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07:11 AM on 04/18/2012
That's not a sibling rivalry. That's two separate people, both attempting to avoid blame, in front of a third party they both trust.
Religion is a tool of the evil.
01:31 AM on 04/18/2012
I grew up as the oldest with 2 younger brothers, the middle child did not suffer from middle child syndrome, he instead opted for drug abuse, the youngest received damage as a result of that drug abuse. I simply minded my own business attempting to keep my father from doing what fathers do when they have no sense of right. Siblings are only as good as the family they grow up in.
10:49 AM on 04/18/2012
Ture, and these brothers in the story have a seemingly great family to be raised in. For that I am greatful for them, as raising these kids these days are a real challange. As the oldest and being left out of nearly everything, I created my own family...
Fran Jaime
12:42 AM on 04/18/2012
I love reading your blog and if I may give you my opinion, I don't think that was a crack in their united front at all! My sister, who was 7 years older than I, and I would do the same thing: blame each other. The reason was that usually that made it impossible for my parents to decide who was to blame so either we got a lighter shared punishment or none at all. Kudos to you for the amazing brothers!
Devon Corneal
11:33 AM on 04/18/2012
Thanks so much for reading -- and I hope my boys aren't as smart as you and your sister! :)
12:36 AM on 04/18/2012
I needed this tonight! Thank you Devon! Awesome as always!!
Devon Corneal
11:33 AM on 04/18/2012
Thanks for reading and you're welcome!
...because parenting never ends.
10:42 PM on 04/17/2012
My three boys fought continuously for fifteen years. They fought, they played, they fought, they played with the scars to show for it. Now in the latter teen years they are the very best of friends, so deeply attached to each other.I am not sure that fighting and rivalry are the same thing.Rivalry suggests a oneupmanship that is not always there in the rough housing of boys fighting. Their fighting used to drive me crazy but now it all looks so different.
Mommy, I need Cthulhu. He keeps bad dreams away.
08:43 PM on 04/17/2012
The crawling, giggling baby brother is cool.

The toddling, laughing baby brother is cute.

The getting into my stuff baby brother is annoying, but he's MY BROTHER.

And then there's the "We got into this together, but neither of us want to take the blame" days.

Children will argue with each other. I don't know of any siblings who have perfect relationships. My eldest two are practically inseparable..and they disagree frequently. My toddler tags along behind them, sometimes welcomed eagerly and sometimes dismissed as a bothersome baby. And everyone loves the 10 month old...until he grabs at hair or pinches clothes accidentally.

This really does fall under "kids will be kids". At every age and stage of maturity, siblings are redefining the pecking order and the status between them. Sometimes this goes well. Sometimes it doesn't.

But I have a rather unique perspective. My eldest has severe ADHD and moderate Asperger's with a speech-processing disorder. My second eldest has moderate autism, but is extremely verbal. They're two years apart, but so close in size that I'm frequently asked if they're twins. And all is long as #1 is taking the lead and #2 isn't contesting that. My third is 3 years younger, and a classic "Little Bother" who adores his older brothers...and sometimes is more mature than his 6 year old autistic brother. He's both the little and the big brother to #2 sometimes.
06:33 PM on 04/17/2012
Mom - it was all a show they cooked up together.