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11:30 PM on 04/21/2012
I applaud your strength in making the absolute right decision :) btw Your insight and attitude re: life & parenting brought a smile to my face .
10:04 PM on 04/21/2012
It seems to me that not only is she using this as a way to teach her son how to be a good person, she is also following her own conscience. Parents make decisions for their children based on their own consciences all the time, and nobody finds a problem with this. Further, I argue that most people choose political beliefs that align with (or at least don't contradict) that same sense of right and wrong. It's a blurry line and a hard decision... but whether or not hers was the "right" one, I would disagree that it is a selfish one.
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01:59 AM on 04/22/2012
Just Dance: I agree with your post and must add something more. Scout participation often involves camping, overnights, field trips and such in the company of and under the supervision of adult men and teenagers unknown to the boy or his family. At six years old he is not able to read the signs of a potential predator especially when he has his parents' permission to be there. Predators gravitate naturally to Scouts, church groups, etc. because that's where the young kids are. It's not worth the risk. This mother erred on the side of caution to keep her son safe. This boy's Dad and the fathers of his friends could put together camp-outs with all the fun works without strangers.
05:38 AM on 04/22/2012
Statistically it would be the "Dad and the fathers of his friends" that would be the offending predator.
09:22 AM on 04/23/2012
Cub Scouts (6-11 yr olds) can only go on family camping trips. The pack or den may organize it but no child can go without a parent. It is part of BSA's strict youth protection program. In the Boy Scout program (12-18 yr olds), ANY adult with contact with the boys must take the training and submit to a background check. Some chartering organizations (like the Archdiocese of Washington) also require additional training and investigations beyond the BSA minimum. Every time a boy moves up to the next rank in Cub Scouts or joins Boy Scouts, his parents are expected to take time to talk to him in an age-appropriate manner about protecting himself (using a booklet inserted in the front of his handbook). No boy is supposed to ever be alone with an adult who is not his parent during any Scouting activity.
09:59 PM on 04/21/2012
Why is it when a little boy wants to be a little girl that's okay but when a little boy wants to become a boyscout that's suddenly a big deal?

To be clear I am a lesbian.

And I don't agree with the boy scouts anti-gay policy

But I would never deny my child something that he or she wanted because it went against MY personal beliefs. I would probably explain to my child (after he got old enough to understand) why I have a problem with the boyscouts and let him decide whether or not he still wanted to be a part of that organization. I believe that a child has the right to find their own way. I will guide him in the direction that I believe is right, but if my son wants to be a homophobic chauvinist, a girlscout, a clown, or all of the above and more, then that is really something that I cannot and should NOT control.
04:37 PM on 04/22/2012
But he is 6 - as parents, we all make decisions for our children. If your child decided that they only wanted to eat chocolate, or that they didn't want to go to school, would you let them?
Who needs a stinkin' micro-bio
09:42 PM on 04/21/2012
Discrimination is bad, and the mother has the right to not send her son to the Boy Scouts. That does not mean that her son will understand WHY he can't join. Although I admire her for sticking to her principles, I found it odd that she wouldn't let her son join, not because her son was gay, but because some of her friends are. I would be more able to relate to her if the problem was affecting her son, but it isn't. Imagine her son asks why he can't join and she says because gays can't join; his response would probably be "but I'm not gay". If she said, but XYZ is, so he couldn't join, his response could be "but XYZ doesn't even want to join, I do!". This may be a case where she should let him join and have fun until he is older and understands what his mother's concerns are about, and then he can decide for himself if he still wants to be in the Boy Scouts.
Also, even if the Boy Scouts do oppose gays, it doesn't have to stay that way. Society constantly changes, and if more tolerant people join the Boy Scouts discrimination will sooner or later be a thing of the past.
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09:18 PM on 04/21/2012
The Gay issue aside for a moment - the tone of this article (at the beginning) grates on me like fingernails on a chalkboard. Hey, author! If parenting is such a "crappy" job, perhaps you will permit some loving adults to adopt your little ones. Words betray attitude, and attitude makes its way into the hearts of our children. THINK ABOUT IT.
Um, Just Some guy , Ya know ?
09:58 PM on 04/21/2012
Bravo ! Agreed.. and um.. You actually Sit around in "3 day old underwear"? Yuk.. what kinda parent are you?
Sounds like she needs some serious counselling before she starts with the CRITS on others
' Behaviour ' .
I know when I get up.. since it sounds like you are a Stay at home.. Getting a shower and dressing in Clean clothes comes first.. and then waking up the kids.. starting breakfast and making sure they are all washed up.. dressed up.. Fed and ready for school.. Not the other way around. Even if there was a bad day.. once the kiddos are onto school.. shower time.. Clean Clothes time.. 3 Days? REALLY?
09:06 PM on 04/21/2012
Have him join the Girl Scouts. I'm sure he'll turn out just fine and you can have the cookies too.
09:04 PM on 04/21/2012
For our family we chose not to join Brownies or Girl Scouts opting instead for a group called Keepers. This was a fit for our family. The Boy Scouts is not the only group that our boys the opportunity to camp, tie knots, and community service porjects . If the boy has his heart set on camping and knots a parent could seek out an alternative to fulfil that desire without ever needing to explain. To kid of six it is just getting to know other boys.
08:51 PM on 04/21/2012
For crying out loud, let the kid be in the boy scouts. Let him form his own opinion when he is old enough. You said no because of your opinion not his but he has to pay the price. Unless you can give him an alternative let him be a boy scout.
Um, Just Some guy , Ya know ?
10:02 PM on 04/21/2012
Hey.. if you are going to go to the extent of NOT allowing the Kid to join the BSOA.. then may be don't send him to public school.. He may run into persons who disagree with Mommies opinions there too. Or.. oh yeah.. Public ANYTHING.. how HOT HOUSE do you want this kid anyway?
He should learn to tolerate others who are different.. just as you wish every one to do for you.
His Training should come from home.. If you think the IDEAL world is going to be Everyone just LOVES the GAYS.. wake up.. there is no place anywhere were everyone Loves everything about everyone. Diversity and Exposure to Reality.. figure that out.
10:12 PM on 04/21/2012
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07:33 PM on 04/21/2012
Oh for the days when the only thing that mattered to the girl scouts was how many cookies we sold!

