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Elvira Walker
11:09 AM on 04/16/2012
I hated those things. I would always buy them, and never wear them. Whenever I was getting dressed, I would look just like I wanted, until it came time for the panty hose. It would destroy my looks and my shape. Preferred socks to pantyhose under slacks. They always had that thick top to hold you in. I didn't need to be held in. They were also hot, itchy, and came in the worst shades. I PRAY that they never, ever come back.
11:07 AM on 04/16/2012
i wear pantyhose and i'm 16. hmm.
10:54 AM on 04/16/2012
You must be young with flawless skin. I wear panty hose to help cover a skin condition and disoloration of my skin. I love to wear dresses but if you have your way I would never be able to wear one again.
10:44 AM on 04/16/2012
Panty hose didn't go away. It's all relative. Nothing wrong with anything if taken out of context. But we live within cultures. If our work or social culture is suits and evening gowns, wear pantyhose. Denim and Dockers, none needed. People in casual or barely there attire lose credibility in situations that call for something different. Celebrities are paid to do out of the box things that nobody's paying us to do. Stepping outside of "uniform" puts up a hurdle that we may not clear. Sure, it's what comes out of our heads that counts. But we may not have a chance to demonstrate our worth if peers, reporting staff, or supervisors are too distracted by their sense of what's important, right or wrong, to get beyond first appearances. "I am not my pantyhose or bare legs." I also don't rule. If comfort was king, some people go would work in their pjs and others in nothing at all. If the mission that day isn't to change the tide (decide), why not choose our battles. I also agree that the majority of us can find pantyhose that fit, don't give us yeast infections, and don't look any stranger than the other clothes we are expected to wear to work. As for looking sexy, my two cents worth is that you can do that with or without pantyhose and whether sexy is the way to go in the workplace is a separate topic in itself.
10:39 AM on 04/16/2012
Notwithstanding the fact that I am a male and therefore have no factual basis for contributing, count me in the pro-pantyhose group.
10:38 AM on 04/16/2012
Wow - I'm definitely noticing an age gap here. I'm 34 and I think pantyhose are a fashion trend of a by-gone era. I think people who wear pantyhose also probably wear sneakers and pencil skirts on their lunch break. Uck.
American plain and simple
10:28 AM on 04/16/2012
I was taught that there are certain items that a woman does not leave home without... A bra, clean underwear, and hose if in a dress. My mother also wore a "foundation garment" however that is one thing that I refused to do. Hose, be they panty hose or thigh highs make your legs look better in a dress. And there is one other benefit if you are my age (50) with control top panty hose you don't need spanx!
10:53 AM on 04/16/2012
iam a 65 y old woman and as a young woman no woman would go out without some sort of hose. it was considered no dressed properly. and this was a time when there were no pantie hose but either a garter belt or girdle with garters on them were what held your hose up and the hose had seams in the back. coming from a time such as that when i see ladies without hose it looks odd. but times change as does fashion so so be it
10:25 AM on 04/16/2012
I love pantyhose. They make your legs look sleek and can actually be good for circulation. I am very fair and don't tan anyway because of sun damage health issues. My legs look pasty without color and great in pantyhose!
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10:22 AM on 04/16/2012
I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one surprised to read that pantyhose are out of style, or the only one to think a person looks "unfinished" with bare legs when wearing a dress or skirt. Before reading some of the comments, I thought perhaps I was behind the times, being 63 and having ALWAYS worn pantyhose or stockings. Thankfully, since retiring seven years ago, my standard apparel is jeans or slacks, with only an occasional outfit calling for bare leg coverage. My nieces, 27 and 29, always go bare legged with dresses or skirts (on the rare occasions when they wear either) and I always think how bad it looks (at least to me).
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10:16 AM on 04/16/2012
There is nothing uglier than bare legs, unless it is summer and they are tan-- simply because a huge number of women have really ugly legs. This trend seems to have started in Hollywood, and of course, there are those who follow every trend. There are times when panyhose are a must.
10:10 AM on 04/16/2012
Don't knock pantyhose when you obviously don't know how to pick the right size.
They're a wonderful addition to some outfits and not going to go away any time soon!
Alexis Sharon Rolnick
10:04 AM on 04/16/2012
I hate panyhose. I see a LOT of women with bare legs. It takes some getting used to, but overall I think it is nice. I support wearing thigh highs. Very easy to put on and going to potty is really a lot easier than with panyhose.
10:49 AM on 04/16/2012
Women in dresses or skirts going bare legged make them look cheap ... no two ways about nothing else to be said, bare legs while trying top be "professional" and appropriately dress ... you simple look trampy!
10:03 AM on 04/16/2012
The writer needs to wait 10 or 15 years before judging the need for panty hose. They are uncomfortable at times but the world would be a pretty ugly place with the likes of some womens legs exposed. Write this article again after sun damage, razor scars and varicous veins take hold. Then I'll consider.
09:56 AM on 04/16/2012
Men do not wear pantyhose. Why should women?
10:09 AM on 04/16/2012
Now I've heard everything.
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10:18 AM on 04/16/2012
Some men DO wear panyhose. and bras, and dresses, and neckaces, and makeup, and earrings, and wigs, and high heels. But, it's their business.
09:56 AM on 04/16/2012
I love the way pantyhose make legs look in a dress or skirt. Bare legs and feet are just ugly and tacky. If you have a dress on, wear pantyhose. Do not go bare legged and think that by greasing up your legs that you look great. You just look tacky and no one wants you sitting on their car seat or furniture all oiled up that way. Pantyhose completes the look of a dress or skirt plus you don't have that awful feeling of your feet sticking to your shoes.
10:06 AM on 04/16/2012
Totally agree! Thank you!
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10:19 AM on 04/16/2012
Another, totally agree!