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08:40 PM on 04/10/2012
If I WIN a fab Gryson bag, I can use the money for the hard wood floor buffer I've been eyeing. Can you think of anything better than buffed floors and a cool bag?
05:23 PM on 04/10/2012
I was first introduced to Gryson handbags when I started working at a boutique in Virginia in 2008. There was a particular bagged that I longed for, and though I was making only 14$ an hour I decided that I'd start saving and maybe, just maybe, it'd be there when I had enough money. Everyday I walked by this bag, steered my clients towards other bags and prayed no one would buy "my" Gryson. All my co-workers even tried hard to encourage their clients to purchase other bags. About 3 months went by and I was less than one paycheck away from making this glorious purchase, when it of my coworker's clients purchased the bag I had coveted for over 3 months. Just like that, something I'd worked and saved for was taken by someone who didn't even hesitate at the price. I was heartbroken to say the least. For weeks I tried to track down this same bag, but to no avail. As the months and years went on I slowly got over it, but every once in a while I still remember that bag, and this contest brought all those feelings back to me!
This Gryson bag would surely fit into my lifestyle as a Naval Officer's wife, and European traveler, we are fortunate enough to live in Germany and this bag is perfect while on the go. And perhaps this bag would fill the void of the bag that I missed out on!
04:51 PM on 04/10/2012
Falling just five dollars short of the actual price of my rent, the gorgeous Maddie bag would be a dream for a poor fashionista like myself. I just moved out to LA three months ago for my dream internship to begin my career in fashion. Of course, the move has wrecked havoc on my meager savings, and I've been forced to quit my shopping addiction cold turkey. While the change has given me a chance to perfect my thrifting and consignment shop searching skills, nothing puts a smile on a fashionista's face like a designer bag. With my pockets empty, my Gryson bag would just be carrying my hopes and dreams and larger than life ambition. Of course, I know Maddie could fit it all.
04:14 PM on 04/10/2012
A spring handbag is a must! This year I can't fit a new bag into my budget so I have been cleaning and buffing past years purses. I have been looking at thrift stores for a vintage bag I could afford so winning a Gryson would be amazing! I would plan outings and outfits around this gift. Please pick me, I would give this special handbag the love and attention it deserves. Thanks for your consideration.
03:54 PM on 04/10/2012
Pick me!! Lucky number 3 the Mabel Bag is beautiful and the green color is exquisite and fresh for all year round. If you pick me i promise to love and care for his bag with TLC lol . I love bags they are my life. My Bday is coming also so this could be a nice pick me up after everything i have been through.
03:53 PM on 04/10/2012
Those handbags actually cost MORE than my monthly rent, INCLUDING utilities! ha-ha! I certainly LOVE to win one, considering I'd never be able to afford it on my own. Thank you for the great giveaway! :o)
03:31 PM on 04/10/2012
Not sure what it takes to be the best commenter, but am I first. Does that count?

Mabel is gorgeous, BTW.
03:11 PM on 04/10/2012
Finally, handbags that are effortlessly beautiful, yet incredibly practical for day-to-day needs. And the three-pocket Riley could not be more perfect for my three do-not-forget-to-leave-the-house-without-these: keys, phone, wallet. Clever and gorgeous -- thank you.