away.

Why is this' well it is because the Republician Governer of Nebraska would not allow the Canadian Keystone pipeline to cross the marshes of Nebraska.

This embarassed the GOP so they tried to force Obama to force the pipeline plan through it was an outright lie that the Feds were stopping the pipeline the GOP wanted to divert attention and blame to the Feds.
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12:04 AM on 04/10/2012
Price gouging? The oil companies run on about a 6% profit margin. That is about middle of the road for most industries. The federal government makes more off a gallon of fuel than the oil companies do... so who is price gouging? It is funny how the left always has to have a bogeyman.
12:31 AM on 04/10/2012
well put
04:35 AM on 04/10/2012
I agree...the Federal Governement makes about forty cents a gallon on taxes and the Oil companies make 2 cents per gallon. I looked it up. Yes the Oil Company profit margin is 6 to 8% which is the norm for any industry. So the leftists will disregard any inconvenient truth and keep up the Obama Mantra of punishing oil companies. What a demogogue !!
09:28 PM on 04/09/2012
$5.00 a gallon is not far off.
Truth is stranger than fiction
10:03 PM on 04/09/2012
Here in CA, it hit that point some time ago. Where I am, it is $4.59
12:36 AM on 04/10/2012
Come oooooonnnnn $7 a gallon gas. I can afford it for a few months, just through the end of the election.
Organic Jen
09:26 PM on 04/09/2012
And the oil companies made how much last year?
10:06 PM on 04/09/2012
way less than Apple, how about you go after big lib money instead.
11:20 PM on 04/09/2012
How much did the fed make off the tax of gas and oil?
09:23 PM on 04/09/2012
I pay $4.79 where I live. I looooooove it, I am an environmentalist, I am glad people will drive less.
11:25 PM on 04/09/2012
well since your on the internet then you must be on the grid and the high cost of oil and gas will still affect you, you may not pay for gas but your food bill, electricity. even if you have a garden and solar panels you will risk higher prices so do us all a favor and go off the grid.
08:49 PM on 04/09/2012
What part of drilling is so hard to understand.....more supply less price.....not really that hard????
12:31 AM on 04/10/2012
well said
08:42 PM on 04/09/2012
as of Monday, Obama has hit one more Carter benchmark - both saw gas prices double in their first and only term of office.
12:32 AM on 04/10/2012
great post. the only thing obama is missing is the 444 days
08:32 PM on 04/09/2012
Its been $4/gal for weeks and weeks where I live in CT
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08:27 PM on 04/09/2012
One would think that if this happens EVERY YEAR, that the refineries would STOCKPILE supplies for the coming year, then the prices wouldn't go up....oh wait, that is totally against the GOP and their big oil employers, you know the 'jobs creators'.
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10:19 PM on 04/09/2012
Ever heard of a tank farm?
12:34 AM on 04/10/2012
gov regs make it tought to build storage tanks. there use to be a lot more
08:26 PM on 04/09/2012
I live in SoCal. We've been paying over $4.00/gal for several weeks now. I got gas last week and paid $4.15/gal, or $42.73 to put approx. 10-1/3 gallons in my Toyota Corolla - the cheapest place in town.
I do not know how people with kids, long commutes, etc. do this!
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10:21 PM on 04/09/2012
that corolla is the best. It beat out hybrids and all other cars in fuel efficiency. Ours was a tin can, beat up, with over 400,000 miles and still got over 35 miles to a gallon. We finally gave it as a gift to a family that lost everything in a flood. I bet its still running around.
11:30 PM on 04/10/2012
AIPAC certainly doesn't care. Their sanctions on Iran are helping drive the price of gas way higher.