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05:53 PM on 04/18/2012
A large percentage of children HAVE NO MANNERS !
06:01 PM on 04/18/2012
So don't a large percentage of adults. Especially the ones that take up, physically, more than one seat.
05:33 PM on 04/18/2012
More affordable air travel has caused people to develop a sense of entitlement to the experience--because they paid "good money" for their ticket they are somehow granted license to treat the cabin as though it were their living room, and this attitude is reflected in their children. Any person who flies frequently or is imbued with a sense of respect knows full well that there is an etiquette to be observed while flying. I don't think that relegating families to a certain area of the plane will solve the problem at all--as many people have pointed out, obnoxious children are accompanied by equally insufferable parents. Most children can be calmed and appeased with some kid-friendly activity books and maybe an in-flight meal designed for children--both KLM and Virgin would supply these when I flew as a kid and I stayed parked in my seat for hours. Correcting the disrespectful attitudes of the far more numerous adult passengers is, in my opinion, the solution to every gripe I have regarding air travel. You bought a plane ticket--flying, like driving, is a privilege, not a right and thus REQUIRES you to behave with respect and decorum towards your fellow passengers and the flight staff. Start with a lesson in manners for the bratty adults and I think you'll find that the children will catch on quickly.
03:48 PM on 04/19/2012
Yes! Some of my more entitled acquaintances get their feathers ruffled when I tell the that a plane is just a "big bus in the sky." They shoot evil darts from their eyes because, hmph, they would never be caught in a regular know...those long public transportation vehicles that move people from point A to point B?

I also agree with your sentiment that if adults set the example, children will follow. So far, I think the adults still need a lot of work. :)
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05:27 PM on 04/18/2012
Why can't the airlines reserve early morning flights for children? Give the families a discount and give the rest of us a little peace. Flying near a screaming unruly child is enough to make you go postal on it and then whose gonne look like the bad guy?
05:16 PM on 04/18/2012
Kelly's post was about charging parents more not about making special accommodations for families.

Having a special section for families is fine, just as long as all passengers traveling with children are required to sit there, and nowhere else and pay an extra fee.

However, we are kidding ourselves talking about anybody receiving a special accommodation from the airlines. I mean, they still stubbornly refuse to accommodate the disabled, even though they are legally required to. They would rather pay the DOT fines for violating the ACAA than comply.
06:03 PM on 04/18/2012
Why the heck should I pay extra fees for my kid? Who takes up less seat space and behaves very well, thank you, than many adults do. Ever sat next to the drunk who takes up one and a half seats? Now there is a real issue worth discussing.
07:20 PM on 04/18/2012
Calm down. I meant to say "aren't required"
05:10 PM on 04/18/2012
Great idea it will help on flights were parent do not contain their children.
05:02 PM on 04/18/2012
Last year I took the flight from Hell on Lufthansa. I personally pay for my flights so I fly Coach and Coach on Lufthansa would be more aptly called animal class. There is 10 inches of clearance between the seats and for seven hours I had a screaming three year old standing on the seat in front of me and screaming in my face. The parents ignored the child. After seven hours of this inorder to prevent strangulation of the child I complained to a flight attendant. I was told Sir: its only a baby!! Thats the last time I fly Lufthansa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Definately seperate the people with kids it might prevent a murder!!
04:58 PM on 04/18/2012
my answer is no
05:17 PM on 04/18/2012
You obviously have not been on a flight next to a screaming child for 3 hours.
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04:52 PM on 04/18/2012
All I can ask/offer is parents and "pro-kids-& more important issues thanthis on planes" etc speakers .. How many people are flying on vacation WITHOUT children for the specific reason to garner a little time AWAY from all their own child-rearing pressures, crying infants/younger toddlers etc? What is worng with a separte area for each passenger type. Incidently, I don't agree with all those who keep chanting the mantra that the annoying children are the few ... Too many are not being taught/raised to socially interact appropriately in public venues. I CONTINUOUSLY an plagued by run-loose toddlers in diners/cafes where the parents sit and chinchat while their kids run up and down the aisles, climb in and out of unccupied boothes AND occupied booths with NO notice or control of the parents. I have too many times even had small children reach up and take a french fry off my plate or ask for a drink of water or my iced tea or milk. It HAS casued me to cut back on my dining out for lunches to relax and reward myself a meal I don't have to cook. And I am talking 10 -12 varying size and settings eateries of differing locations and neighborhoods.
06:07 PM on 04/18/2012
You obviously have not perfected the art of saying "No" loudly to the offending child and then equally as loudly telling the parent(s) to come corral their child. Then call for the manager about such an intolerable situation.
Bio Typed In Invisible Ink
07:41 PM on 04/18/2012
I DO say no or other words, directions FIRMLY and politely, but to NOT "bark loudly" at others kids. Parents today are too ready to throw things, start fights, act a worse, larger-sized examples of their children. The owner/managers are not always on site to be available. And there are so many of them in todays social ME/I am entitled society that I have since altered my diner visits to an hour before or lafter the normal breakfast & lunch times. THAT way, almost every meal out is not 1/2 babysitting someone elses kids and eating, but much more simply enjoying a peacful ocassional meal out.
07:00 PM on 04/18/2012
The problem goes both ways: bad parenting and/or spoiled, sugared-out junk food filled, tantrum throwing kids. I grew up on airplanes as my Dad was a Flight Engineer. We were TAUGHT to behave.

