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05:16 PM on 11/09/2008
Please go, Joe.
05:00 PM on 11/09/2008
Reid, what's your agenda? If you support Lieberman, one sure wonders what side of the fence you are on.
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05:42 PM on 11/09/2008
He certainly isn't on the side of any Dem who might take over the Committee Chairmanships. Guess he doesn't want any competition for Head of the Senate. I hope the Dems revolt against him and choose a new leader.
04:43 PM on 11/09/2008
What a racist Joe is - what other reason could he have to be allowing people to call Obama a terrorist?

He is a wicked man.
03:57 PM on 11/09/2008

Franken Gains on Coleman as More Absentee Ballots Turn Up

The closest senate race in the country just got a little closer.

The number of votes separating Minnesota Republican Norm Coleman and challenger Al Franken shrunk to 221 from a high of more than 700 after Election Day out of 2.9 million ballots cast.

32 absentee ballots have turned up in another heavily Democratic county of Minneapolis that could further cut into Coleman’s lead.

Coleman’s campaign tried to stop the ballots from being counted by asking a Ramsey County court judge to issue a restraining order stating that the integrity of the ballots may have been jeopardized.
03:51 PM on 11/09/2008
Listening to RePugz on this board cry and whine about bi-partisanship and treating Sen. Lieberman with a spirit of "friendly", warm feelings is freakin laughable. Newt and Delay strung up their own before taking over the political landscape. They doled out and remove committee chairmenships at will with no regard to seniority or fair play, so why should Reid? But to GOPEErs, the Dems play dirty pool just for considering dealing with a traitor. You guys simply want to poison the water on the Dems side and couldn't care less about fair play. You RePugNaConZ can stop typing now!
03:47 PM on 11/09/2008
Reid's backpedaling and excuses for Traitor Joe demonstrate exactly why he isn't qualified to lead in the Senate. Both these guys need to go.
05:16 PM on 11/09/2008
As a longtime Democrat, I was delighted when the 2006 elections brought a new majority to the Congress and Nancy Pelosi as the first woman Speaker. But I had never heard of Harry Reid. Willing to withhold judgment until he could make himself known, I find him ineffectual, lacking in stature, a pathetic spokesman for the senate in the senate well and on TV. I know that part of my feelings are subjective, acknowledging that his appearance simply doesn't allow him to be "statesman-like." But with the eloquence of our new President and the increasing Democrat majority in both houses, Reid seems to be, well, a broken reed! Is there no one who might challenge him? Will the Democratic caucus hold new elections for the next congress? Reid always looks cowed. Maybe I just wish Jimmy Stewart could come back as George in the historic film.
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05:44 PM on 11/09/2008
Now that Byrd has resigned his Committee Charimanship, I think that Reid should allow someone else to lead the Senate.
03:40 PM on 11/09/2008
What Lieberman did in this election season is no different than what he did when he lost the Senatorial primary in Conn. Instead of bowing to the will of the Democratic voters, as evidenced by their votes for Lamont, he took his marbles and went home...that is, went his own way. I believe that Lieberman should be stripped of his Committee Chairmanships not as punishment, but because I don't trust him to be a team player, who will put the national interest beyond his own interests. Lieberman is a man who follows the power, and now that the power is in the Democratic court, he wants to play, too.
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05:45 PM on 11/09/2008
Well stated and true, true, true.
03:32 PM on 11/09/2008
Juck Foe
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03:25 PM on 11/09/2008
I can't see that Lieberman has any cards to play. If he bolts to the "dark side," he's not going to get any plum chairman post. If he tries to get re-elected as a Republican, he's going to lose. Let him beat his chest, whine, threaten, and predict the end of the world...and then bounce his butt. He started all of this, and has no one but himself to blame. No rewards for bad behavior. It sets a precedent, and the Dems cannot give in to extortion.
03:24 PM on 11/09/2008
You mean Obama isn't concerend about what "negative tone" this might set in our "New Obama World"?? hahahah....It's been less than a week and their BS is already on prominent display.....
Well if you can't "reach out" to Joe Lieberman how in the hell are we supposed to believe you would reach out to any republican??
04:03 PM on 11/09/2008
Because at least a Republican stands for something. A traitor does not.

Also, read that President Elect Obama is not getting involved at all. That's the point of the article.
04:42 PM on 11/09/2008
Because, unlike what the republicans think, he wasn't born in a MANGER, and his mother was a white woman, incapable of forgiving...good enough reason for you?

