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11:40 AM on 11/06/2008
"the 200th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln's birth..."

This just gave me chills, let's hope our President Elect remains safe so he can fulfill Lincoln's vision of a truly United America. I imagine he will have the tightest Secret Service detail ever.

Meanwhile if you appreciate the writings of JRR Tolkien and are thrilled about Obama, you might enjoy this tribute.
The Lorax
malama na aina
11:39 AM on 11/06/2008
My birthday is 1/20. Thanks to all of you for giving me the best birthday present ever! I wish I could attend inauguration but I couldn't afford it, the last 8 years has left me broke. Broke but not hopeless. :)
12:37 PM on 11/06/2008
An early Happy Birthday to you then!
The Lorax
malama na aina
10:30 PM on 11/06/2008
Thanks, darlin'! You better believe I'll be celebrating good times that day no matter where I am.
10:59 AM on 11/06/2008
Ok, for those planning on attending...I suggest you call your districts rep and get info on the tickets. I just called mine and although they don't have details yet they are putting people on a list. We'll see if it'll work but try all avenues!! It'll be worth it!
12:03 PM on 11/06/2008
I called my senate office (I called the DC number) and they said they weren't sure how many tix each state would get, and how they would distribute them -- first come first served or lottery etc.

But they did have a waitlist, so start calling.
02:35 PM on 11/06/2008
I just got my email from my congressman Bobby Rush. Im on a wating list to get two tickets. I hope I get one. If not im still going. I wouldnt miss this for the world!
10:53 AM on 11/06/2008
Does anyone else think that these elaborate inauguration festivities with the parade, & numerous balls is a waste of time and money?
I'm all for the ceremonial seriousness of the swearing in function. It's good for the country & it's people, that a tradition like this is maintained every four years. But given today's environment, and the crazy people out there, putting Mr. Obama in a bullet proof limo and going down a street where the manholes have to be welded shut to protect him and the family seems like a lot of work for little benefit. In addition, the whole inauguration event seems geared to Washington insiders and lobbyists. The very people that Mr. Obama shunned during the campaign.
And as for the many balls at the different hotels, I'm sure it benefits the Washington DC economy, but it's a concept that is past. Real people don't attend balls. Perhaps a celebration held at a stadium, with more control over the environment and attendees, with special performances by America's best artists both young and old, televised across the nation, would help bring us together and showcase the importance of the arts, even when the economy is stumbling.
12:09 PM on 11/06/2008
I disagree. If people want to do the inaugural galas, let them. I may attend the one for my state if it is reasonably priced. If not, there will be plenty of other things to do. (And I think I qualify as a "real person"!)

But the address and the parade are as democratic as it gets. Free, open to the public, and everyone there gets to be a part of history. Maybe the symbolism is a bit oversold, but it draws from the very best of America- the peaceful transition of power. Few places on earth can you not only have a complete transfer of power from one side to the other in such an orderly, controlled manner, but all its citizens can stake out a spot and witness it firsthand.

This is democracy's shining moment- and if you don't care for the parties don't go.
Ignorance is no excuse for the law.
12:24 PM on 11/06/2008
Good points. The Inauguration should be simple, short, and free of the usual frills and nonsense. What better way to signal that we all need to tighten our belts, get real, and get to work. We can party when the troops come home from the Middle East and when the economy is in better condition. Look where the last 8 years of one drunken, drugged frat-boy party has gotten us. If Obama is wise, he will use this occasion to demonstrate that his administration will not be about Washington parties and that a new frugality will characterize his rule.
10:46 AM on 11/06/2008
A new hope. It's appropriate that we should be reminded of a president and an event who made it possible for most of us to live life in peace, joy and plenty. It seems that we now take the next step forward to not only return the privilege of such things as living in dignity and joy, but to enable those not so fortunate to be able to reach for the brass ring and get it! It's a new day, a great day!
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10:40 AM on 11/06/2008
Can't wait for 1/20/09.

Here is my tribute to the candidate and his family. (copy/paste to address bar)

Artist, Metalsmith, Activist, Politigeek
10:50 AM on 11/06/2008
Beautiful! Great song!
10:30 AM on 11/06/2008
Get John Williams to compose it. As long as he doesn't mixes in Imperial March from Star Wars then it should be a hit.
10:21 AM on 11/06/2008
My husband started making contacts Wednesday morning!! I want to go!! I'm hoping to even get to one of the balls. He works with a lot of people in the Democratic Party so I have high hopes!!
10:21 AM on 11/06/2008
I would gladly sleep on a park bench in sub-zero if I could get a ticket. This will be so unbelievably moving and historic. I AM SO PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN!!
10:20 AM on 11/06/2008
This is a perfect theme. How wonderful to commemorate those who came before and those who struggled and died for the freedoms and rights we enjoy today.
10:09 AM on 11/06/2008
I hope he doesn't push the GOD part. America includes people who believe in other things, or no God.
Know Your Interests, Vote
11:16 AM on 11/06/2008
President Elect Obama never pushes "the GOD part" ... haven't you realized by now that he is a reasonable man having the good sense to know that people believe as they will ! His good judgment and inclusiveness is what makes him a special person representing ALL !
10:09 AM on 11/06/2008
PERFECT.... absolutely Perfect!
bagger, please
10:05 AM on 11/06/2008
this whole entire thing just keeps on getting better and better =)

i will be high on this for a very long time...
09:56 AM on 11/06/2008
Since there have been many posts about attending the inauguration, here is a link to info:

You can sign up for email alerts there. Bottom line is to call your congressional office or senate office (they may not be set up yet to actually know what the process is, but you might figure out when you should check back)

There are 250,000+ tix for those on the mall, but there will be overflow with jumbotrons outside the security (ticketed) area.

And for those of you visiting my former hometown of DC for the first time to attend- it always seems to be BRUTALLY COLD on inauguration day... but it will be worth it. To those making plans- see you there on Jan 20th!
09:27 AM on 11/06/2008
When I heard that it was going to be a Lincoln theme I smiled.
I sincerely believe Obama is Lincoln reincarnated - call me crazy, silly, what have you...but not only does he kind of look like him, he seems to have the same quiet warmth.
I was looking at the pictures of Obama with Babies, and they showed some with the children looking up at him, his hands on their shoulders and you could only see the back of his head (and those cute ears) and it just reminded me of Lincoln.

How wonderful that so many things have come to pass this year - Hillary Clinton's giving her speech on the anniversary of granting women the right to vote..Barack's nomination acceptance speech on the anniversary of MLK's speech.
I feel many many things have come full circle - it was almost as if this was all written in the cards - this was our destiny as long as we made the right choice.
And as the knight guardian said in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade "You have chosen....wisely."
Know Your Interests, Vote
09:48 AM on 11/06/2008
Bravo ... well said, well taken !!
10:02 AM on 11/06/2008
I secretly agree with you!