Too many times I've noticed parents not taking a stand and PARENTING, just letting the kids run wild. There seems to be a disipline or respect problem. Parents don't think their little 'darling' is doing anything wrong; meanwhile most of the plane is all for stuffing the brat into the trash chute! What IS the matter with you? You're the Mommy - DO SOMETHING!! Oh --- but the other passengers, of course, have no right to complain because, as someone said above, it's discrimination.

Then again, there are parents/children that are just fine.

Let's face it: most kids have a very short attention span. The tiny ones don't understand the pressure changes in their ears and I feel bad for them. But the parents who are of the do nothing, say nothing bunch: do us all a favor and DRIVE instead of fly!

YES -- to answer the question: a "Kids" or "FAMILY ONLY" area in the back of the plane is just fine for me. Better yet..., why doesn't someone have a KIDS ONLY AIR LINE!!! That would me me and loads of others very happy!
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07:45 PM on 04/18/2012
Thank yoi for your firsthand experience comment. Separate seating sections is the best of both worlds solution. and I fully agree on the parenting issues you described.
04:38 PM on 04/18/2012
I travel with my children when they were very young. I knew what I had to do to entertain them and what needed to be done when they had issues with their ears and the pressure of take off and landing. I have great empathy for those traveling with children....most of them are very well behaved. On the other hand, I've traveled on very long flights that were disruptive, not only to the children and their parents, but to the rest of us. It would have been nice if children were placed in certain sections of the plane such as the bulkhead rows and rows that allow more room for them for longer flights. Until then the rest of us will have to wear earplugs.
04:31 PM on 04/18/2012
Get a life people. There's a lot more to worry about in life than a few hours on a plane with kids.
05:19 PM on 04/18/2012
...until you are next to one of those screaming kids for a few hours
04:29 PM on 04/18/2012
I think its assery for people to have issues with kids and transportation. They are kids and they still have to be transported... they are going to be noisy sometimes. Big deal. It is not always the parents fault. Everyone was a kid once, and there were probably several times they were noisy. Its not the old days where parents would just smack the kids and the kids were conditioned to be quiet at the threat of a spanking. I think people should just deal with the fact that there may be kids and they may be noisy. If this is the worst thing you have to deal with in life, you have a pretty good life. Again, everyone has been a kid or a parent... its part of life... at some point people had to deal with you when you were a kid... so now its your turn to pay back by dealing with others. I think its ridiculous how most people will not want to deal with any inconveniences caused by others... yet when they are creating the inconveniences, then its always magically "different" in that case.
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04:22 PM on 04/18/2012
One time I had a window seat and the child next to me had food poisoning. The young boys mother in the aisle seat did the best she could under bad circumstances. It did not help that the young women behind us sprayed cologne over us ever so often to try to mitigate the smell What really ticked me off was at the end of the flight, the childs father appeared. He could have traded seats with me and not only helped his wife and child but given me a break, but stayed well away until we landed. Total jerk.
04:21 PM on 04/18/2012
An area of the plane for parents with kids would be good. I had a woman with a little boy next to me, and the boy in the middle seat stared at me, brushed against me and kicked me from Houston to Sacramento. To top it off, once I fell asleep the boy poked me to wake me up. hello!?!?
03:12 PM on 04/18/2012
I would pay extra to fly without children. The airlines should offer some kid friendly flight choices with cartoons, special snacks and coloring//activity books. I am tired of having to put up with crying and loud children. It was someone elses choice to have them. Not mine. I shouldn't havre to suffer.
03:45 PM on 04/18/2012
I have four kids and I think this is a good idea. Like you said, you'd pay extra to fly without children, I'm sure some families would pay extra to be able to fly without worrying that their child will upset someone
Annemarie Dooling
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04:08 PM on 04/18/2012
And to make families more comfortable. That's a great way to look at it.
04:07 PM on 04/18/2012
I agree and the same for stores, restaurants whatever. My children are grown and I can remember flights where they cried the whole time. Also, I can remember wild behavior in public despite my efforts to control them. But since they are grown, I don't feel I should have to put up with someone else's child if I'm paying for something or to go somewhere. I'm sure people felt the same way about mine and I would have agreed with them. But I also think that kids are more out of control than they used to be and many times I see parents standing there doing absolutely nothing. Years ago, I feel we at least made the effort to make them mind. Some places are just not suitable for children to behave and it's the parents fault for bringing them there. You can't expect a toddler to sit still for a long airplane flight or a long meal. It's not a matter always of parental discipline, it's the age of the child and what they literally can tolerate. I wouldn't have dreamed of bringing my small children to Europe even if I had the money at the time. Nor did I take them shopping or to the grocery store if I could avoid it.
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03:11 PM on 04/18/2012
This is less about the children and more about the adults who are tending to the children. For Pete's sake, please learn some of the tricks to making flying easier for children so you don't drive the adults around you nuts!

The single most important thing is to tell children who ARE capable of understanding, what is going to happen and what is expected of them. In addition, children who are well-rested will usually not have a meltdown!

On a recent flight I wanted to throttle 2 sets of adults. The first for not knowing that having a young child suck/chew on something will help with changes in ear pressure and not accepting the advice of seasoned travelers. The second for thinking that children need no entertainment while flying in a closed space - ever hear of reading stories, talking to your kid instead of trying to nap, or providing entertainment like a coloring book and crayons?

Those of us with children who are well-mannered know it can be done!