If his mother had been BLACK, he would have gladly laid down and taken another f....g from Mr. Lieberman...part of our slave heritage.

So, that is what mixed breeding gets you - the best AND WORST of both races.

04:59 PM on 11/09/2008
Wow. Itchy racial trigger finger? What brought THAT on? Uh, actually Obama is staying out of it, because that's not his branch of government. What the Senate leadership does is up to them.
05:20 PM on 11/09/2008
While you may be "brillig," I find your comments more of the "slithy toves" kind!
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03:13 PM on 11/09/2008
I defer to Obama's equanimity and political savvy in not wanting to make a big issue out of Joe Lieberman. That's why I voted for Obama. This is the true "team of rivals" approach used so artfully and patiently by Lincoln.

However, on Friday, November 7, I did send a version of the following to Sen. Lieberman:

"Dear Sen. Lieberman,

"I am a Democrat. I am sorry to see your quiet-but-public hissy fit over the prospect of losing your chairmanship.

"It was fine that you supported and campaigned for Sen. McCain. However, you went too far in your ubiquitous, unequivocal support. Your comments dissing President-elect Obama were unacceptable. Further, by standing mute, you implied consent with cries of "terrorist" and "Socialist" even as they occurred at Palin rallies and by surrogates.

"Under these circumstances, you've got a lot of chutzpah to expect to retain your leadership position. Don't you think your self-righteousness and arrogance are getting the best of you by not accepting the position you put yourself in?

It's simple cause-and-effect. We all make choices, and we should all accept the consequences when the choices are conscious.

"You knew what you were doing by going too far. Man up and quit acting like a martyr. Give up your chairmanship and be satisfied to caucus with the Dems."
04:43 PM on 11/09/2008
Has "dissing" really entered the common parlance to the degree that it's used in otherwise elegant political discourse in lieu of "disrespecting." If so, that makes me officially old, and I'm only 42!

But substantively, I wholly agree with your note to "Joe the Traitor."

(A.k.a.-- the loathsome love-spawn of Zell Miller and Droopy Dawg.)
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05:15 PM on 11/10/2008
Thanks, prunebush! I'm 53, and "dissing" has entered into my personal lexicon on a par with "disrespecting." A mixture of elegant and slang can be quite effective and/or jazzy.

I'm a stereotypical 50+ woman (although I never supported Hillary) in that when I reached 50, my already considerable independence and individuality grew to a new level. Life is far too short to worry about certain things, and for me to put up with other things.

And we don't have to tolerate
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05:16 PM on 11/10/2008
And we don't have to prune any Bushes now, but watch out for Jeb!
03:04 PM on 11/09/2008
Get him OuTT !
02:59 PM on 11/09/2008
If Joe wants to run for Senate again in 2012 he'd have a much tougher time as a Republican in the very Democratic state of Connecticut.

As a Republican he would have no choice but to run that way against a Democratic challenger. If you remember, he lost a primary challenge by Ned Lamont in 2006, and the only reason he won the general election was because it was a three-way race, and Republicans decided to offer only token resistance. A very significant number of his votes came from Republicans, while he and Lamont split the Democratic vote.

As the Republican candidate, Lieberman would get few Democratic votes, but if he runs again as an Indpendent, it would probably be another three-way race, giving him the same advantage he had in 2006.

In the long run, I think it's better for the Democrats to push him out of the nest and let him go Republican. It can only shorten what's left of his career.
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05:51 PM on 11/09/2008
If Lieberman runs again in Connecticut, there will be a Dem volunteer for every Connecticut voter canvassing the state. Think that very few people in that state would vote for him again. He is not representing their interests, just voting his conscience.
02:57 PM on 11/09/2008
For Lieberman to beg Obama to help him get re-elected in Connecticut, and then say Obama "does not put our country first", associates with domestic terrorists Bill Ayers, and pals around with revolutionary Rev. Jeremiah Wright takes political skankery to a whole new level.

Judas Iscariot has nothing on you, Joe.
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05:52 PM on 11/09/2008
Like Joe does put "our country first" or represents the people of Connecticut.
02:56 PM on 11/09/2008
Good grief - I did not realize we owed so much to Mr Lieberman- he should go to the GOP and try running for reelection. What an arrogant looser.
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09:35 AM on 11/10/2008
Republican slate 2012 = Lieberman/Palin.