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Shelly LeBlanc
03:16 PM on 04/16/2012
My brother was born early and he was over 10lbs.
Your name here
03:13 PM on 04/16/2012
Makes my eyes cross!
02:58 PM on 04/16/2012
I believe it is all the hormones and antibiotics they put in all of our food that is making these babies so big and it also has alot to do with the kids going into puberty way to early. Just my opinion. Every has one.
04:16 PM on 04/16/2012
Makes sense to me.  :-)
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02:54 PM on 04/16/2012
Seriously? Sounds to me like someone just a gave a wrong due date.
02:45 PM on 04/16/2012
My older sister was 9 pounds, 1 ounce. I was 9 pounds, 2 ounces. Our baby brother: yep, 9 pounds, 3 ounces.
My oldest daughter was 6 weeks premature - she was 8 pounds, 3 ounces. Oh - and neither my mother nor I had or have diabetes of any kind. My sister-in-law had gestational diabetes with all of her kids - and not a one of them was over 6.5 pounds!

While it's unusual, it's not the most shocking news ever!
My micro-bio is bigger than yours
03:41 PM on 04/16/2012
You didn't have an 8 pound 3 ounce baby who was SIX WEEKS premature. Please. You just had your due date wrong.
12:58 PM on 04/01/2013
Um, babies can be premature and still weigh that much. They are considered Premature if they are born before 37 weeks. Even if a baby is normal weight they are still at risk for a lot of things because they were born earlier than what the gestational period calls for. I'm so tired of all you ignorant people saying that people had their due dates wrong. Its uncalled for.
Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder.
02:33 PM on 04/16/2012
What an awful name to give that baby Jihad, how is that going to play out when he becomes older. I believe some of these parents abroad and in the US do not think of the childs welfare. To me some of these names are mean and cruel. Should not be allowed nor tolerated.
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02:53 PM on 04/16/2012
Yea poor kid. He has to live in a racist society that blames him for things he had no part in. His parent's pride in their culture and religion must not and cannot be tolerated.
03:55 PM on 04/16/2012
Ten to one his playmates call him "Chad". You know how kids hear things and pronounce them their own way.
An oyster creates pearls from its irritants.
12:10 AM on 04/17/2012
The baby's name is "Ayara."

What are you reading??
02:27 PM on 04/16/2012
I bet she's glad that she didn't have to give birth to the baby at full term!!!
02:56 PM on 04/16/2012
I had the same thought! Glad I kept reading before posting.
02:22 PM on 04/16/2012
Jessica Simpsons baby will make this one look small
02:12 PM on 04/16/2012
Wow-so many experts in the crowd. Surprised you took time from your bustling Ob/Gun offices to post on here. My nephew was born weighing 13 lbs and he was not diabetic, neither was his Mom. She was a 9 pound preemie and his dad weighed over 13 lbs when born. Hate to ruin it for all the meanies out there who insist on screaming "bad parent" or "diabetes" but sometimes it is just good old genetics.
Pragmatic Progressive
05:36 PM on 04/16/2012
Yeah, that's true. My husband weighed 10 lbs at birth, but his mom *was* a big woman. He was a thin boy and young man, but got a paunch when he was around 45. He died in '07, but he was born in 1942, so not terribly recently.
02:06 PM on 04/16/2012
She may have been pregnant longer than she realized. Some women can have their period, or what is believed to be a period, but in fact may be pregnant.

Nice big baby though!!!
03:02 PM on 04/16/2012
Seems the doctors would have been able to verify if that was the case and not classified the baby as premature.
05:06 AM on 04/17/2012
It's not an exact science, if theres question of the date of conception they do an US and estimate off average measurements. Extremely easy to be off by a week or more even with US.
moderate in an extreme world
01:26 PM on 04/16/2012
better nutrition and prenatal care, enough said
02:00 PM on 04/16/2012
maternal obesity, diabetes and hormones in food.
moderate in an extreme world
02:20 PM on 04/16/2012
hey, bigger baby, better chance at survival, i'll take it, added to the fact that women no longer smoke or drink during pregnancy which contribute to lower birth weights
02:35 PM on 04/16/2012
Judgmental much?

I have had perfect prenatal care, I carefully watch what I eat and eat mostly organic and nutritious food, and I am far from obese. I am not diabetic and yes I have been tested.

I am currently 35 weeks pregnant and it looks like I will have another very large baby (last one was 10 pounds).

My last pregnancy, the baby's umbilical cord was extremely "large and healthy" as quoted by my OB; and it is what she attributed my child's large size to.

I am so tired of people assuming a large baby automatically equates to a bad mother. NOT TRUE!!!!!
Josh Desmond
01:24 PM on 04/16/2012
Most likely had the due date wrong. My son was 6 weeks early and weighed 6 LBS 9 OZ
01:58 PM on 04/16/2012
My son was 3 weeks "premature" and weighed in at 7lbs/9 oz....
01:02 PM on 04/16/2012
Think maybe they were wrong about her due date?
VA Jill
I'm not perfect and neither are you
11:16 AM on 04/16/2012
I remember, back in the day when I worked neonatal, I was called to attend a C-section. Mom had been pushing for quite awhile with no result. She was a good-sized woman, about 5'10 and big-framed. Daddy and his brothers were all outside and I felt like I was weaving my way through a forest on my way into the delivery room---every one of them was well over 6 feet tall! C-section went smoothly, with staff actually taking bets on the baby's weight, which turned out to be 11 lbs. 11 oz. Amazingly, the doc said mom would have been able to deliver him vaginally had he not been "sunny side up" instead of the usual way which is face down.
10:36 AM on 04/16/2012
my guess is that she is a gestational diabetic.