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06:44 AM on 04/20/2012
You be me upset is true, I still ask me for my birthday register you have the permission ... What you are unseen the history of your love me .. The date of my birthday
06:51 PM on 04/22/2012
06:40 AM on 04/20/2012
Be yourself and you me upset is correct.
02:38 PM on 04/19/2012
The issue that I have is that celebrities flaunt their skinny selves weeks after having a baby to show how good and sexy they look. The reality, as stated, is that these women have a lot of help. Not just personal chef and trainers, but also cosmetic surgery perform right after giving birth. Also, lets not forget the make-up and serious photoshop!
So why do magazine plaster these figures all around us for what is unrealistic and should not be expect for a regular mother. Come on, can some celebrity someday say the truth?
08:53 PM on 04/22/2012 what I've done for decades. Live your own life. QUIT buying magazines about the "celebs". I'm 55 years old. I have a wonderful husband, son, daughter-in-law, and grand-daughter. I have no freakin' idea who most of these people are! They have absolutely NO effect on my life! If everybody would quit buying these "rags", maybe the so-called "celebs" would go and live their own lives too!
01:17 AM on 04/23/2012
Magazines plaster these figures all around because they know women will buy them. Who would purchase a magazine with out of shape, unattractive women inside? Just sayin'.
02:16 PM on 04/19/2012
They all look pretty normal/average to me. Many of them are wearing loose figure flaw hiding clothes and many are several months post baby - which means they are probably completely back to their usual selves by then.
Up, Up & Away
04:14 PM on 04/22/2012
Yea they look normal..........when they're pregnant. can get thin real quick after having a baby...............They STARVE themselves so they get anorexic thin....quick.
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12:26 PM on 04/19/2012
Dear Media - stop talking about women's bodies period.
I don't need no stinking micro-bio.
05:06 PM on 04/22/2012
Nice sentiment, but you know that isn't going to happen.
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12:19 PM on 04/23/2012
Maybe it will if we don't comment on it. Media is driven by ads and numbers of readership. I guess that's one way to get our message across.
12:10 PM on 04/19/2012
Wait, I was under the impression that having a great "post-baby bikini bod" was the most important part of motherhood.

I see a lot of magazine covers in the supermarket checkout line and I'm pretty sure I'm right about this one.
08:55 PM on 04/22/2012
That is TOO funny! Luckily, my 2-yr-old grand-daughter LOVES me no matter what my size.
07:26 PM on 04/18/2012
Can I also just say that the post was great, but the slide show just reinforced what the author appeared to be arguing against. If I want to read an article about having a normal body, I don't want to scroll through a slide show with freakishly thin women showing freakishly thin post baby bodies! Fail, Huff Post/Stylist.
04:37 PM on 04/18/2012
Why not start by not feeding into the celebrity pregnancies in the first place! If you expect people to buy into the popularity of a celebrity pregnancy, EXPECT them to judge their looks, from conception to labor to post - labor. Get real.