(At fifty cents a box, I'm dating myself)
11:47 PM on 04/21/2012
The seventies, perhaps?
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01:30 AM on 04/22/2012
Sixties actually! But surprisingly, they're still selling some of the same varieties.
We all have a right to our opinion, like it or not
01:51 AM on 04/22/2012
And the boxes had more cookies...rofl. try the 50's & 60's
06:43 PM on 04/21/2012
My daughter is a brilliant and talented Lesbian living openly. My son is a brilliant and talented Eagle Scout who is proud of his sister and loves her dearly. He is also proud of his accomplishments in Scouts. I am proud of both my children. We all have to pick our battles and how we fight them. If this is one of your battles-go for it. I am sure you do things that I do not approve of, shop at stores where I would not and make lifestyle choices that I would not choose. I am OK with that. We are lucky we have the freedom to disagree. All I know is that Boy Scouts has helped my son grow into a good, honest and ethical man. He has met good people and not so good people and knows the difference. Just make sure that you don't color everyone in the organization the same. We believe that we can help change from within. And remember to enjoy your children - they grow up fast.
Um, Just Some guy , Ya know ?
10:05 PM on 04/21/2012
Very well rounded. I think I can say.. " well said " .
ya never know.
06:11 PM on 04/21/2012
I can't believe that this mother would not let her son go into boyscouts. I have never heard that the boyscouts are against gays. This doesn't make sense and as Judge Judy says if it doesn't make sense it's not true.
06:19 PM on 04/21/2012
"I have never heard that the boyscouts are against gays."
Watch the news a bit more and read up on it. The boy scouts are horrible homophobic and anti homosexuals.
To me this is a no brainer. I wouldn't let my children join a group that was against gays any more than I'd let them join a group that's against blacks.
07:26 PM on 04/21/2012
But I'll just bet you'd let them join a group that was Anti-gun, or anti-conservative.
07:47 PM on 04/21/2012
blacks don't lie about being black.
06:31 PM on 04/21/2012
You have not heard this?? Have you been living under a rock. Yes, they discriminate. I would not let my child join either.
05:50 PM on 04/21/2012
I guess boy scouts should be a place to scout for boys. Or how about leaving the children their childhoods. Not making every aspect of life an anthem to what sexual orientation one prefers.
Um, Just Some guy , Ya know ?
10:13 PM on 04/21/2012
EXACTLY.. Bravo.. F N Faved.
Steven Brooks
05:48 PM on 04/21/2012
Good for you! I'm sure you'll get a lot of haters, but you did the right thing.